Friday, September 23, 2011

Ynys sleeps under a leaf!


Last night I was reading about maize domestication in the heart of Mesoamerica, when I heard a great crash out in the main room! I jumped up to make sure no one was hurt, and saw the vase on the ground. Katelyn said she must have nudged it or something, and it slid off the table. Poor little vase! No one got hurt though, and it was all cleaned up quickly.

In other news I had my first Geoarchaeology lab yesterday and we played with dirt for an hour! (well, actually I had a clay. haha...oh dear) It is going to be a pretty excellent class, I think! I'm definitely in the right field~

In other other news, I'm having a nice long lie in tomorrow, then writing a short paper about a coin. I'm sleeeeepy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When I'm lazy about the blog, I take a picture with the webcam.


Just to let people know I'm still alive and things!

Today I had my class on Geoarchaeology! We talked about soil layers...and I almost fell asleep. I should stop forgetting to make tea when I get up, I think! Also, I don't like sitting in class for more than 50 minutes. The classes on Tues/Thurs are only twice a week of course, buuuut that means they are an extra 25 minutes long each and you can definitely tell! Ah Well. The prof said to not wear nice clothing to the labs this week, and we would be playing with soil types and doing texture and things. (This is good, as I never got to do context sheets in the field this summer) So excited!

After class I met up with Christina and went to rejoin the Alberta Arky society, and Chacmool for this school year! We also joined the school's shiny new TOMS club, which is going to organizing shoe drives, and a proper One Day Without Shoes and everything! I'm pretty darn excited for that! They gave us a couple TOMS stickers, like the one on my laptop. (Jimmy, I'll keep one here for you if you like?)

I fixed my TOMS today, in other news. Hadn't done any darning in aaages. And I got to use some of the embroidery thread I picked up on the IOM for just such a reason~

Off to Early Medieval Europe class, where the prof did her masters on 9th century Viking raids, and I have to go early to get a good seat! I shall finish that coffee, and pack a snack! (meeting with some arky people after to discuss a theoretical problem from class. Ancient Mexico class! bwaha!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chacmool, among other things?



That is a poster design I've worked out for the 44th Chacmool conference! I don't know what design they are going to use, but this is one of my favourites. I drew the logo, and put the poster together... It's really exciting! And apparently I'm an executive for the conference and get to go to all the things for free! So excited! I'm pretty proud of my logo for the conference as well~
(and then below, the face behind the poster looking a bit tired and holding tea)

I think my welshman should post more...just saying! :D

Tonight I get to sleep on my lovely new foamy thing on my bed, because it was a bit uncomfortable for the last few I got a bit of a memory foam to make it nicer, and probably a bit warmer! That stuff keeps a bit of heat in sometimes~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

YAM hall


Back in halls! Yamnuska Hall, to be exact...except no one can actually say that, so we're just calling it Yam mostly. It's project Ya! ...but...linguistically that is really it is!

The hall is really nice, and my room is really excellent! We are the very first group of students to get to live in this building, as they were building it for all of last year, and it's really exciting to be part of the 'test group'.

Today I had a few people over (Christina, Cory, and Brianne) at various points because I haven't seem most of them in ages! It was lovely seeing everyone over here again, and I hope they had just as nice of a day as I did.
Ohh the security van thing just drove by outside. There are drunken shenanigans going around outside and things during O-Week (and..all the time...), so they police via car sometimes.

On a side note, I just typed shenanigans there, correctly on my first try. I know I'm surprised!

Photo is of me and my roommate Katelyn in our hall shirts, and matching blue Students Union sunglasses, after having triumphantly done our dishes within 24 hours of making them!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The return to Calgary!


I have returned to Calgary, the home of my pretty well adored University of Calgary. The weather has been coolish to mildly warm, sunny, and windy all together, and has yet to go above twenty (maybe not even that) degrees Celsius!
I'm a happy camper!

This basement is pretty chilly, hence that toque, scarf, and Big Yellow I'm a-wearing in the top picture there. Me familia is playing some strange form of darts at the moment, but I'm not to interested. I'd rather lay on this giant foam mattress on the floor in my fuzzy purple socks and possibly read some of my Marriage in the Middle Ages textbook because I'm that cool...right? right.

Ahh there are ever so many things I am excited about right now! So very very many things. Things like school, and classes, friends, holidays, christmas break, visitors, adventures...ect... -cough- I should try to enjoy everything in between, but I think most of that will be filled with paper writing and such, so I'll try my best, but we'll see...we'll see. :D

I think I'm going to the Glenbow museum tomorrow! It shall be grand and exciting!
I'm still cold..and sleepy. Should probably turn in?

Nos da! (look Jim, a word I can remember for more than a moment!)