Sunday, May 27, 2012


Doesn't that tunnel of trees look like something from a fairy tale? It was on the walk to the abandoned church in the second picture. I can't remember the name of the site, but the church had been abandoned and was falling apart, but in recent years has been restored a bit, and looks really good! I can't say how old it is because I couldn't quite make out the second number on the date-stone set into the wall, and I'm too silly to have taken a picture of it~ It was either a 4, 5, or 6... so...1400's, 1500's, or 1600's. Old! Shall we go with that?

There was a cool Celtic cross/sword stone in the floor of that church, and it may be a burial stone, but I think it was more like a pilgrimage stone, like the ones I saw in Ireland last year. Not sure though! I didn't put up a picture of it on here, but it looked a mossy-er version of the stones in the third picture there.

Now that third picture is from Llangaffo churchyard. I can't say how to pronounce that on here, it's Welsh! The first bit means church, or place or worship, or something along those lines though... the 'Llan' part. Lots of church's names start with it! Lots. so many..
There was a standing stone that, legend has it, was used as an ancient sundial by the people who lived there, and when the sun hits the very top of the stone around a specific time of year then the farmers must begin to bring in their crops. So it's a pretty ancient site! All of those crosses in the photo are Celtic, and were found around the churchyard, and collected there. I enjoyed the fact that they weren't simply leaning against a wall, but that someone had taken the time to make those little metal hooks to hold them in place so insensitive people couldn't knock them over and destroy them forever.

Actually, slightly to right in the centre in that picture is the bottom of the standing stone! There we go! As an added bonus too, you can't actually see it but on that hill I also found a headstone for my project that is the CLOSEST I've gotten to the 18th century in Wales...with a limestone upright headstone. I was pretty pleased too, there was a welsh word on it and I read it without even thinking. The second line said '1811 33 OED', which is..years, I think! It means how old they were, anyways. So yah, closest to the 18th century... I have yet to actually find one in Wales I can use from the 18th century yet though! Ireland. haha I hope!

Sorry I'm not actually in any of these pictures, but I was no posing! :D

Hope you are all well!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A post~

I went on little adventures today across the Isle of Anglesey to various graveyards and realized that I have way more data for my project than I actually thought! So that's a plus for sure!
In the evening Jim and I went on a walk across field's and a bridge back to Anglesey and home again. There were bats flitting around eating all the bugs and it was a bit foggy and the sun set in a pink and red glow. It was lovely! I think we walked 5 miles or so...

sleepy now!
There will eventually be more pictures!

Monday, May 21, 2012





(middle picture is by Jim)

Yesterday Jim and I hopped on a train at 9:13am and headed to Chester, England. There we met us with Jim's good friend Chris and we all spent the day together, wandering around the lovely streets and river banks that make up the little city! It was lots of fun, and we ate nice things and saw some old roman ruins and a church from the 7th century, and bought Jim's mam some birthday things (it is her birthday today!) and Jim got a lot of cheese.

Fun times!

I should be working on my project right now, but I have the sneaking feeling at we're going to a cafe at some point soon. I might start anyways though! Then coffee/lunch! :D

It is pretty sunny outside, which means Jim will be working for a while today (poop.) and then...more birthday things, I'm sure! Ireland in just under two weeks! Whooot!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012




Well, sorry for my lack of blogging lately!
You see, just slightly over a week ago I went to the UK! Jim met me in London, and we trundled our way back to Wales, where I am residing for a month, and then more travelling!

I have been working on my research project every day, slowly gathering data that I shall study more thoroughly later! (that's being done in the afternoons, at least. mostly when Jim gets home and we can go to more interesting sites that are farther away than I can get to on my own! Yay!)

We have also been having little adventures and things! And also...doing some knit graffiti again, which is just lovely! more pictures of that will be posted on our shop page, MapleSheep, on facebook.

Up coming adventures? A viking re-enactment event, and a trip to Chester to meet up with our friend Chris! This is good and exciting!

Also, Jim had his 22nd birthday and now suddenly has a lovely little sporty red Fiat Punto so we have been rumbling around in that~ Fun times!

It was sunny just a moment ago, and now it's gotten all dark's raining again. 7am today it was POURING and then it was sunny by ten. Rain now... Goodness Wales, make up your mind?

Hope everyone is well! I'll try to update more often!