Sunday, January 27, 2013


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I took a small jaunt into Durham yesterday morning to take pictures in the snow while the sun was still shining, and get popcorn and cupcakes. (these are the reasons I travel...)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Of Satchels and Chicken.

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Good evening everyone,
I probably shouldn't really be blogging as I do have mountains of work to do. But then I remember how much work I did today, so I think it's ok this evening. For a little while anyways.

There is still loads of snow in merry land of Durham, and it was coming down pretty heavily this afternoon. I didn't start my day with snow though, I started with with a very strong cup of tea and an excited look at the tracking number on my satchel.
It said 'Out for Delivery-from Newcastle'. So maybe it would arrive before I had to go into town?

And it did!
I now am the pretty darn pleased owner of a Cambridge Satchel Company satchel. Or batchel, which is what they call the larger ones with handles on top for some reason? I am pretty sure I could injure someone with this thing too, it's very well constructed and extremely ridged (due to the construction technique as well as the thick, lovely leather). And it has my initials on the front which is super awesome...because...mine. :)

So off I trundled to class, my magnificent bag haphazardly breaking the ribs of anyone who walked near me, the snow pouring out of a grey sky.
It turned out that my Medieval class, which was supposed to involve an interesting walking tour of the medieval things in Durham, was cancelled so instead of being on campus an hour early, I was now in fact 4 hours early for my other class.
So I did GIS work in the arky computer lab for those 4 hours, and had to ask various people for help because I am bad a computers (and especially bad at computers when I forget things to find and separate the data...-sigh-)

But most of the GIS assignments are finished, and the lecture was good, and I didn't have to wait long for the bus, and then I made a fantastic pasta dish. Any dish that involves meat is usually a big deal in my books! I don't cook meat (except bacon) all that much!

Oh! And yesterday I went down to Darlington with a couple of people for this Heritage Skills in Education thing that we are doing. I didn't know it was a competition until the other day, but apparently yes! I had to do a bit of survey work regarding the collections, and then we managed to use a theodolite to survey half of the property in the freezing cold and snow (took nearly 4 hours). It's since been turned into a really fantastic map, and I am so pleased that all our survey work has turned into something that...that actually worked! It's fantastic that the department lets arky students sign out the surveying equipment, it's great practice!

And finish the report for said GIS assignments and wish and I more popcorn. (anyone want to bring me some? )

ps. Sorry for the lack of posts! I haven't been up to much of anything exciting lately, other that...going to classes and laying around the house? And Darlington.
A week tomorrow I'll be in York for...something pretty cool! You'll see ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Academic Library

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The author is Warwick Rodwell

I bought this book the other day, and it arrived in the post this afternoon! Slowly my academic library grows! I had this particular one out of the library, which they had just got actually because it was published last year, and decided that it would be a good book to have around. So I looked for it on Amazon...16 pounds! Yay! That is very cheap for a book that size and things!

I'm pretty excited to read the churchyard arky section.
Other academic reads I've collected while being over here: 'Archaeological Curatorship', 'Museum Basics', and 'Power and Profit, The merchant in medieval Europe.'

Getting all these home will be fun... :P

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photos and Walks.


Kelsey had made it safely back to Canada, and we are having a little skype date later. I had to put up the photo she sent me from the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff the other day though...Angels, anyone?! Creepy..there is one on my blog now~

I walked into tow the other day again, as I said on facebook and things. Mostly so I could get pictures of the fields in the dwindling northern sunlight, while still covered in that perfectly undisturbed layer of snow. This is also the first time I've ever worn my headband thing and had it be of any use! It never sat properly when I had very short hair (if anyone wants one, I can be commissioned to make them, by the way)

Now to read about Church Archaeology.

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14th. Classes restart!

Classes may have restarted, but I'm crap and managed to miss the ONLY lecture I had today.
Seriously Robyn? Couldn't manage to get the time right one the oooonly lecture? Apparently not! At least I got my other errand done in town, and have sorted everything out with the prof.

This semester is going to have way more work that the first semester (1 paper + 1 presentation?!). I already know when three papers are due. And two assignments. And a presentation. And another presentation. And some illustrations. And a museum poster exhibition thing. And some tests? These are all sprinkled with lectures and field work of course!

I would say I dread it, but really it's just the idea of work that I don't like, actually sitting and doing it is fine...and if I don't have work to do I become bored and restless. I actually don't mind writing papers most of the time, and all practical work and projects are usually pretty interesting! It's a grand thing that like my field or this would be a semester of Robyn-death. ;)

Oh and the class I missed? I am very excited to (eventually) go to it. It's called 'Death and Burial'. Couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flat White Cafe

photos taken by your's truly, on Kelsey's almost dead Iphone

Today Kelsey and I had a load of errands to run in town. I mailed off an application to dig in various northern located countries, and we made sure Kelsey had a card to send to her dad, and picked up other loose ends. The weather even managed to hold out long enough for us to walk around for ages!

Then we shuffled off to a cafe down an alleyway (because it's Durham...everything cool is down an alley, it seems!) All you could see from the main street was a few wire-frame chairs and the cafe sign. Upon walking up to the adorable red doorway, I started grinning. The interior looked like...well, everything I love, pretty much!

I seriously match the interior of this place, in my day to day life. Kelsey even helpfully pointed out that they play the same music that I listen to most of the time. It's awesome. And as an added bonus, the legs of all the main tables (all the 7 tables) are made of re-purposed sewing machine tables. The kind with the machine build in and the peddle on the bottom? Yah. They took of the top and replaced it with an actual table top, but most still have the peddle and even the wheel on the side! I love it.

So we trundled up to the counter and I stared up at their delightfully-typewriter-looking-menu, and asked if they had Soy Milk.
Of course they did, so latte for me!
Then I asked if they had/could do gluten free stuff, while looking at the baked stuff. The girl apologized for the lack of GF options. Then I looked up and said 'oh, you have jacket potatoes!' (because I wasn't actually reading the menu before, so much as admiring the typeface) and she went 'Oh I thought you just the baked goods! We can make anything up there into a salad if you like!'
I don't really like lettuce, but rocket is nice! So I had a chicken and roasted veggie salad over rocket with pesto.

Let it be known. on January 8th, 2013, Robyn did knowingly order a salad on her own freewill, for the first time ever. And there was nothing left of it. Because it was freaking fantastic.

Flat White, I applaud you and your custom food, and your tiny setting, and your lovely staff. I shall return. x

Friday, January 4, 2013

And so starts the new year, with an outfit!


Today I emerged from my cavern to dress up like a real person and wander out into the grand wide world. Wander, I say, really as far as the bus stop into town, to read off to the library for 4 hours and sit in the basement trying not to throw books at a man who was coughing in the corner. More to follow on that in a cartoon tomorrow though!

So there is what I wore on my first day into town since monday, and I still like skirts! This is of no surprise to me, really~

And my current pile of notebooks, all but one of which are moleskines. The top left is my journal from 2 years of field world, beside it is year abroad's journal? Below in red/brown is the special edition Hobbit moleskine which Kelsey got me for Christmas. In the middle are two sketchbooks from Christina for christmas! There was three, but I gave one to Kelsey, as she rather needed a journal too~ :) The tiny one is my dayplanner book for classes/everything, and the fancy leather covered one is from Mike from Christmas.

I have a notebook problem you guys. But feel free to keep stoking that particular fire! I record my life's adventures for future reading my myself or whatever.

So yes, I must finish some work on the weekend but really I just have to do some citations. Ah, such is the life of a university student. If I lived here all the time, I'd be graduating this year! D:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I made SOCKS.


Guys, guys. I made socks.
Oh good gracious, I never thought this day would come!

The wool I used was given to me by Kelsey for Christmas, and it's a merino wool for the tan top, and a wool/acrylic blend for the green bits.
And I used the Cottage Sock pattern from LionBrand, which you can get for free through this link to their website!

I forgot to do the very top of the cuff (didn't notice it in the pattern) so I just added a little crochet edge to it. Worked well!

I am mostly proud of myself for working all the way through the pattern, because I didn't understand most of the abbreviations or directions, and I had to look up tutorials every few minutes for the first sock...but I didn't give up, and look! They certainly aren't perfect...but I made SOCKS. AAHH. 2013, I greet you with socks. If this is any indication of the rest of the year, then I welcome it with open arms..and popcorn.