Thursday, November 29, 2012

What? I actually made a video?!

I apparently did!
Talking about the computer, and my walk into town, and a bit about a project I've joined?
Mostly I just like watching my hair. It's a bush~

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Adventures with Dell.

Have a photo by Kelsey! I still can't do pictures from my camera til my computer is better~ But the other night we went out for a little pub dinner, and Kelsey took that picture of the castle lit up at night! and by night I mean..oh..5pm?

Here we go~
I had a lovely little picture and things lined up of myself being pleased about my computer, but I was cheerily type-typing away...the computer shut off again.

I just sat and looked at it...slightly unable to understand what was going on.
"Computer...why?" I said, looking from it to Kelsey, who was happily curled up on the couch in the living room, giggling over something she was reading online.
Kelsey looked up, a bit worried, and asked what was going on.

"Nothing. It's dead again..."

and so I had to call Dell again.

Lets give a bit of back story on this one:
I don't like arguing with people. I don't like confrontation, or angry and tense situations. I avoid them, and do everything I can not to find myself in the middle of one because it's just a terrible place to be! Frustration isn't handled well in my little world, and usually ends with tears (or at the very least, watery eyes) because I just don't know what to do anymore. It's not a good way to react, I know, I know...but that's just what happens. This is why I take breaks while working, and don't get angry often..things like that. Frustration is not my friend!

So well on the phone with Dell, I was getting very, very frustrated. Mike and Kelsey were both sitting in the room with me while I talked to them, and went from making jokes in the background to silently watching the scene unfold as my sentences became a little more clipped than usual..until I looked at them in a bit of a fluster and handed the headset (called over skype) to Kelsey.

Kelsey took over for me, and with her being a computer/technology person she knew exactly how to handle the man on the other end of the phone, and just...destroyed him.
Thank you to Kelsey! They are sending a repair man today sometime with a load of parts to try and make it work again, and there was no mention of charging me for it...because they made me pay for a new motherboard yesterday that apparently did nothing at all.

The outcome of this is pretty much that if they can't fix my computer, not only me, but everyone is my house is very close to tossing the thing out of the loft. It's been a very expensive paperweight for weeks now, and if the man can't fix it today..well...lets say Dell is not getting my buiness again.

Is that enough of a post for today?

Oh, and my 3000 word paper is at...2995 words? I think that will do! Meeting with the prof. on monday morning, and we'll go over it and things, and then I have to actually do the citations properly instead of just jamming random reminders everywhere, and put all the images in instead of going (IMAGE) where I intend to put one! It's going well though~ Then I have another 1500 word paper to do before christmas, and some artifact thing in Newcastle the week after next?
Oh, and my dad is coming to visit soon! :O yay!

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm bad at blogging I just figured out now that I can use image URL's off of facebook and things to upload photos onto the blog. Huh!

Sorry I've been terrible at keeping things updated lately, a lot has been going on, and I still don't have my own computer back! (Thank goodness Mike has two...really!)

What has happened since I last posted anything?
Well, I did say I had to do a presentation. It went very well, despite people almost being late, and we were all in various stages of being ill (I'm no longer ill, by the way!), and our presentation was about 3 times longer than everyone else's that day because we were a group of four people with apparently a lot (30 minutes worth) to say about shops in 12th - 17th century England. And for someone who hates being up in front of people doing a talk, that is a long time to stand awkwardly...especially when your reading bit was in the first 10-15 minutes. Teeerrible! But this was the least nervous I've ever been before / during a presentation, so I'm making some progress here people!
That's what this year is about right? Growing, and experiencing new things, and meeting people, and adventuring! And university...I guess that's pretty important too~ ;)

The next day I had a class in the Old Fulling Mill, which is also called the University of Durham Archaeology Museum! It's a lovely spot, way down below the castle right by the river. You'd think it would just be magical, and it is...until the director hazarded to mention that because it is a mill the river runs right underneath the collections storage. Everyone who knows something of conservation, I can feel you cringing in horror! In the 1800's, the building was a museum as well, but after countless floods into their storage areas they decided to move and the building was used for other things...til my department came along, wonderfully forgetting of the floods, and moved a pile of artifacts back in! Thankfully they have learned what the Victorians already found out, and this is the last few months of the Arky museum being located in a building that is occationally 1/4 full of water.

What else has happened lately?

Oh maybe just something KELSEY MOVED TO MY HOUSE!
We went on a mission at 10:30pm on wed to the train station, as a house, to pick her up! It was great seeing her again after two months, and now she's all moved into the loft-fort and sees to be loving it! We did try our best to clean it, I promise. We're had two excellent days of adventuring around Durham and doing a bit of shopping (I needed new pants quite a bit) and eating tasty things, and going to tesco! Kelsey took the two pictures I used here on her fancy Iphone5. The top one is in the Continental Cafe, which is still my favourite, and the bottom is me in the graveyard at St.Oswald's Parish Church. It's my favourite~

All and all, it's been pretty good! I've being doing..more work than I was a few weeks ago, but still not as much as I knoooow I'm going to be doing in a couple more months! gawd.
I've got to write most of a paper this weekend. Dr.Graves is letting us modify the essay topic from Sex and Shopping to be about just what we each researched for our parts of the I get to go look at and write about moooore floor plans for the next two days!

Also, tomorrow there is a lecture by Paul Bahn. Oh yes...that Bahn. :D

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Again, I'm sorry for the absences! Because I can't seem to really use my computer still (And Dell is currenty being a butt about it..making things difficult! garg!!) I can't really put up photos!
If you have my facebook, you may have seen some pictures from a hike and a bonfire. These were uploaded from Mike (my housemate) 's camera/phone thing...but It doesn't work from my camera.
Also, there are more often things on Tumblr than there are on here at the moment...

Firstly. Thank goodness for Obama. I was busy trying to figure out how not to return to North America for 4 years, but that plan doesn't need to be put into affect yet, clearly!

Secondly. I'm supposed to be working on a presentation thing at the moment for my class titled 'Sex and Shopping'. We're looking at the development of shops/workshops/warehouses from the 12th to 17th century. My group is focussing on Chester and London, and I'm doing the floorplan section of London.
But clearly at the moment, I'm blogging. Bad Robyn! Go eat your crisps and write a presentation, and be pleased that going back to the americas won't be the worst thing ever.