Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 in 12 photos

 photo 1January_zpsd510208b.jpg
January: New Years was kicked off with fireworks in the streets and shots from our neighbours. I was half way through my time living in Durham, and it was fantastic. This picture is from the bus stop near my house, and I never got tired of seeing that row of houses every day. My friend Kelsey who was living with me over there had to leave in January as well, which was very sad. I worked on a lot of papers and planned trips that month. There were also some field trips to Iron Age oppida sites!

 photo 2Feb_zpsdd90d1d4.jpg
February: This month started with me headed to York for the Yarn Bombing event at the York Art Gallery. Met up with my friend Jim and we had a lovely day of it all, with a fantastic pub lunch in the middle~ mmm York. For school there was a load of surveying the castle (pictured), and loads of paper-writing struggles. I went to see a play in an old theatre, and did a 'working with lime' workshop followed by cafe adventures with lovely friends.

 photo 3march_zps4b3c0efc.jpg
March: Ohh March was a pretty big month! I turned 21, and went to York on a little holiday (as I do). Field trips included Escomb Anglo-Saxon church and a Roman fort. There was a lot of battling with geoplot for a surveying assignment. And the biggest thing in March was that I went to Malta for a week! Easter holidays started, and there was an archaeology trip to I went! I've never seen archaeology like what they have there, and it was just incredible.

 photo 4april_zpsdeb1359f.jpg
April: The most exciting part of April was my pilgrimage to the RRS Discovery in Dundee, one of the famous Antarctic exploration ships! Went to York again (this happened a lot), and also did a lot of school work. Easter break took up most of the month! Also, Jim and I crocheted 20 swans and it was quite the ordeal.

 photo 5may_zpsaa9e1909.jpg
May: There were two very intense weeks with a ton of early mornings, work at the computer labs, and trying to find working printers. And cafe movies! I did a lot of studying ahead of time, so while everyone else was panicking about studying later, I went to Wales for a week for a pirate festival. It was super cool! My exams went well and I had some lovely visits with people and days out. At the end of the month I headed down to London, and moved back to Canada.

 photo 6june_zpsf5dcc255.jpg
June: I started working at the Oliver & District Museum! It was just a brilliant job, and I couldn't have been happier (though it could have been a bit cooler outside!!) I carpooled with my dad everyday, and we'd stop for coffee in the morning sometimes~

 photo 7july_zpsf76b92ea.jpg
July: Lots of museum work, sailing, and hanging out with my family and Kelsey! There was also a small trip to Calgary to drop stuff off in the house for the school year, and attended the Sun and Salsa festival in Kensington.

 photo 8august_zps70a4f1ff.jpg
August: The best part of August was a 3 day camping trip with Kelsey and Steve which involved hiking, hail storms, and no clocks. It was amazing and none of us wanted to leave. Museum work wrapped up at the end of the month, and saying goodbye was a sad event. I started rock climbing in August, and also seeing a boy.

 photo 9september_zps8fd1e99a.jpg
September: Moved back to Calgary, and the final year of my undergraduate degree began! This picture is of me and my housemate Amy at a gallery opening party at the Glenbow Museum. There was a lot of running around, climbing, going to cafes..etc!

 photo 10october_zpsb8226223.jpg
October: October involved a lot of lab work for my paleoethnobotany class, and some paper writing. The boy came to visit in the middle of the month, and we went rock climbing a lot. The biggest part of the month was when I went to Denver, Colorado, for the Geological Society of America's 125th conference! My gravestone erosion research was presented by my supervisor, and I met up with a bunch of my amazing lady-scientist tumblr friends. We hung out a bunch over the conference and it was amazing. The flight on the way home was delayed for ages and we didn't get back to Calgary until find it had snowed.

 photo 11nov_zpsb63ccefc.jpg
November: My friend Mary came to visit for the long weekend in November, and we had an awesome time playing tourist all over the city! I'd never been up the Calgary Tower before, and it was quite the place! Things ended with the boy, and I went rock climbing a lot with my friend Michelle. There was a lot of frantic paper writing on my behalf, trying to get everything done in time.

 photo 12december_zpse2f26002.jpg
December: All my assignments were finished in time, classes wrapped up, gingerbread archaeology contests were won! I had all of my exams, made masks, had lovely cafe brunches, climbed 4 times a week so far...December, as it currently stands, is lovely! I only have 4 months left in this degree and I'll be out in the world for a year! Crazy... I'm heading home to the family in a few days, and I'm sure Christmas is going to be wonderful! x

Friday, September 20, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Welcome to Night Vale T-Shirt design contest

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Mostly, I just really want this on a t-shirt!
Come huddle with us.

For the low low price...


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Town of Fairview, and other events in Museum World

 photo july142_zpsc763b532.jpg
 photo july144_zps7516aeb9.jpg
 photo july145_zps3c89bece.jpg
 photo july143_zpsf38786a6.jpg

So first up on today's long-over-due-blog menu, is the Townsite of Fairview!

Yesterday was Oliver's Sunshine Festival Parade, which as the summer museum assistant-student people we went in so show the community...that the museum is present and running again! It was pretty cool to see how many people turned out for it and how much effort everyone put into their floats! And it was a billion degrees out so we got iced coffee afterwards as well and drank it way too fast.

After work Janell and I got ready for an adventure up to the townsite! There is an interpretive sign (a different one than in that picture) that told all about the history of the town and how the hotel burned down, as well as a good deal about the fir trade in the area and the old Fort Okanagan. It was well done, if now very outdated! There were also about 5 other people up there when we were there...which we were veeeery excited to see!

Walking around the townsite however, is very anti-climactic after reading about how exciting the town used to be! There is nothing left there maybe a few rusty flattened buckets and a flatter area we suspect might have been a road. It's sort of a nature preserve now, but it would have been lovely if sooooomething was left for people to see. It's eery as well to think of how so many people lived there, and in a matter of a few years even the ghost town had fallen apart and vanished. Not to mention all the looting that took place on the site. -sigh- this is why we don't know as much about the site as we would really like...

 photo july146_zpse984f1cd.jpg
 photo july141_zps2070c263.jpg
 photo July147_zps9184ed98.jpg
 photo july148_zpsf4c414c3.jpg

Part too is more museum things.
We finally got close enough to the kittens without them running off to get some decent pictures of them! In the first one is the mother cat with McKinney. The second is of Caribou (grey), Fairview (tabby), and Stemwinder (black) drinking from the water dish we leave out for them now. It's so hot now, we don't want them getting dehydrated out there!

Also, Saturdays are now Mystery Box day. We're currently on 'Box 7' no numerical order at all of course! The first thing I catalogued was this box of famous 'Dr. Chase's Nerve Food'. If you can read the label there, it says the pills contain Strychnine and Arsenic! How...nice... uh.. They look like mouse droppings as well, isn't that just so lovely?

And as an added bonus, I was pleased with my hair and decided the internet needed to see. Cheers! x

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An interesting find today!

 photo july32_zps6aa4d8b6.jpg
 photo july31_zps79560a28.jpg
 photo july33_zpsa85d4344.jpg

Today, besides seeing McKinney and Caribou peeking out of the industrial mining equipment, we made an interesting realization!

While cleaning and cataloguing a mountain of lanterns today, we came across a very early version of the Coleman lantern logo. We have seen a couple of logos with the radiance coming out from behind writing, but hasn't come across the phrase before.

'The Sunshine of the Night'

Such a fantastic logo! It sounds like something from a noble house in Game of Thrones! It was discussed at length today, as it cropped up on more than one lantern. It's too bad they stopped plastering it all over things.
There were a few lanterns that still had kerosene in them as well, which we weren't totally sure what to do with...but catalogued all the same! Might have to get them drained.

Interesting stuff today!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The weekend...

 photo June301_zpscb2ef475.jpg
 photo june303_zps596b8b92.jpg
 photo june202_zps4402aaed.jpg

Figure A. What I wore to work on Saturday.

Figure B. Me and my brother with other people's pet's. The first picture was taken by Kelsey, and I'm with her ferret (frrt) Hammond. The second is Brendan with Summer the pug who lives on our street. Adorable!

Figure C. The ever scary dummy in our basement in Museumworld. When we found him he was standing in that spot, peering around the corner...but was wearing nothing but shoes. And he's only got one hand, so Janell and I thought that was no good. We've been shifting him around slightly over the last few weeks, and adding things. This week we gave him a new hand and a shirt, and found a giant cross to prop up behind him because he needed something behind him!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Victorian Clothing and shoe-lasts

 photo june214_zpsf866374c.jpg
 photo 2013-06-21113002_zps7e54f9fe.jpg
 photo june215_zpsb0a0fbf2.jpg

Well, today I sat in a chair and catalogued like a champion! My co-worker Janelle finished the license plates that she's been battling through all week, and went on to photograph them, while I started to tackle a massive box of antique shoe making equipment. I have now memorized the Nomenclature book's classifications for the different stuff that kept cropping up, and didn't even need to reference it after about 10 minutes (or 5 shoe lasts..but who's counting!)
There were even tiny baby shoe lasts, which I had to withhold myself very strongly from filling out the form with solely that for the description!

 photo june211_zps8d5ebf9b.jpg
 photo june213_zps7b5454a4.jpg
 photo june212_zpsd086249f.jpg

After I got home from work, my brother announced that he's gotten his grad/prom/thing outfit today..and that he now had a tailcoat for a while! So pictures had to be taken, and we decided that if he was going to be Victorian-esque than I had to join him. Thus a photoshoot was the result.
Sorry for the strange colourings on all the pictures, I was fiddling while editing them this evening! The close-up of Brendan was deemed 'Downtown Abbey-like' by him, and therefore fit for my blog.
There will be more pictures of Brendan and his grad stuff..when that happens! I think he needs to get some white gloves going on, yeah? yeah!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Museum Cats

 photo june151_zps1dc36f90.jpg
 photo june123_zpse2eb4342.jpg
 photo june154_zps03874299.jpg
 photo june152-1_zps0304d971.jpg

The toast of the lunch table for the last week or so has been our 'museum cats'. There is a mother cat and 4 kittens who live outside in our industrial artefacts compound, and she brings them out to play in the sun while we eat lunch. We named them all after historic things in the area to keep it fitting with the museum as well.

The mother is Olive (after John Oliver)
Grey fluffy kitten: Caribou (after the Caribou Amelia gold mine at Camp McKinney)
Black and white kitten: McKinney (after the camp)
Calico kitten: Fairview (after the Fairview town)
Black tiny kitten: Stemwinder (first mine sunk at Fairview)

Stemwinder tried to get out of the compound the other day as well, and the mum cat was getting up to catch him as he slipped through the fence and started struggling through the grass. So I opened the back door and said 'Stemwinder, no!' and he darted back throguh the fence. The mum gave us a look through the kitchen window...we are pretty sure she brings them out at lunch so we can watch them for her while she naps or something~
In the pictures there, it's McKinney and Stemwinder hanging out in the summer in the morning. I finally remembered to bring my camera and get some pictures of them!

The museum is super air-conditioned, which I love! It means I can actually wear loads of layers and scarves and sweaters most of the time at work. I live in a perpetual world of pretending it isn't summer outside.

Yesterday involved a lot of photography in the morning to get rid of some of the backlog we'd been accumulating over the last few days / stuff the volunteers had lovingly catalogued for us, and we'd not managed to photograph yet. I'm photographing a jack plane in that last picture. There were a lot of planes from the storage building, most of which had apparently never been their cataloguing has taken most of the week, just because I've had to clean each one and research it before filling in the catalogue sheets. They look so much better now!

pleased! x

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back in Canada

 photo june111_zpsa1316d6d.jpg
 photo june114_zps2c81b563.jpg
 photo june112_zpsfbb6afcc.jpg
 photo june113_zps16939ce2.jpg

Wow guys, I really haven't written anything in a long while have I!
Since I last wrote I had a fantastic day out with friends on my last day in Durham, travelled the length of England on my own in own day with two suitcases and a lot of coats, didn't die on the tubes even after the tube worker man directed me onto the WRONG TRAIN. THE JERK. And then I moved to Canada! Err...back to Canada, I guess? I like to think I live in a state of fluidity, without being terribly 'settled' anywhere...though I'm sure it will happen one day! (or won't..or something)

But I'm back in Canada now, with my trusty (neighbour's) grey wall for pictures, and have gotten settled into my first Museum job! It's pretty lovely, and is at a little regional museum conveniently 40 minutes from my parents' I have somewhere to stay for the summer! We get to work with artefacts, research, displays, explaining things to the public, restoration of things, archival materials..the works, really! Ah museum world, I do love you (and also want to dig at the same time..hmmmmm) Anyways, I am enjoying it a lot!

I'm trying to convince the museum director that I should be allowed to make the museum a tumblr or something so I can help publicize the museum to the wider world, because it is very small at the moment! More on that as it develops~

In other news my mum and I made French macarons and they turned out really well for a first attempt!
Cheers! x

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day out in Hartlepool.

 photo may251-1_zps7fa7a9eb.jpg
 photo may252-1_zps1393ee94.jpg
 photo may253-1_zpsfcedfad9.jpg
 photo may254_zps3ffefee1.jpg

Today I woke up to sun streaming in from between my curtains. It was perfect weather for a day out!
A while back we realized that a bus that comes through our town goes all the way to Hartlepool, so Davina and I went out to meet it today and happily road the bus all the way to the coast! It was very crowded.

When we got into Hartlepool, someone who was getting ready to leave muttered something about the bus getting ready to 'turn around now' so we took that as an indication to get off the bus. We hopped off and headed down the street in a likely direction, not really having looked at any maps other than the one of the quay-side itself.
...About half an hour of walking towards seagulls, and being unable to locate the tourist information office (the signs pointed towards...a round about?) I suddenly remembered that I have a smart phone with data, and we could just activate googlemaps! So maps it was, and we discovered that we were going in the opposite direction to the historical harbour and decided to walk through the industrial estate!

Soon we walked over a ridge and arrived at the promenade (1st picture)! It was lovely, and we could see the masts of the HMS Trincomalee, the oldest British war ship still afloat! We used the masts as navigation and shuffled through the houses til we arrived! First order of the day was lunch, because we'd been walking for an hour by this point! (left half, 2nd picture) The cafe was aboard a paddlewheeler as well! We felt very fancy, sitting there in the fantastic sunshine.

Next stop was the Museum of Hartlepool, with free entry. It had an excellent assortment displays, my favourite of which was the 'monastery' section with monks robes and chanting! (right half, 2nd picture).

Then it was on to the History Quayside and the ship! The entire feel of the place was sort of like Beamish museum but with a maritime theme. There were lots of displays inside the buildings, and set ups of typical homes with an overhead voice telling the story of the people displayed in them. There was even a little cafe where we stopped for tea and a game of chess (I'm bad at chess, fyi). Then we headed into the ship (3rd and 4th photos) with warnings to 'watch our heads'! The first level below deck was nearly high enough for me to walk...nearly! The decks below were way too low for me to walk upright in, or even lean over in...pretty much sitting on the floor was good. Walking down the steps through a 3.5 foot doorway into the copper-lined powder rooms let us stand upright though~ Excellent.

The ship was fantastic, and totally worth the 6 pounds 50 for the entrance fee! We found the bus stop again with relative ease (it was like 10 feet from the museum...we went the total wrong way!!) and made it back to the house~
It was a fantastic day out!
I'm glad the weather was so nice for a last little adventure before I have to fly to Canada on tuesday...eep!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tynemouth Priory!

 photo may13_zpse2405efc.jpg
 photo may11_zpsffff3f45.jpg
 photo may12_zps13349f1d.jpg
 photo may14_zps2fa7f251.jpg

Today I went to the Tynemouth Priory, at Tynemouth! In case the name isn't enough of a clue, it's the mouth of the River Tyne.
And there is a massive promontory that may or may not have had an iron age promontory fort on it.
It was also used as a WWII base thing, and also a coastguard base.
And in the C18th century there was a barracks building built onto the gatehouse, which was later removed! The place has been used for so much! It's amazing!

The priory was fantastic, and the graveyard was fantastic as well! We looked at the phasing of the buildings and ran around in the windy sunshine. I fell off that canon a few seconds after taking that pictures as well. (got blown off by the wind! I'm only small!) I'm very glad I brought my camera and the weather fantastic for the trip as well. I would have liked to have more time to explore the buildings and the graveyard a bit better..and walk around the outside of the property and down to the lighthouse on the spit! It looked fantastic!

It's only near Newcastle, I can probably go back sometime soon!

In other news my advanced-study plan is working pretty well thus far, and I've gotten through almost all of the notes and slideshows by this point! Excellent. And I have about..oh... 1/4 of a paper left, and that takes care of all my assignments for this academic year! brilliant. I just have to prepare a few prospective exam essay questions for the two exams aaaand I should be good! Awesome. And then Wales!! Then more studying for another week, then finals! yay!

Also, I got a smartphone. hello, future world!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I haven't written anything in a while!

 photo IMG_1684copy_zpsad8db9d0.jpg
 photo IMG_1688copy_zpsf966f1cc.jpg

I was attempting to print out a document on the tiny HP printer that doesn't really work this evening. I re-located the printer to the loft because
a) I took apart the little bookcase during mock-packing and didn't have another place to put it.
b) It's not the most useful printer in the world, so it can just go upstairs now~
I managed to print the document..however the printer decided that not only was it going to continue to print in blue, but it would only print the top half of each line.

While it was doing that though, I hung my head out the opened sky-light and took some pictures. I love how you can get a feel for how the area would have been during the time of the coal-mines. Honestly it wasn't very long ago, but I'm still impressed that some of the features of the area have maintained themselves, such as the little coal doors on the sheds in the alley way, and the original cut-nails in the floorboards of my bedroom. When I eventually go back to Canada of course I'm going to miss all the big things, but the little details like that are really going to be missed as well.

I still don't know how much longer I get to stay in the UK for. I'm trying my hardest to stay for the summer, or at least for June. There are a variety of reasons, but a major one is that I just don't want to waste my time here that, through my visa, allows me to work and be a temporary legal-living person in the UK! It's great, and I love the north east. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to go back to Canada and see everyone and go on Calgary adventures with people and move into the awesome condo with Amy. It just doesn't feel like it's time yet...
Though with unemployment rates for students being rather high this summer I'll be taking the best job I can manage, I guess? Tomorrow I'm writing and emailing off an application for another job that doesn't have any issues with the end date of my visa, which is awesome, so fingers are crossed for that! They are also crossed for the Calgary Heritage Park to email be back to say they want me full time as a curatorial assistant...because that would be good too!
Oh job hunting.. At least I'm getting lots of experience doing interviews over Skype. loooots.