Tuesday, November 30, 2010

of phones, sunrise, and mummies.



the phone.
This morning I got up bring and early (and my earring stuck to the blanket...ouch) and went to do a bit of rowing/erging at the gym with my friend Laura. We were chilly from walking across our icy field of death, and went to warm up on the ergs for a while. Laura set her lovely new Iphone on the body of the erg, with a timer set up on it so we'd know how long we'd been rowing.
This worked well for a couple of minutes, until the crossbar slipped from Laura's hands.
This happens sometimes on ergs, but not quite like this!
The bar slips from her hands, and went ripping forward into the machine with a resounding CRASH.
Neither of us quite realized what had happened for a moment or two, but we just trying to figure out why it was such a loud noise. Then I noticed there was suddenly a crack on the small display screen of the erg, running right through the middle.
Oh my goodness how did that happen?! The screen is really far away from the bar!
Then we looked down at the phone...and Laura was devastated to find that the crossbar had smashed the speaker in the top, and almost shattered the entire screen. By some miracle, it still works, but there were glass bits all over the place!

This seems to be what happened: The bar slipped, and one end as it turned connected with the phone which sent the crossbar upwards a bit, allowed the other end to connect with the display screen of the erg before slamming all the way backwards.

The sunrise.
I photographed it at different stages this morning and put it together for you all to enjoy; the red prairie sun rising over downtown Calgary. I hadn't seen a good sunrise for a few days here! The snow-clouds are pretty low, and usually over it up.

the mummies.
My archaeology prof. lent me a book yesterday, on a program we watched in class but didn't get to finish. I really wanted to see how the excavation turned out so he is letting me borrow it! hurrah! I just have to have it finished in two weeks or so...hmmm...
The book is called 'Frozen in Time, Unlocking the secrets of the Franklin Expedition' and it's about the mission, and the excavation of three sailors from Frankin's ship HMS Erebus and the other, HMS Terror. (ships which, I must add, were on Sir. James Clark Ross's year journy from 1839-43 to the Antarctic!!)
The bodies had been so perfectly preserved in the ice for 138 years that they Still. Had. Eyes.


How fantastic is that?!

I won't post pictures, but if you're interested search 'John Torrington' in images.

PS. that snake-like picture is my attempt to photo-stich my room together...it didn't work well, but I thought I'd share~

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This is the Day.


This is my taking a break from writing my report, which at the moment is a brilliant 3704 words long, with a page count of 15. (this included tables and drawings, mind you..and is double spaced)

Today I got up and went to breakfast at 10 with two friends on my floor. We had our new and improved breakfast of champions, which consists of smoothies, lattes, and hashbrowns as of this morning. It's all very shiny and exciting! That took an hour, and I then returned to sit in my room for hours working on my paper..and distract myself with this blog.

I'd like to point out a few things in the pictures!
-I have a huge, yellow bathroom! And I am in fact, looking at that panel in the roof. What is it?
-On my desk there is a lamp, and on the lamp there is a pile of strange looking little circles. They are made of tape, and are the child of my fiddling with everything. Just thought I would clarify this.

And now back to writing my report? I suppose so!

And on monday...I must get more references from table sky. Happy Christina? I said it!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turn up the music, lets paint our faces



I could only find that video of 'Animals' unfortunatly...it's not the best quality, but it's totally a brilliant song!

Also...yes, I have gotten my ears pierced! Doesn't it look kind of awesome? I'm pretty stoked by it, and they haven't gotten infected or done anything strange yet which is just the best thing of all.

Not to much else going on though...
it was -30 two days ago, and now it's -2. Go figure.

I'm just gearing up for a ton of working-on-my-paper this weekend! I'm going to get it mostly done by this time next week. That's the plan.

Brandon sent me something mysterious in the mail, and I'm super stoked to see it! Whatever it is~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter is for mochas, movies, and music.

(Smartset pea-coat, a friend's scarf, handmade toque, garage tights, assorted socks, Fossil bag, boots?, Old navy jeans, Old navy sweater, handmade wool vest)

And we're back! After a week of fighting with the ...lovely...staff of Dell Computers, I fiiiiiiinally got my computer fixed! I know they were just doing their job, and trying to follow a certainy order of procediers, but when I already know what's wrong (and this is me we're talking out...computer illiterate) I would have hoped they could have figured out the problem.
It was so the fan's fault.
So I had the fan and the memory replaced, and everything is operational and fantastic! It hasn't shut off of anything silly since it was fixed, as the people I spoke to on skype yesterday for ages with will already know! Skype was even co-operating pretty well, which was a bit of a shock to everyone.

Anyways..what have I been up to? Trying not to freeze to death would be part of it, to be sure! It snowed last week, as you can see there.
Let me rephrase that. -ahem-
It started to snow last week. Has it actually stopped for more than two hours? No! What is the temperature outside right now, you ask?
Why it's -22.C .
Mmmm, I'm not all together pleased with that turn of events, but I am so very pleased I have my peacoat. Sailors were clearly the best of people, and knew exactly what they were doing when they used peacoats at sea. Nothing can get through those things! (it's wool)

That's pretty much all my news as of late, I think.
I've got to scan some drawins into my archaeology paper now, and wash my hair? And go buy mittens? (why don't I have mittens?!)
Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Such horror!
I must apologize for the lack of brilliant photos and such lately, and my computer has up and killed itself, the little bugger! This makes it rather inconvenient for actually writing my archaeology report...
I'm working on getting it fixed, but the person who is supposed to be doing that hasn't called me yet.

Oh snap.

In other news, it snowed last night and now powdery white stuff covers the land in a blanket more than 10 cm deep, and it's still coming down.
I have a lovely winter-inspired outfit on today...but you can't really see. I'll take pictures though!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wed Night.

So I'm sitting here in my friend's room right now. She's not here...she got a phone call and wandered a while ago. I'm not sure if I should actually leave the room and go back to my own yet (I sort of want to skype the family) or wait for her to get back and make sure she doesn't get locked out. Dunno!

But I was just reading 'sasha was the happiest orange' (it's in the favorite blogs bar there), which is written by one of my dearest and most awesome friends, and she mentioned wanting to travel. Oh Sasha, how I too, dearly want to go off and adventure! Can I not just put school on hold and go on a backpacking trip through northern Scotland? That would be the greatest. Or perhaps get a sailboat and hole up in some magical, misty cove on the west coast of Vancouver Island; playing my mandolin for days on end and watching the phosphorescent kritters in the water swim around madely as I drop in grains of rice of something of the like. That would be so very ideal. Another awesome friend is headed off to Ireland in a few days and I so wish I could go with him!

I want to do a semester and/or year abroad. Maybe in Aberdeen. It's called the 'Grey city' which would fit perfectly in with my mandate of wearing grey sweaters aaaaaall the time. NE coast of Scotland? I think I could handle that! Apparently the viking sites there are awesome or something, which is good for the archaeologist in me.

pfft...in me, what am I saying! is me~ Far more like it.

I've also been looking at ear plugs. I've liked them for ages, but I'm not sure if I can ever bring myself to start it. They look so cool though, and I wouldn't go very big. We'll have to see how the world turns on this one. If I still want them after ages of thinking about it, then maybe it will happen. Maybe.

I need a haircut..again. (sorry Sam, I still say that a lot) It's just getting so darn thick on the one bit that actually has any substance too it! I'm going to get an undercut done, to take out a ton of the bulk. Possibly tomorrow, after or before I hunt down and purchase 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'! Do you have any idea how excited I was to see that that movie had come out on DVD? So incredibly stoked! My neightbor offered to download it for me, which is usually something I'd agree too since it's free, but for this one movie, I totally have to own it legally. It's just that fantastic. I shall find it, and buy it, and watch it a million times, and bring it home at Christmas and we'll watch it another million times, and eeeeveryone will be sick of it!

She's still not back...I'm going to make popcorn and watch some Big Bang Theory.
or skype.. whatever.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The foolish people, they are so lovely. They've got this way of doing everything politely.

(GAP spring skirt, thrifted suspenders, Suzy Shier top)

As I sat down to write this I heard a train blast it's whistle in the distance, and I had to stop and think 'Since when are there trains here?!'
But I suppose there is a railway track running right beside MEC downtown, and I did walk under it twice...no...three times yesterday..hmm. I guess I hadn't actually seen a train on it yet?

So I got up this morning, and decided that I'd have 45 minutes until I'd start my homework, at 10. And then I realized the time-change dealy happened last night, and it was only quarter after 8! Needless to say I was fine with that idea, and kept 10 as my start-work-time. (haven't started work yet...eek!)

We took one of my friends out last night, for her 18th birthday, and one of my other friends was wearing rainbow suspenders which we were all envious of. When I was getting dressed, I realized that I actually do have some susupenders, which is why I'm wearing them now! Happy Day! Unfortunatly I've got to be a hermit today and study/write reports so no one will get to see my awesome outfit..ah well. I think we're all watching a movie tonight, but by that point I'll probably be back in hemp pants and a loose tank top per usual.
(when I went outside to get breakfast wearing this outfit, and a wool coat...my legs froze. Forgot that my room is about 15.C warmer than the outside world at all times. daaaang)

Apparently my next birthday is going to be celebrated on St.Patrick's Day...hmm.

Lastly, Ethics question: Would it be unethical to go to a bookstore and read a history book, taking notes all the while for references later, and then not purchase it?

Friday, November 5, 2010

The 5th of November.


Firstly let me explain the centre photo there. Part of our rowing team is off at the Canadian University (CU) rowing championships at the moment, and we decided to paint the school rock the evening before they all left, for support! It was clearly night time and wuite cold (though that isn't quite as evident). That rock was a brownish colour before we decided to paint it with the glossiest red paint we could get our hands on. And the lady even gave us a discount! How lovely is that?
Anyways, the painting took a while and looked fantastic when we were all finished. However when we all got up the next moring...lo and behold, someone had already painted over most of it! How horrible..
They'd left the side that was painted with some interesting rowing jokes, that are now totally out of context. (things like 'follow your cox' and such)

And then today!
My arky class was cancelled, which was super lame for two reasons:
1. I love archaeology class!
2. It's at 8am...I could have slept in. But I didn't find out it was cancelled until I walked allll the way across campus. D:

But there was an open-lab at 9am, so I went to that and drew some projectile-points for the fun of it, and had some questions answered by my lab TA. Helpful for the report I need to get started on soon!

I have a cold from last weekend's swim in the ocean...blech.

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, 'twas his intent
To blow up the King and Parli'ment.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England's overthrow;
By God's mercy he was catch'd
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Hulloa boys, Hulloa boys, let the bells ring.
Hulloa boys, hulloa boys, God save the King!

To study!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Head of the Gorge + Elk


This weekend me and my rowing partner Laura raced at Head of the Gorge and Head of the Elk, two back to back regattas in fantastic Victoria, BC. We did famously in the races!

Unfortunatly we took a bit of a dip in the ocean on Saturday, but it was before the race, so we had time to get (some) dry clothing and bail out our boat before doing the entire race, and getting 4th out of 19 boats! In the Varsity class! (we're novices! hahaha)

The races were 5km, and 8km in that order.

It was a fantastic weekend, and I got to see a bunch of friends on sunday that I'd not seen in ages. It was so cool that they all travelled from their respected locations to see me race!

Apparently people got pictures of our boat flipping...when I find them, you shall all see~