Monday, January 31, 2011


I was featured on the Propeller Clothing blog, last may! I totally didn't find out about it until now...or even think to check. I made stuffies and such for their store (I know I mentioned that!) and they all sold! wheee!

Check it out!
Part way down the page..May 22nd.

If you were going to buy crochetted things in a shop, what would you want to see? hats? stuffies? some kind flowers...?

Thoughts in the Morning.


Morning folks!
I was just sitting here at 6:30 am, feeling sleepy and wondering why rowing practice insists on being soooo bloody early, when I thought I could make a post.
Why? Because I'm tired, and might go back to bed unless I give myself something to do.

Incoming text.

Apparently it's -29.C outside today! That is really gross, especially when you take into account the fact that about 4 days ago it was +10.C.
Thanks Calgary! geez.
I don't want to go outside in that!! Why doesn't this building have a tunnel? Even my fish was aware of the sudden temperature change. I'll have to move him farther away from the window soon here...and that makes me pretty glad that my bed is at the farthest point it can be from the window.
And my window is huuuuuuge, too, so it lets in all the cold. The heavy curtains keep out a lot of it though.

Have I mentioned I like curtains?

I should probably go find some food...or my bed. mm.
No! Rowing!

Friday, January 28, 2011

200th post!


(That is my current favorite nail colour)

Well. I've made 200 posts on this blog! That's pretty cool. I'm glad people are still reading it too! (that's even cooler...thanks!)

Lets see here...what stories are there to tell?
How about the Tale of Six-am Mornings?

On Monday I actually managed to haul myself out of bed at 6 and go to a 7am rowing workout. It wasn't quite as bad as the ones from last week, but there was the added pain of jumprope..which...involves muscles I haven't used in aged.
It hurt to walk afterwards. (and for the followed days)

On Tuesday we had a firedrill you see, for what could almost be the second time this semester. The first time actually wasn't a drill, but there was something wrong with the system so it decided to wake us all up for no reason at 6am one horrid morning. Anyways, the drill on Monday didn't go well, taking the majority, not even everyone, to get out of the building and over to the dining centre.
So we failed that drill...which is horrid because that meant we were going to have another one in the next few weeks. I grumbled and went back to bed for an hour.

On Wednesday we had another rowing practice, which was way way waaaay better feeling than any of thte previous ones were, and I even ran for 12 minutes straight! and I hate running! The best part of the practice though, was when our coach took out these metal contraptions called 'sliders' and placed the ergs on them in a huge line. We all had to erg in time together like we were rowing a quad, or it wouldn't work properly.
If we get to use those things all the time, I will dislike erging a little less.

On Thursday...we had another firedrill.
at 6am.
We managed to pass this one, but the point still stands that we had another firedrill and I had to get up at 6am again, on one of the days I was able to sleep until 8:30 on. Funny story with that too. After the firedrill I set my alarm and got up and had a shower. Then I stood there looking at the clock and realized that is my class wasn't until 9:30, why was I up already? So I set my phone alarm for 9am, lay a towel over my pillow, and fell asleep again.
When I woke up again the clock read 9:20.
(this time I wasn't imagining it!)
My phone had been on silent!
I managed to get up, find better pants, grab my notebook and a little thing of soymilk, and book it out of the building. I also managed to make it across campus and not be late for class!! Yay!

Today is Friday, and I had oatmeal for breakfast.
I am now in Geology class...but it's only seven minutes in so we haven't really done anything.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wee Morning Story

Things arranged neatly; The contents of my purse (minus a few pens...if you can believe that)

I have a story for you all this morning;


There was a knock on the door, and I sat up in a panic. Was it breakfast time already? How had my alarm not gone off?! Hurriedly I turned on the light and glanced at the clock.


What?! I was so late for Geology!

Thinking it was Laura knock knock knocking at my door I scrambled out of bed any flung open the door, ready to apologize for missing breakfast. But it was not Laura who stood on the other side of the door, rather, an unknown young man.

"Hey." He said and walked into my hall.
"Hello.." I was puzzled...past puzzled, and still half asleep, "Um..What are you doing?"
"Oh, I'm looking for Carey." He said nonchalantly, peering at me.
" no one named Carey here..."

By this point I was looking past him at the crack between my blinds, and pondering over why it was still so dark at 9:whatever, am. Nothing was adding up in my head, other than the fact that I did not know who this fellow was, but he should probably leave.
He was looking at his phone.

"I..maybe have conjured up 531 in my head," He muttered, flicking through messages, "Is this your fire hat?"
Holding up a little paper fireman's hat he gave it a shake in my direction.
"Nope, I have mine."
"Oh...Well, I'm sorry to bother you, Enjoy the rest of your night!"

And with that he strode off down the hall. I closed the door and stood there in utter embanglement; ...night?

I went back and looked at the clock again, slightly more awake now that the previous few minutes.


That made a bit more sense! At least it fit in with the fact that it was still dark out. After making sure my alarm was, in fact, turned on and set for 8am, I crawled back under my pile of blankets and hoped dearly that no one else would have the brilliant idea to knock on my door in the wee morning hours.

The end!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feet stuff.



The first outfit, from a couple of days ago now was put together after I watched the provided video below. I thought 'I have a sweater like that! And scarf...and white shirt...hmmm'
I've had that song stuck in my head for a few days on, only just pushed out this morning by 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. More on that song later!

And why was I then wearing shorts? Well..that was on Wed, after a rowing workout and I had to get to class! quick! only 10 minutes to get dressed, and I was radiating heat!
Therefore, tights seemed like the best option. I felt like I wasn't wearing any pants all day since my coat fell past the bottom of the shorts and I walked around with the coat on for most of the day. It was a funny thing to see as I walked past any reflective surface, but kept me from overheating all day!

Goodness though, the socks?! It was a set of two pais of socks, with different shades of blue stripes on them. They are wool, I think, and soooo lovely and squishy! I might have to get more. Thank goodness Zellers is so close by! (actually, that's probably not a good thing..hehe) I never had a need for any wool socks before moving to Calgary..or any socks if I could help it, usually. But now as I sit here and type this I can see a good 4 pairs of thick socks in a little 'Box O' Socks' on my dresser..thing. I could use more...hmmm.
(it also helps that the stripes look really cool poking out from the inside of my boots!)

I went skating tonight with friends from my floor.
It was lovely~ the weather is warmish right now, and reminds me of the coast, with a slightly damp wind blowing constantly all day. Just great!
Archaeology lab tomorrow, and breakfast with Laura!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A long time coming.

(Aldo suede desert boots, suzy shirt blouse, tommy hilfiger cardigan, gap jeans)

Disclaimer: My room looks exactly like that. No point in hiding!

And without further adu,
A Shoe Story; A long time coming.

Me and these boots were a long time coming. I glimpsed them first in a shoe store while helping my mother to pick out sandals. They looked so elegant; so simple and attractive, and useful! But alas, I was not allowed to bring the darlings home with me and so we sadly parted ways. Months passed, and I didn't think about the boots, but whenever a pair passed by on foot or in shop window, a pang rang through me.

'Those shoes are beautiful!'

Then yesterday I visited a shoe store with a friend on the hunt for boots with good soles, and as I rolled down the shelves looking for something lovely and leather my eyes fell to rest on those wonderful, sandy desert boots.

"Haley!" I cried, holding up the display model with triumph, "D..Desert boots! They have some!"
"So try them on." She said, and went back to browsing.
"Excuse me, do you have these in a size 10?" I hesitantly asked the salesman, bracing myself for the usual 'why would you ever expect such a large size' look that I usually gain from asking such a question.
"Of course!" He said and, plucking the display model from my hands, vanished into the back.

I sat beside Haley as she tried on her various pairs of boots, debating on how many to gather and bring home with her today, and stared happily at the desert boots laced around my feet. They were so pretty, and smooth, and simple. I adore the lack of eyelets for the laces, and the smooth toes void of any decorative stitching or leatherwork (that is what my blue oxfords are for, right?)

"They would go with everything you wear, Robyn, since you wear pretty much the same colours all the time."

I had to laugh at that comment, being totally true, after all. I can dress up if needed (for the play, you see?), but most of the time I wear greys and browns, or a mixture of both, with jeans or skirts and look like I might have just climbed out of a caravan or yurt, or walked down from my secluded camp or cabin in the mountains.
(I like to think that's what it looks least.)

I unlaced the shoes, and after trying them on without my really really thick wool socks to make sure they fit well that way too, I packed them neatly back into the box and wandered up to the cashier.

"Now, before you wear these outside you'll need to spray them." The helpful salesman commented as he rang them through the machine, looking at me expectantly.
"Spray them..with what?"
"..." There was the look I was waiting for. A mixture of offence to my lack of knowledge of footwear protocol and surprise that I was buying suede in winter and was blissfully unaware of how to wear them properly.
"With suede spray?" He held a bottle out towards me, "Do you need some?"

I nodded, and after a quick explanation of how to use it, and to please not breathe the fumes, I was on my way to the grocery store!
Haley exercised massive restraint and only bought one pair of lovely black boots. Restraint on my part would have been to not buy boots at all...but after a distant love affair with them for at least a year, I definitely saw this one coming.

The End. <3

I did spray them, and my tall suede boots from Florence, last night after I managed to force my frozen window open. Luckily they dried quickly, and the temperature only managed to drop a few degrees in here before I whipped the window shut once more and left both pairs of boots on my desk to dry.
I wore them to my geology class this morning, and didn't slip at all, no matter how much ice I crunched over! My feet weren't cold at all either, despite it being -23C and windy.
This is awesome, and I do love these shoes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The great ship, Titanic.

(Peter Nygard skirt, borrowed top, thrifted shruf, tights, rinaldi heels, Smartset felt coat, silk scarf from paris)

Last night some friends and I went to see 'Titanic, The Musical', put on the the university theatre troupe! It was brilliantly done, with a live pitband, stellar costumes for the time period, and was both moving emotionally and historically accurate. I have to say I enjoyed it to the very end, dispite having a bit of a headache for the entire production (lame).

I was trying to fit the time period with my outfit for the outting, or at least let the early 1900's be my inspiration. I'm not sure how well it turned out for the time period, but I enjoyed it! If you can't already tell, I like making swirls out of my hair~

During the intermission I went to talk to some people from the Science Centre, as starting on Feb. 4th, they are having an exhibition about the Titanic with artifacts recovered from the wreckage! I'm so buying tickets.
They also gave us free passes to the IMAX-sort of theatre they have at the centre, which will shortly be featuring a film about...oh...Shackleton!!
If that isn't a sign that I'm meant to go, I don't know what is.

Also, I have purchased a 1.5L slow cooker. If anyone has any cool recipies, do drop me a line!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back in the tundra!

(top two photos were taken by my friend Ryan)

We built the best fort over the last week, and camped in it for the entire time! It was pretty fantastic! That was a good week. I wouldn't mind replaying it a few times.
It was filled with good friends, tunnels, skiing, coffee, tea, breakfast cakes, Doctor Who, Homestar, pillowfights and blankets. And windy adventures up and down a few hills. We can't forget about that.

This morning I went to the gym with Laura and Keith for a rowing workout, at...7am.
It was so hard! I managed to do everything, but at the end we were all pretty sure we were going to fall over at any moment. I almost fell asleep a few times throughout the day, except for in my Greek and Roman studies class, because it's really awesome and the prof. speaks like he's in a play or something. I honestly wanted to clap at the end of his lectures.

I'm drinking a mocha now, to stay awake long enough to go ice skating tonight with Laura and Katelyn..and...whoever else? It's free now that I have my skates here, so that's exciting.

Um.. That's about it for the moment!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Details of January


Egg Nachos, earrings, wavy hair, lipchap, my dad's old watch, handmade bracelet, tiny ruins for my fishtank.

Little things make up the bigger picture, and these were the little bits that made my saturday pretty lovely.
It's really great to not have to study or anything, and I still have another week of it left! A couple of my friend that I know from sailing are coming to visit this evening, and for the rest of the week. One of them just got back from Ireland, and I know my entire house can't wait to hear stories of his adventures!
I also can't wait to see my brother's cat's reaction to them....she doesn't like strange men. Should be good.

The sky is a light orange and blue now, with whisps of clouds boardering the mountains. The sun sunk below the hill around 3pm today...maybe a bit later, since we're past the solstice already. I love being in an area that isn't flat. There is no horizon in the mountains...and the only horizon I am used to is the ocean. Even after 4 months in Alberta, the land-horizon still makes me uncomfortable. It's only good for fantastic sunrises. Ah well! At least there is a good view of the nothing from the Archaeology department lounge! haha~

I can't type morse code on here...

_.. ._ ._. _.