Wednesday, March 30, 2011



I miss good food.

On sunday I went on a lovely outing with my roommates for next year, Katelyn and Fatima, and we had good, real food all day long! I forgot to take a picture of the popcorn, but it too was wonderful~

I made beets last night, and put a little bit of salt on them.
Just wonderful! I'll get pictures later I suppose. (my room smells like beets now, and my hands are purple)

I kind of want to curl up and have a nap for a few days but that isn't really possible at the moment. This is just a work lull before the finals start in...exactly two weeks from today.

On monday I studied for 11 hours.
Good. God.

ps. I'm done midterms! Somebody bring me a tea!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shinpocket (beat you to it Brendan!!)


I got my hair cut today and had to add another photo to my pile of 'vertical hair' pictures! This one could be called 'Fire' or something... That's what I think it looks like.

I also found that fantastic skirt today! It has a stretchy liner in it so I can take huge steps and sit cross-legged without ripping it, and the front is shorter than the back so I don't get tangled in the fabric while walking! Tada! Such a brilliant bit of clothing.

Market Collective tomorrow! It's apparently a huge indoor craft thing with piles of live music and apparently I'm going to adore it to bits. Can't wait!
and then more studying...


Almost there!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Midnight.


I think those photos are from Monday? Monday or Tuesday...not sure. This week has been filled with a lot of studying and a massive lack of motivation to do any of it! (I have been though, so don't worry, anyone)

Geez that pizza was good...I'm just looking at the photo and salavating. Do you remember the picture of Egg-nachos that I took over Christmas? I printed that photo and it's on my wall next to my favorite picture of me and Brendan. Even if I'm not even slightly hungry...egg-nachos...mmm

In other news, my family is off on an adventure and I'm still stuck in freezing-cold Albertaland. Darn.
There is supposed to be a melt happening soon! That's good!

Movies soon? ...

Thursday, March 17, 2011



On Tuesday I was a gypsy person and went on a lovely long walk down to the River, found twenty dollars in a puddle, and climbed a tree in bare feet.

Oh, but to the glories of spring!

(even though it isn't spring just felt appropriate to say! Minus the 10 minute crazy blizzard at about 10:30am yesterday, there has been spectacular weather for the entire week~)

Studying Linguistics, and listening to City and Colour's Comin Home. There was one line in particular, "But I never take any pictures, 'cause I know I'll just be right back," that I rather enjoyed! But I usually take tons of pictures to show people back wherever I came from.

And finally a note to my shirt drawer picture there; I clearned out everything I've not worn since coming here and put it all in a suitcase (this goes for sweaters and pants too), and organized all the drawers on SUNDAY. It is now Thursday, and the drawers still look like that! Is this a feat? I think so!

Back to studying...

Oh, but I should probably say:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Because the people I know are awesome,


They took me to the zoo!
Christina, Cory, you guys are pretty fantastic~ Thank you for a wonderful birthday!

I spent my weekend at the zoo, walking around waaaay too much, and cleaning my horrid pile of a room. (if I vacuum, it would actually be clean in here, not just tidy). Clothing I don't wear was packed away so I can't actually close the dresser drawers now, and I scrubbed things, and ate skittles, and generally had a brilliant time not studying for the ONLY weekend this semester. I definitely needed this relaxing...48 hours~ So good~

Ps. That owl did not like Cory. It was pretty funny!

Friday, March 11, 2011



Happy birthday to me!

The purple florals I was wearing yesterday, but forgot to post.
Today I wore/am wearing the awesome nomadic-looking thing! Also, the black earrings are new, and a present to myself :D

My heart goes out to those in danger from the terrible earthquake in Japan this morning, and I do hope that people are safe and warm tonight. Fair Winds!

I'm going to the zoo tomorrow! It's so very very exciting!

Also, I'm watching Citizen Kane right now.
Orson Wells is the best.
(he has such a wicked speaking voice...)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is it scary that my coffee matches the bed?


Is it scary that almost everything I wear matches my bed?
..or that everything I own matches the wall?

You don't often see it, but one of the walls in this room is blue. But it's that kind of grey/blue..the sort of colour I feel like I need more of in my clothing to break up the brown, for the sake of the rest of the world. (I love the browns..shh)

I have a midterm at seven, and I'm sort of studying for that now. Also typing this all, so I don't go crazy.

I have been reading Into the Wild for the past few days, when I'm not killing myself studying (which is most of the time). The story is amazing, and the way he renounced all his worldy possestions reminds me of the peoples of Anarres in the Dispossessed, who have no possetions. (not even in their language! no 'my' 'our' ect.) It's kind of an intregueing way to live... It seems like most/all of my books are about people traveling and living far from where they originated.
It makes me restless for adventure! I've been back at school for just over a week and I'm already itching to leave again. There must be nomadic blood in me, and it's definitely not buried very deeply. I've travelled a far amount and moved around a lot, you see, and staying in one place for any long amount of time is just a strange idea. (good thing it's not going to happen for aaaaages!)
Can I drop everything an go live in the woods? Not in's cold.
Not anytime soon either, unfortunatly.

Luckly, the zoo is on the weekend, and maybe a hike the following weekend.
Adventure is out there!



I'm going on that boat this summer. BAM.
Best idea ever!

Friday, March 4, 2011




It's friday.

Today I went to geology class, and met Laura for breakfast after class was over. Our friend Ryan came and got some food as well, and we all sat around talking until Cory showed up and poked me and showed everyone the crazy poster we made yesterday.

It said "Hey there, I may not be running to be a faculty rep, but my platform for the Faculty of You is that You're Pretty Awesome. Have a rockin' day" with this drawing beside it.


We posted them all over..the parts of the school we go in all the time.
It's pretty funny.

The Calgary News is telling me that the city has a program to teach people how to dress warmly, who just moved to the country. Go figure!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Frozen wastelands


I have done almost nothing since returning from the island but study! My hair looks gross, which is why that hat is on...I couldn't get a good picture of that outfit, but next time I wear it, I will! yay!

The bridge of my nose is black because I was getting out of a car and stood up too soon and my face collided with the metal at the top of the door...the black is dried blood.
Did you know that pores can bleed from impact?!
Because they did.

I'm studying Archaeology right now. If Cory hadn't told me about it last week, I wouldn't have known we have a midterm tomorrow..until yesterday. And then I might have actually died, so thank you to Cory! (now i'm only dieing a little)
I did just get through my notes though! Rye was first domesticated in 10,000BC, around Syria. If anyone ever mentions that film now, that is the fact I will spit back out at them.

In other news, I'm tired and all the blankets on my bed are in a mound. My ears are healing to this size nicely, and I have tickets to another Mother Mother show, here, next month! I'm going to the zoo on my birthday, because people I know are awesome.

I should stop boring you with my sleep deprived/ skittle filled mind and show you pictures from reading break!

(Inner harbour, Mother Mother show (photo by sasha), haley and I as gypsies, Mystic beach)