Sunday, June 30, 2013

The weekend...

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Figure A. What I wore to work on Saturday.

Figure B. Me and my brother with other people's pet's. The first picture was taken by Kelsey, and I'm with her ferret (frrt) Hammond. The second is Brendan with Summer the pug who lives on our street. Adorable!

Figure C. The ever scary dummy in our basement in Museumworld. When we found him he was standing in that spot, peering around the corner...but was wearing nothing but shoes. And he's only got one hand, so Janell and I thought that was no good. We've been shifting him around slightly over the last few weeks, and adding things. This week we gave him a new hand and a shirt, and found a giant cross to prop up behind him because he needed something behind him!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Victorian Clothing and shoe-lasts

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Well, today I sat in a chair and catalogued like a champion! My co-worker Janelle finished the license plates that she's been battling through all week, and went on to photograph them, while I started to tackle a massive box of antique shoe making equipment. I have now memorized the Nomenclature book's classifications for the different stuff that kept cropping up, and didn't even need to reference it after about 10 minutes (or 5 shoe lasts..but who's counting!)
There were even tiny baby shoe lasts, which I had to withhold myself very strongly from filling out the form with solely that for the description!

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After I got home from work, my brother announced that he's gotten his grad/prom/thing outfit today..and that he now had a tailcoat for a while! So pictures had to be taken, and we decided that if he was going to be Victorian-esque than I had to join him. Thus a photoshoot was the result.
Sorry for the strange colourings on all the pictures, I was fiddling while editing them this evening! The close-up of Brendan was deemed 'Downtown Abbey-like' by him, and therefore fit for my blog.
There will be more pictures of Brendan and his grad stuff..when that happens! I think he needs to get some white gloves going on, yeah? yeah!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Museum Cats

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The toast of the lunch table for the last week or so has been our 'museum cats'. There is a mother cat and 4 kittens who live outside in our industrial artefacts compound, and she brings them out to play in the sun while we eat lunch. We named them all after historic things in the area to keep it fitting with the museum as well.

The mother is Olive (after John Oliver)
Grey fluffy kitten: Caribou (after the Caribou Amelia gold mine at Camp McKinney)
Black and white kitten: McKinney (after the camp)
Calico kitten: Fairview (after the Fairview town)
Black tiny kitten: Stemwinder (first mine sunk at Fairview)

Stemwinder tried to get out of the compound the other day as well, and the mum cat was getting up to catch him as he slipped through the fence and started struggling through the grass. So I opened the back door and said 'Stemwinder, no!' and he darted back throguh the fence. The mum gave us a look through the kitchen window...we are pretty sure she brings them out at lunch so we can watch them for her while she naps or something~
In the pictures there, it's McKinney and Stemwinder hanging out in the summer in the morning. I finally remembered to bring my camera and get some pictures of them!

The museum is super air-conditioned, which I love! It means I can actually wear loads of layers and scarves and sweaters most of the time at work. I live in a perpetual world of pretending it isn't summer outside.

Yesterday involved a lot of photography in the morning to get rid of some of the backlog we'd been accumulating over the last few days / stuff the volunteers had lovingly catalogued for us, and we'd not managed to photograph yet. I'm photographing a jack plane in that last picture. There were a lot of planes from the storage building, most of which had apparently never been their cataloguing has taken most of the week, just because I've had to clean each one and research it before filling in the catalogue sheets. They look so much better now!

pleased! x

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back in Canada

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Wow guys, I really haven't written anything in a long while have I!
Since I last wrote I had a fantastic day out with friends on my last day in Durham, travelled the length of England on my own in own day with two suitcases and a lot of coats, didn't die on the tubes even after the tube worker man directed me onto the WRONG TRAIN. THE JERK. And then I moved to Canada! Err...back to Canada, I guess? I like to think I live in a state of fluidity, without being terribly 'settled' anywhere...though I'm sure it will happen one day! (or won't..or something)

But I'm back in Canada now, with my trusty (neighbour's) grey wall for pictures, and have gotten settled into my first Museum job! It's pretty lovely, and is at a little regional museum conveniently 40 minutes from my parents' I have somewhere to stay for the summer! We get to work with artefacts, research, displays, explaining things to the public, restoration of things, archival materials..the works, really! Ah museum world, I do love you (and also want to dig at the same time..hmmmmm) Anyways, I am enjoying it a lot!

I'm trying to convince the museum director that I should be allowed to make the museum a tumblr or something so I can help publicize the museum to the wider world, because it is very small at the moment! More on that as it develops~

In other news my mum and I made French macarons and they turned out really well for a first attempt!
Cheers! x