Monday, January 30, 2012


Yesterday I bought new jeans, before we went to the airport and Jim few back from Wales. I also ended up getting this most awesome awesome sweater!
This is what they look like~

It was sad to see Jim go, but he has now safely made it back to Wales, and I expect him to update is blog sometimes so I can see his awesome adventures! It is only 90 days til I have to get on a plane again we'll be fine!

I have to actually go be productive now, with tests and everything coming up. This means I'll finish this blog and...go watch films from my collections and exhibits class until it gets dark and I forget what I'm meant to be doing.
Then I'll have a shower.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jim's last day in Canada


Events of the day:

-took the train downtown (picture 1)
-Holy Grill for lunch. There was tea and too much for me to eat! (pictures 2 & 3)
-went to the Glenbow Museum to see their new installation art bits and bobs
-walked down to Inglewood
-found our way into the Choklat shop, where they make custom truffles while you wait!! (pictures 4 & 5)
-walked over to a train depot to see all the engines a-rumbling about
-starbucks on the way back north
-train to Vietnamese food
-walked home and ate all the food while watching Scott Pilgrim
-skyped the parents (hi guys!)
-Jim is currently attempting to bake cake

It has been a fantastic month, having Jim stay here but now it's time for him to return back to Wales and find some work, and for me to finish my second year at uni. What keeps me happy is that I have plane tickets set up already to fly over after the semester ends! Then it will be 2.5 months of adventure, drawing, and sitting in holes and graveyards in the rain wondering why it is we do this.
Oh yah, because archaeology = <3

And distances can suck it, they mean nothing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Vendome Cafe, Sunnyside


(first two photos by Jimmy!)

Yesterday I had a class downtown at the Calgary Youthlink Police Museum, which you can get to right here if you are so interested. It was for my Museum Management course, and it involved just seeing how their museum has been uniquely set up to target a much younger audience that most museums do, and doing it very well. In fact, they have the highest subscribed-to school program in all of Calgary and it is offered for free! It teaches the kiddies how to deal with issue like drugs, drinking, bullying, and family violence and what to do if you get involved or know someone who needs help. Pretty cool, even though some of it was a bit graphic. They are moving to a new building soon though, out of downtown and will have even more on the historical side of the police force, which is what I would be interested in!

Before we got down to that area however, Jim and I had to stop into the lovely Vendome Cafe(complete with photos now!) for a spot of lunch...which of course turns into pastry and coffee most of the time*. They have fantastic cinnamon buns, and wonderful staff and hopefully the pictures get that across~ Unfortunately I suspect there is something in the mochas there that my digestive track isn't super fond of...even if it's made with soy-milk. We'll see though, because it is so nice! Reminds me of any little family run cafe over in Europe someplace. We could easily have been eating in Verona, and step out to view the lovely amphitheatre and wander the cobbled streets. I really should go back there.

Tomorrow is Jim's last full day in Canada for the trip, so we'll be having a nice adventure out. Explore Inglewood in the south a little, maybe visit the Glenbow and some trains along the way...Vietnamese food for dinner? It should be good!

* As we found out recently, our favourite cafe in Douglas on the Isle of Man has closed down for unknown reasons. It was called the Chocolate Fairy, and we mourn it's passing. You were well loved, and what will be done for breakfasts now?!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012



Before it became super windy today, there was a chance to wear nice hats and light coats and prance around in a day of positive weather.

Then the wind picked up and it was back to heavy toques and coats as we struggled to the mall to get more juice and mittens to replace my poor lost ones. The new ones are red, and they were on sale.

Yesterday we went off to a lovely little cafe in Kensington called Vendome Cafe, and unfortunately cameras were forgotten (we'll go again..maybe tomorrow)... I have a spicy tuna melt sandwich and a mocha that reminded me of Fib's at home. Very good points all around!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday! (posted on sunday....)


Yesterday I left my mittens on a train and Jim ran 8 blocks trying to get that back for me. Alas, it wasn't to be...but we called the lost-items thing the train company has, so maybe..maybe they will come home. If not, my hands will be sad.

We also went to the Holy Grill for lunch (at 2pm) and had all those fantastic things you see there! <3

And I finished my headband. Isn't it shiny and nice?

Today I woke up with a horrible sinus headache and we had to venture to the store to get some medicine for that, and then Jim made me tomato soup for lunch. I hope it gets better..I have to work at 5:30 tonight! ):

Friday, January 20, 2012


Weekend coming to you..tomorrow!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fabulous cafes and bistros.


(most photos by James Johnson of Brass and Sunshine... except for the one of him, of course!)

On Tuesday between an early-ish morning class, and a three hour evening lecture of death and sarcastic remarks, Jim, Christina, and I went downtown to a little cafe called 'deVille', and sat around with food and nutella lattes. We chatted, knitted, and felt all urban and hip. Is that the word the kids use these days?

Then last night Jim said we had to leave at 6pm, for some reason, and to wear something nice! After a train, and a walk of...10 blocks in -25 weather (I had on poor shoes for the job...) we got to a tiny bistro/restaurant called FARM, way downtown. It was all trendy with thick tables, all local ingredients, large amounts of cheese, and thin menus of only a few dinner choices. Popular places are allowed to do that though, so what have you!
It was supposed to be like country food, brought up to the next bracket of culinary wonder, and it was very, very good!

Forgot to take a camera, so I sketched the table, Jim, and the background. You can see the back wall! It's so little!

Monday, January 16, 2012

January ?


Went on a bit of a trek to my first class today...I have to say trek because the weather outside is a bit like the middle of the Arctic! When we got up this morning, there was snow everywhere (per...most of the time), and it was -27.C. And a little windy. Our poor little cheeks froze as we struggled over to a room where you can't have coffee and listened to a lecture in the warm, trying not to fall asleep, and drawing caricatures of art collectors. (I was, at least)

After another class this afternoon Jim and I shall be heading down to a very large mall because;

a) It's freezing
b) Jim wants corduroy pants
c) Hats?

It shall be lovely! If spoils come of it, I shall share...for the new photoshop and I are now getting along. It finally revealed it's secrets as to resizing images.
We're friends now~

I've been lazy!

Sorry, I've been distracted by things lately and haven't really posted...well anything!

So, a quick update and maybe a photo later?
What has been going on?

-first week of the second semester of my second year of university. All things seem pretty good at the moment!

-I have a pair of green corduroy pants now. Justified purchase because I only had one pair of jeans. Just need to find a pair of mustard yellow ones now! It's a mission!

-I get to be in the UK for at LEAST 2.5 months this summer~ It's a bit fantastic~

-Grant applications and study abroad applications and what have you.