Thursday, February 17, 2011

(almost) Go Time!


Today I handed in the last bit of homework due before Reading Break, and am currently laying on my bed watching Family Guy. Just did the dishes and am considering finishing packing before I fall asleep or something.

More importantly, did you see my earrings?! I'm stoked! I got the rings opened yesterday and put in these fantastic 3mm thick bone spirals. I haven't gotten them all the way in yet, but in a week or two I should be able to turn in a bit more! They aren't falling out or anything, so we're good. :D In one of my archaeology classes today we were talking about people in Eastern N.America, in like..1200AD? using 'ear spools' to stretch their ears. My friends turned and grinned at me...

Ps: Hey modern society? some styles are deemed unacceptable, and it seems like driving thick pieces of bone and wood through one's ears isn't one of them. Yay!

Also, my hair made a single ringlet today all by itself. I've been wanting it to do that for aaaaaaages, and it decided to do it today after I had a shower. I'm so pleased! Thanks hair~ you're awesome.

The Doctor is on!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate Day!


Today was a day of celebration for people in love, a day of loathing for people who aren't. Its patron saint is obviously Saint Valentine....which one though, I'm not sure. There were many saints named Saint Valentine, actually! I just like it when people bring chcolate; it doesn't need a holiday.

St. Sebastion still wins though. hands down.

(wasn't a contest...but shhh)

Today I had rowing in the morning, which was close to death! Then geology class, and I went on a small adventure with a friend for an hour and forced him to see the brilliance of the Archaeology department. Aaaand then I made a new sign for my door, met up with the band, and went to my last class. Then I met up with a friend and we went for a 3 hour hike all over Nose Hill Provincial park, until it was dark.
We almost couldn't find the car! hahaha...
And then greek potatoes, and a collapse into a few huge squishy chairs that we didn't move from for 2 hours... soooo exhausted...

There are three writing-intensive classes tomorrow, and watching a movie? Oh dear!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, with a happy lack of homework

(Tommy Hilfiger cardigan, suzy sheir tanktop, GAP jeans, handmade necklace)

So I managed to make it through the last two weeks without dieing, which is a pretty fantastic thing...being still alrive and all.
I had three tests in the last two days and one the week before, and I studied sooo much, it was crazy!

I also made this sweet necklace out of a rock I found on the coast of Oregon! The hole in the rock was made by a type of clam. The name of which escapes me, but they burrow into rocks and live in the holes! This piece might have broken off and been worn down in the waves. The bead in the cord was..made fairly locally around my town, and Brendan got me four of them for Christmas! I finally managed to use one! Yay! Usually I just look at them in their pretty green-ness...and sometimes hang them from my earrings. (ok, that happened once and they were really heavy...) I rather enjoy this necklace though!

Today I got some things I needed for my trip in a week and a bag of chips, and lay around eating chips and watching the newest Mother Mother music video.
By the way, I'm going to see them LIVE! AAHHHHH.
AAAAHHHHHHHH!!! So so so excited!! We have tickets and everything! reading week is going to be the best week ever!! Im really pumped to see everyone, and run around and..go sailing and see the show, and and and it will jsut be the greatest!

Now I just have...a linguistics article review to finish for Thursday. yay!

ps: I have tickets to the UK. No amount of !!!!!!'s could possibly portray my excitment.

pps: adventure on monday! I'll take pictures!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011



Nothing cool is happening currently, due to the 2 tests I have in the next two days. I stayed up until 2am reading my archaeology book. Today I have to finish reviewing for archaeology and then take an hour or two (or three) to review linguistics. Aaaand then when all that is over tomorrow, I shall review more archaeology for the lab quiz on Friday!

However...I also have a latte and a bit of spare time to not die in...hence this blogging. And the latte.

Using a Ground Penetrating Radar is super awesome, by the way.

Monday, February 7, 2011



I have suddenly come by a very, very small ipod. It...has no screen, nor buttons save for the few on the headphones. It is so strange that so much sound can be forced to reside within such a tiny space!

Technology is strange, and confusing. Embangling, even. I'll stick to unraveling the mysteries of how the ancient world worked and leave the mastering of technology to the people who can manage to wrap their head around it.
(I'll baffle everyone else with the makeshift loom I built in my bedroom. hah!)

To quote my Greek and Roman Studies prof, 'I study ancient things...I don't know how computers work.'
I am defiantly going to be using that line throughout the rest of my life.

Seriously, I could use this ipod as a hair-clip...

Studying time.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday; The Best day Ever.

I don't have a picture for you, but I do have a few points as to why yesterday was possibly the best ever. Or at least the best day in quite a while!


0820: Woke up and ate a ton of oatmeal
0830: Checked email
0831: Found out I'm going to FIELD SCHOOL THIS SUMMER!!! AAAAHHHHHH
0835: Called my mom and rambled on the phone in a highpitched and excited voice
0915: Ran to Arky203, expecting another 6 pages of notes
0930: We watched a movie about monkeys! Way better...
1045: Met my friend Cory. We studied for the Arky205 final...which disolved into talking about zoos and hamburgers after about an hour.
1220: Ran across campus to the Engineer block.
1230: Wrote the Arky205 final, and rocked it! (I think!)
1315: Finally got lunch and sat around talking about Halo (or being talk to about Halo while I ate)
1400: Went to Linguistics class and took really good notes, and drew all over a coffee cup
1515: Met Christina in the arky reading room, and found a book on Marine archaeology
1600: Met Laura for coffee, and returned home to relax for a while. No homework was going to be happening this evening!
1700: Got a package from my mom! Whoo! Candy!!
2050: Went with Laura to get snacks from the DC, walked to the train-station and back to bring a..lab? to Jules. It took us ages to walk back, since it was so lovely out!
2330: Hung out with Matthew via skype, and got laughed at for my dislike of common foods. (per usual)
24..something: Bed! Yay!

And so concluded my awesome day.
Starting out with Field school acceptance just put me in the beeesssssst mood ever!
I have now mined out all the yellow skittles from my giant bag of skittles, and will eat them all at once! Nom!
2050: Went with Laura to get some snacks fr

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Earth Shattered: Stew.

(Left to Right: Potatoes, Tomato sause, apples, onion, jalapino pepper, Peanuts, chili pepper, broccili, vanilla soy milk)

Those are my groceries arranged neatly (minus a cinnamon bun I had put in the cupboard already). Yesterday I visited the 'Sunnyside Natural Market' which is my favorite place to purchase food stuffs. My mom was worried that I was going to be spending too much on food if I kept on buying my groceries there. But! I've been finding that it is actually cheaper. Everything in the picture and the very large cinnamon bun came to...24$. Bam. Best store ever.

And the best part is that EVERYTHING I bought was producted/grown/whatever in Canada! Even the soymilk (I just checked, it's from Vancouver). I'm so pumped! It's not quite a 100-mile least it's all Canadian!

So I made a stew last night. Here we go!


First I put in the chopped onion with a bit of olive oil, and let that simmer as much as possible in a slow cooker. By the way, thanks to Matthew for instructing me! I don't know how to cook, but I wrote down everything you told me...


Then I added the broccili and snowpeas. I wanted to get some zuccini but they only had stuff from mexico, for some I didn't get one.
After letting those mix with the oil and onions for a little while, I dumped in some tomato sauce, water, peppers and chili, and finally the potatoes!
As an afterthought, I could have cut the potatoes up a loooot might have cooked faster that 3.5 hours..


Stew Anyone?!
Laura has some, as she donated the olive oil and she thought it was actually pretty good! I was very pleased with myself, naturally, as I can not cook at all. This was a good first step!

I think I'm going to make more, and let it cook on low for the rest of the day...