Sunday, August 28, 2011



Today I did the Swim crew for Ironman Canada! It was pretty exciting and all, and I got to be in my kayak fooooor 4 hours, came home and had a nap. It was a lovely nap!

I did crafts with Jim for a bit, and haven't actually moved much or gotten any dinner and it's nearing 7:30pm. Ah well! Soon!

Aaaaalso today I bit farewell to my lovely beta fish, Horemheb. He passed away earlier this evening, much to my friend Amy's distress. She was taking care of him for me while I was away from school, and did a wonderful job! He was just an old little fish~ Poor fellow is being given a viking-style funeral. R.I.P. Horemheb~

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I sometimes wear shorts.


Only sometimes.
Other times I tattoo small folding chairs on myself.

But most of the time I sit in 34.C weather under a tent, with glitter glued to my skin and wish it was raining or something.

But today was my last day of work for a little while! Hurrah!
(get this glitter off of me now)

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22nd.


That is what I wore to work yesterday, where I sat covered in glitter reading a book that I almost finished. Had to leave the book though, as it wasn't mine... maybe I'll find it in the future and finish it? Hmm. It was windy and I could actually wear my sweater for more than ten minutes again today! On top of that, actually worked until 5pm as well! Pretty good day, I'd say~

Don't think I got a photo of it, but there is a new hat in my collection... hmm..
I might have to photograph the collection one of these days too, come to think of it.

In more sombre news, NDP leader Jack Layton passed away this morning from a currently undisclosed cancer. He was the leader of the official opposition party against the current conservative government and a very well loved personality in Canadian Politics. I don't think the party would be where it is today with him, and even though I didn't vote for them in the last election, they would have been my second choice.
RIP Jack Layton; I hope your headstone doesn't have cherubs on it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

In which Robyn gets to wear a sweater outside.


Today was a particularly slow day at work, with only one customer within the first two and a half hours. It picked up only slightly from there, but not enough to keep shop opened passed four hours. So I closed up, and my friend Deirdre and I went on an adventure to the museum, and to a music shop (I got a D harmonica, see?), and looked wistfully in the window of the vintage shop which was unfortunately closed.
It shouldn't be tomorrow though, which will be lovely!

Throughout all of this it had been a bit windy and almost a little uncomfortable in just a tshirt, so I had my mum bring me a sweater at work which I happily wore all day.

In other news my dad just got back from a work trip to Turkey, where he found me those delightful handmade shoes that I will be sporting at the farmer's market tomorrow. Also the evil eye earrings which I will modify slightly to go through my turquoise tunnels and be all fantastic and things! I'll take pictures and things.

I counted all the change I had piled in the bottom of my bag over the last two months from my trip to the UK, and it turns out I have almost 20pounds in change, and about 14euro as well! I have it all organized and as my mom said '[I] can use it next year.'
Next year, mother? You have clearly given up, as I am going off to the UK again! I am, and it shall be grand and everything wonderful like that~ Can't wait!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Contemplating my hair a lot today, which kept me a little bit occupied between people and worrying about a storm front at work this afternoon.

I'm going to grow out one side of it into a wavy, 20's fingerwaved style thing so I can pin it up on my head if need be with my single hairpin, and the other side shall be very very short per normal.
It shall still be undercut all the way around, as it's too thick to live otherwise! And then it shall be interesting and long on one side, and very short and scrubby on the side that has two cowlicks and bothers me...yah...

(I'm much more pleased with everything than those pictures might make you think!)

Tonight I went out to a cafe with my friend Amanda, and we had lovely coffees and made things from yarn and had a grand old time! It shall have to happen again sometime, I think.

Work again tomorrow~

Yesterday's feast


Went to the museum, picked up Sam, talked to Jim, made curry chips, crafted, beeeeeed.
Today, work! blah.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday evening


Lately I haven't been doing all that much in the evening on account of being tired from work, and generally just really lazy, but I have had two fairly eventful evenings in a row now!

Last night I was at my friend Kelsey's house and we camped in her backyard in a huge tent with no fly on it, so you could see the stars through the mass amounts of mesh it bore in place of an actual roof. (good thing we weren't camping's been raining on and off for a while!)

Then this afternoon my brother, Kelsey, and I went on an adventure to Value Village where Brendan found a lovely oatmeal knitted sweater-vest cardigan which I will have to get a photo of him modelling at some point soon (sorry for my utter lack of neat photos lately!). We then headed 'downtown' to a cafe called Fibonacci's and dined of excellent coffees and cakes before heading into our favorite old used book shop. I came out with the book shown there, about the doomed 1913 voyage of the H.M.C.S. Karluk out of Victoria, British Columbia (AH!) on the largest and most expensive scientific Arctic expedition of it's time. I am so utterly excited to read it!
I was torn between it and the journals of R.F.Scott's doomed journey in the Antarctic, but I figured that those would be easier to find again.

Kelsey had to head off after than, but my brother, my mum, and I made quesadillas and watched the fantastic film Gunless. Crafted a little, and am now going to head for bed!

Ps. Mosquitoes are the most vile creature, and they all deserve to be locked in a pit of ice forever. Jerks.


Thursday, August 11, 2011



Today was a tiring and difficult day. I was feeling what the Victorians would describe as melancholia or some such thing, and as Jimmy said, the welsh word might be digalon. Regardless, just not the best way to start off work!

It was boring, sitting around in the tent for ages (after my brother left my company, and I was sitting in silence).
Then suddenly it was very busy! Very, very busy! And this was the point I wanted to get home and do other things that didn't involve interacting with more than one person at once... So in response I was 'fake happy' for the rest of the afternoon until well after Jimmy had gone to bed, and certainly well after my usual dinner time.

I saw some people I went to high school with, standing in a group on the other side of the street from me. They didn't notice me, or at least they didn't make it known if they did. They were all laughing and talking and for a moment I felt a little sad about that, thinking 'They're just like they were in high school.' But then that sentence sunk in a little more and I realized that if they were just like they were in high school then they hadn't gained much from the last year. I haven't actually spoken to them so I don't know this for sure though...but I feel like I have certainly grown a lot since leaving those doors.

Then a father and son rode by on unicycles carrying fishing equipment, and I felt a little better about the world.

I think I look a little shattered in that picture there. hmm...
I'm going for a swim!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Curry Chips and Sailing.


Last night my brother and I tried to recreate the Chinese chippy curry sauce that I adored so very much on the Isle of Man. I think it turned out pretty well, though I'll end up tweaking the recipe, I'm sure, over the next little while! We dumped it over chips and the family agreed that yes, it is actually a fantastic sort of food!

Today my brother, dad, and I went on a sailing adventure! Unfortunately there wasn't much wind at all...
My camera is lovely and waterproof though, so I leapt in and took a few pictures in and under the water~ It was a grand morning/afternoon, and I think my shoulders may have gotten slightly sunburnt annoying, but also what I get for forgetting/ignoring sunscreen.

What does tomorrow hold? More work...darn. Maybe I'll bring my shoe making project to work tomorrow...I really need to get started on that sometime soon!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ice cream?


I had a lot of spare time at work today, it being a slow slow Sunday and I painted that on my leg.
Today, I was the canvas!

Also, I put some jade tunnels into my ears and they are lovely! I'll take pictures later!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Orange mints and Limeade.


That is some carrot and chocolate cake that Amber and I made the other day...but why can't you cake, Jim? :D

I was going out to a friend's tonight, so I had to not look like a slob today at work. Good thing I don't really do anything too messy! All my clothing is just utterly covered in glitter.

Work has been pretty good though! I don't feel like the world is terrible while I'm working, like I have for the last four summers. Henna is an art, so I don't sit there in a dark cloud for the entire day, and even managed to work for 7 hours today without wanting to crawl into a hole or something. Take that world! I can work and not hate it all!

Need to get to fabric shops! And get more earrings! Maybe.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday evening.


I worked today.
and yesterday.
and the day before.

and tomorrow.
and the day after that.

Then I'm getting fabric (for a Victorian swimming costume!)
or at least scoping out the fabric for them. Prices, you know?

Luckily my job involves putting a tent up and down, sitting in a chair, and drawing on people/myself all day long. No issues there!

Goodness, I've been up to almost nothing since getting back! Amber was visiting, and then she left..and since then..not much.
Darn. School soon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Now back to the regular programming, I suppose!
I hadn't actually worn these pants with anything since getting them in Calgary all those months ago, I don't think! They have a nice pleating detail at the top, and proper button closer instead of a zipper. They feel kind of military-esque to me...
It could have all been made better with some braces, but I couldn't find mine...also, the blue might have looked a bit out of place with the other colours!

The drawing is of myself, Brendan, Amber, and Jim. I did it in a notebook at work this afternoon between small waves of people wanting me to draw on their skin. I did another involving Victorian bathing costumes, one of which I am going to be making shortly here! So excited! I'll document it, don't you worry.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back from the Isle of Man


I'm back from adventures in Ireland, the Isle of Man, Wales, and England!
Everything was fantastic, and I met the greatest people in the world, aaand I have a fair bit of work experience now too!

The first photograph is of our trench B, the second of the capital of the IOM, and the third of the Manx Electric railway up Snaefell mountain in the wonderful mist!

I'll attempt to start updating more regularly now that I'm back, in case there is anyone out there still aware of this blog :)
Off to bed shortly, I'm still jetlagged.