Monday, October 29, 2012


Hello there!
Sorry for the lack of photos, as my computer is still dead.

There were a hopeful few days where it working in the mornings, and then it just stopped turning on again. I'll have to give the dell people a call tomorrow during the day or something, and hopefully they can get everything fixed!
Because I miss my poor computer/huge paperweight.

So this weekend,Bailey came down from Glasgow for a visit! She arrived on friday evening, and we went back to my house for a monoploy/cake/wine evening~

On saturday Bailey, Mike, and I went into town to find a huge food festival going on! Bailey and I are probably the woooorst people in the world to eat out with, since she's vegan and I can't have wheat or dairy. It was pretty fun though! Cathedral was explored, sweets for eaten, Bailey got cold, and we all went home to drink tea.

Sunday was pumpkin carving day, and the house gathered in our lovely living room for a few hours of carving adventures. Mike and Davina had never carved a pumpkin before, so it was a pretty exciting thing!
I'll get up a picture when I can, but the carvings in list form are as follows:

Bailey: Dinosaurs
Davina: tradtional pumpkin face
Mike: Ironman's mask
Robyn: the bug monster from 'Quatermas and the Pit'


Today Bailey and I decided that we needed to go into town before my class/her train and get material for cross-stitches, and then go sit in a cafe all afternoon and learn how to make pretty folksy art! Mine is going to say 'You always want cake', and Bailey's says 'Riots not Diets'.
We're kind of cool ><

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lindisfarne Continued

I made a small pile of video clips of our trip to the Holy Island.
As you might notice from the second half of the video...I really like Lime Kilns.
I should probably look into how exactly they worked, because I'm a bit fuzzy on that, but they are just really cool structures!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Today I was a moment away from calling the Dell people to have them fix my computer. Then my housemate Mike picked up my laptop and turned it on. was on.
And it's still on, and I'm on it right now!
Laptop is back! I really hope so at least!

Those pictures are from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne! Jim came up from York, and together with Mike and Davina, we had to drive two hours north, to the coast, and timed it perfectly to drive across the causeway just as it opened for safe crossing (still a bit of water!).
You can hike all the way up to the castle on the rock there. It used to be a fort and even still has some the spots where the guns would have been to defend from the Scots!
Pretty awesome!

I'm so glad I have people around me that have similar interests and want to travel and explore exciting places and do crazy things. Sometimes I suggest slightly eccentric things for us all to do, or places I want to go that seems silly for the amount of time it takes to get there, but it's so great to have people around that are willing to adventure!
Adventure is important, without it my soul would be grounded.

So lets travel! I'll get some heavy knits and leather boots, and wool socks. Lets grab some old gloves and a backpack for lunch. We can hop on a bus, or ride bikes and explore. Lets take lunch in a huge tree, and build a campfire on a mountain top.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Guys, I went to Beamish. (pictures and video)


The first picture there is my favourite of the day.

Me and my housemate Davina went on an adventure to Beamish, the living history of the North! It's pretty fantastic, and huge!
You have you ride around on some of the massive selection of vehicles to get around in good time. There were buses, trams, electric buses, trains, horse carts...etc. It was neat, and we probably spent half our time riding around on things!

The Beamish ticket was 13 pounds for a student, but it is valid for 12 I'll be going back! Jim wanted to go at some point, so hopefully we can go up when something interesting is going on..(apparently they have events and decorations and things around Christmas time, that might be fun? skating!)

Tomorrow will be a day of reading the last few chapter in a history book that I got out a few days ago...or at least the last few chapters that could be useful to me... Studying is way different here, and is made even more difficult by mysterious lack of archaeology books in the library at the moment! They are being moved to a new location and are all in boxes. Ugh. Making my life difficult, library. At least it looks like something from a movie...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I have classes now!


So it's Thursday now, correct? I've nearly made it through my first week of classes!
(cue gasps, I know we start late over in the magical land of Durham. I'm going to pretend its because everyone is so entranced by the cathedral to remember we have to do work)

My first lecture was on Monday, and it was a topic in the module called Specialized aspects of Archaeology...'Sex and Shopping'. It's urban archaeology, looking at how towns developed, and how the common man lived and stuff. We got to look at maps and figure out where the outskirts of old towns were based on the location of things like the Cow Markets, and stuff, and it was really cool!
In that class I feel like I'm a wee bit behind everyone, because all British stuff and occasionally comments are made such as 'And you'll all remember this from X class in first year'...but I'll pester the prof until I know everything. And I guess go to the library and read everything too. ;)

Second lecture was bright and early at 9am (Calgary folks, there are no 8am lectures here! People seemed shocked by a 9am one!). Museum Archaeology. I'm a bit ahead of the class I feel, from what she was saying about what we are going to 'begin to look critically at exhibitions' and such. Coming from my museum-studies background at home...I am going to be comfortable in this class!

We also had to go around the room and talk a bit about ourselves, and I didn't feel like I was going to die. So...That's good! Progress people, Robyn is making some speaking-to-more-than-one-person progress over here!

Third class, which wasn't til 4pm on Tuesday (I went home and came back) was Archaeological Illustration.
I really don't need to say more about it that just installing the image of me grinning like a crazy person and/or silently shreeking and clawing at things from excitement. DRAAAWRING THINGS! No essays, no presentations, not tests. Drawing things. And I begrudgingly admit that Harold and Kate's making me learn some Autocad this summer is going to be super helpful in this class as well...even though I don't like it much, I've got some stuff down pat for map making! Go me!

I didn't have lectures yesterday, but I did get loads more food from Tesco, and then met Davina in town to go visit a mildly Socialist bookshop (it had some cool old books!) in an attic. That's when I took those pictures as well. Then we got some Chocolate, came home...and started watching Wolfman! Partway through, newest housemate Mike came home, and...none of us moved from the couch for the next few hours. We watch Wolfman, Sweeney Todd, went to the shop for snacks, made popcorn, watched Indian Jones, and the first half of the extended LOTR Two Towers.

Well...that's enough writing for today I think!
Maybe I'll get some books out of the library or something today. Or...or look at the Cathedral. :D Then get books?

Monday, October 8, 2012

This was 80% the reason the ereader.


When buying my tiny ereader, here were my reasons to why it was a good idea:

1. I can't bring piles of books home in my suitcase, because there is just no room!

2. I want novels for reading and hauling around on trips and things, but they are heavy and again, take up a lot of room.

3. Lots of research is on pdf's which I hate reading on the computer (screen hurts your eyes after a while), and printing takes up sooo much ink. Put it on the kobo thing, problem solved!

4. I have an illustration in a published article, and I wanted to see it on the ink paper.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

A little visit to York

So on Thursday this week, I jumped on a train after doing a couple things in town and road over to York!

Jim met me at the station, and after dumping things off at his house we went on all sorts of lovely adventures. Look everyone, I made a little movie about it!

I've actually just returned from York, and was really excited to see that Kelsey had drawn me a picture and mailed it over, and my shiny new Kobo Mini had arrived! It's so small and cute!
But more on it later~

Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Woes of Module Enrolment


Nice things that happened today:
- I got to cook food with my lovely housemate! We made cake, and burnt white chocolate, and stared in horror at our liquid caramel creation before shoving it in the fridge in a hope that that fixes it.
- I got a package from a friend in New Brunswick! More on that later, because Jim hasn't seen what it is yet... He'll find out soon though...
- I bought train tickets to York..for tomorrow! Ah yeah folks, I'm leaping on a train to go visit Jimmy in the old town of York tomorrow til...probably Saturday?! Apparently he lives right down the street from where my great grandfather went to school, so I'll probably pop over there to take a little look (hah, father, hah! I win
-Got to play on a pretty excellent playground.

Less nice things that happened today:

- Well folks, who's ready for a story?

Today I woke up at my usual time, and stumbled downstairs to put the kettle on and find the last of my GF chocolate filled...pastry things for breakfast. With my tea in hand I shuffled back upstairs and turned my computer on for the daily reading of emails and the general internet.

Things were going very well! I saw an excellent email from WHSmith saying that my Kobo Mini had been shipped to me and I'd be getting it in 3-5 business days, which of course means that it will be here either on friday when I'm in York, or while I'm in class after the weekend. Maybe it will come on Wed, when I have no classes! That would be handy...I want to play with it! Anyways.

Things were going well and I was reading emails. Then I saw one from Durham uni's people. 'Oh,' I thought, 'a lovely morning email from my shiny new university!'
And so I happily opened this email. And was met with this:

"Our records show that you have not yet become a fully registered student. If you do not complete all the relevant processes, your IT and Library access will be withdrawn and you will be unable to access DUO."

No, university. I dare say you are wrong! I dare, even, to say that I've completed every single thing you listed in the email and that your own computer system of complicated paths and tunnels and mystery is at fault.

So without even another bite of my lovely breakfast, I grabbed all my identification and a coat and rushed for the bus stop.
A few minutes later and I was walking very meaningfully into the Palatine Centre and demanded the secretary's help. This secretary pointed out that maybe I should go to my department and see if they knew anything, because it looked to her that my modules hadn't been approved...even though they were appearing as if they had. (they had been approved already...)

Eventually, the lovely lady in the Arky Admin office re-checked the box in the system to say that the modules had been approved by the department...even though as I thought, they had already been officially. She gave me a paper stating all of that, and sent me on my way. By the time I got home, I'd gotten an email saying that my enrolment was now totally finished, and they'd gotten the module-approval thing...the second time around at least!

- Oh goodness, did you think the uni issues were over? Hah! This is a complicated web of admin and department miscommunication errors, my friend. They are never untangled.

I eventually went back onto the Duo system to look at the few modules that had their Blackboard opened. There was a new one open, my Specialized Aspects class! But oh, would you look at that? One of the topics I'm enrolled in isn't currently listed...and the other one is at a different time than I was told.

Really? I think they may have last years stuff up..because some of the Due Dates for papers are for March 2012...yay... But that doesn't totally explain where my 'Sex and Shopping' Class is.

I've emailed people, and will go speak to them tomorrow to sort this out before I head to York (among other errands tomorrow! It's going to be a busy day)

Look what you've done, uni! I've put myself in the corner for a while~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Small adventures


Sorry for the lack of writing, chaps! I haven't been up to anything particularly exciting lately.

I had a quiet weekend, where I cooked things and was irritated at the lack of buses on a sunday.

But on monday, our latest housemate arrived! Her name is Davina and she is just lovely, and does some archaeology as well! We sat around chatting for ages, and when I cam back from a nice pub dinner with Beth (hi beth!!), we planned adventures to Beamish and the Holy Island of Lindisfarne for the next couple of weeks! Jim is coming on the Lindisfarne adventure, we confirmed this yesterday (as long as we go the week that isn't the Battle of Hastings!'s not!) And I think Davina's friend is coming too?

It's going to be awesome, and I'll take loads of pictures!
(since I haven't been lately!)

The missions into town today consisted of trying to find my classrooms (check), trying to find me a calendar (not check), getting me loads of notebooks (check!), and finding John's (landlord) scarf (check!).



Also, it looks like I may be going to York in a few days to see Jim's place! yay!