Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Go figure.


You are looking at a girl, in this picture.

She is terrified of some things, among them Ferris wheels and going outside at night. She is (in her mind) awkward around people she doesn't know and feels that they probably think her silly or something for it. Also, awkward around people she does know sometimes!

She hates public speaking, because it makes her shaky in front of a bunch of people (who could probably care less..really). Dramatic changes make her feel very anxious, but she forces them upon herself anyways...because what is life without dramatic adventures at every turn? It makes her happy when people are interested in what she is studying, or if they at least listen to some history.

She is forgetful, and almost never answers her cell phone on the first ring (or even call), to the frustration of certain individuals. She doesn't like cleaning, or doing laundry, and the dishes are probably going to be crazy next year. She is so used to clutter that is doesn't matter in the slightest anymore. And she will hide from horror movies, even if it means fighting for more blankets to hide under.

She is also determined, and plans exciting events weeks, months...years in advance, and manages to pull through with most plans. She pulls people into what she loves, and manages to get them noticing history (and boats) around them. She's in love with her studies, the world, and all her lovely friends in it. Tries her best at self-improvement, discipline, and to try as many things as she can. She's definitely a bit eccentric.

This is the girl who, in 10 days tomorrow, steps onto an aeroplane to leave the country for two months all on her lonesome.

Can she make it? YES!

(I admit my crazy flaws >< )

Saturday, May 21, 2011



I've been busy!


Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I usually do (which is erratic at best, I know..I know...)

I had exams, and then I came back to my house...and saw Mother Mother as mentioned below, and then I spent the last week or two volunteering at the museum pretty well all of the time because they are putting up a new exhibit about Communication in the valley throughout history (of..this place..which isn't much much more than 100 years, really) and there was only one person putting it up. They don't have many volunteers that are my age and that don't terribly mind polishing old telephones and painting giant maps for HOURS. Good thing I'm there.

I painted that map!!!

In other regards to the museum, I am helping with some...giant war canoe today, and we are going for a paddle around the lake with some children or something. I have promised people pictures, so I'll be sure to get some today.

The first couple of pictures up there are from my recent little trip to Ucluelet and Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I was helping out on my brother's band trip and got to pretty much tag along for free (awesome, I'm poor). For whatever we had totally perfect weather, warm and sunny the entire time. My shoulders are even a little bit burnt.

Oh how I missed the fantastic BC ferries, and the rolling endless waves against the rocky coasts. Sand in every part of your clothing, sticks in your socks, you take off your shoes and tie the laces together, hopping around the rocks and poking in the tide pools for little signs of life.

Now the, I'm only back with a computer for two more weeks before shipping myself off to field school in the UK.
I might make tiny text posts if I can get near a computer, but as the internet is reported shaky if there at all, where I am going...I'm not bringing mine.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother Mother Concert #3


I didn't wear this to the show, but it reminded me of army clothes for some reason.

Last night me and my friends Kelsey and Kim went to Mother Mother's first ever show in Penticton! It was so exciting~
It wasn't a huge venue, and we were front and center the entire time which was...of course, totally fantastic! Got bumped into by Ryan (lead singer there), and Kelsey asked me 'Ever been this close to the band?'

But! I actually remembered to bring my camera to the show, so I can show you all some photos that I actually took myself! Enjoy~


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In which Robyn decided that learning to cook is the best idea.


1. A smoothie, containing cranberry juice, strawberries, a banana, and vanilla soymilk. As you can probably see Brandon, I didn't destroy the world making it! And it's actually pretty good if I do say so myself.

2. Hashbrown pancake. Yum yum... It was a test pancake thing, and now I'm wishing I'd made about 20 of them...mmm

3. um...the colourwheel, made of jellybeans! :D

4. My snazzy brother! His pants look like the ones the 10th Doctor wears! -cough-

5. EGG. NACHOS. are still my favorite thing to have for breakfast ever!

You see, next year me and Katelyn and Fatima get to cook everything if we want to! And we are going to have a lot of appliances and everything to cook on, and I figured...I should probably learn how to make things so I don't totally destroy them both when it's my turn to cook something.

So I'm making a cookbook of everything that I like to eat, and that I have invented or managed to create without too much mishap (I've burned milk, lets not forget...)

so far...I put myself in charge of breakfasts.. haha