Friday, October 29, 2010

I travel with the currents

(Smartset wool pean-coat, Dynamite trousers, vegan TOMS, headband)

Yesterday me and my friend made cupcakes again, but this time all the ingredients were actually the right temperature and they turned out light and fluffy and amazing! The rainbow ones were actually super-dry, which wasn't too fantastic at all. I took three home with me, and I have a feeling the 10 we left at his house aren't going to make it past today or so.

Today I have to write a linguistics midterm, clean my room up so I'm not coming home to a volcano, and pack! We have a rowing regatta this weekend (over halloween, I know...) which is going to be fantastic! Some of my very good friends are coming from there respective placing of habitation to see the race/have a lovely visit. I'm super excited to see them!

In other news: might be working a bit at a bookbinding shop~ how wicked is that?!

In more, other news: We're missing what is going to be a ridiculous halloween party on the 30th...darn.

Now back to some early-morning studying!
See you all on the other side of these races~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Phone is Dead.

( Smartset wool pea-coat, Tommy Hilfiger leather belt, H&M tanktop, GAP striped tee, GAP jeans, Tristan tights, UofC men's cardigan, Italian suede boots)

The other day my Archaeology 201 class visited Head-smashed-in Buffalo Jump. I'd been there a bunch of years ago, and it's still pretty sweet! As you are approaching the site you can't see the museum at all, save for small segments of roof jutting out from the hillside. We had to ride in horrid yellow school buses on the way up and down though, which was horribly unfortunate for anyone (myself) with long legs! Blech. (the first and forth photos are of the site. The forth photo is of the actual jump itself. Back when it was used, it was about 10 metres higher! The slope at the bottom is a bone pile.)

It was a two hour drive back from the site, and a 10 minute walk across campus back home. I'd been back in my room for longer than 40 seconds, and my phone rings. So off I went again with my friend from rowing, to pick up baking supplies! We made the fantastic cupcakes in the second-from-the-bottom photo there. Aren't they fantastic?! They worked so well, and we were pretty much experimenting the entire time.
(mom, please email me the coffee-chocolate icing recipe? The one we used didn' well at all)
We also played folk music, and Mother Mother songs with his roommate and had a lovely time. I was so pleased to not be eating DC food, you have no idea :D
Sloppy-Joes from scratch are great, but you have to toast the bun in order to keep it stable enough to actually keep the meat inside. yummy!
And we also watch 300, because apparently I needed to see it. I fell asleep 20 minutes from the says a lot for the movie, hm?
That was a looooooooong and fantastically eventful day!

I also figured out yesterday that if I wear tights inside of my jeans, and then boots..and then a wool coat, I'm not as cold as I was before! I say this because it snowed ALL day yesterday, and I was not pleased with it at all. Luckily it didn't stick for longer than the morning, but the stuff just kept falling!

There was a fire-drill this morning at 6am, which pleased no one. Luckily I was up for rowing already, which I wasn't able to go to after all because my driver wasn't sure if he's be allowed out on the water. I'll try again in the evening, after I get my phone fixed. Because it died, and now I have to get a plan. dang.

Today I have to:
-fix the phone so I can get to rowing, ect.
-study Linguistics!! :O
-get through reviewing chapters 3-5 of Geology.
-print the Archaeology lab report outline...finally...
-write down my exam dates/times/locations.
-go rowing gosh darn it!

My class doesn't start for an hour...egghh.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adventures to tomatoes!

(thrifted scarf, sweater, pants and belt,H&M tops, handmade(by me) hat)


let me rephrase this: I found tomatoes from CANADA, and from ALBERTA on top of that! This is a major victory on my part! Also pears...and jam, and other fantastic things like hemp granola. (hemp granola is my bestest friend)

They also carry the brand of soap/shampoo that I use, and it's even cheaper than the stuff at home. Now it's ok if I run out of something, because this store is only 4 stops away from the university via train, and I was super excited! I showed it to my neighbor as we went on our usual tuesday hunt for groceries and he's totally in love with it too.
(mom, then have those fantastic organic chocolate truffles. When my midterms are finished I'm buying a box~ hehe)
They also have these wicked little metal lunch tins, and I've decided to get one in order to complete my plan of actually eating properly. all, between an early breakfast and late dinner. (because as of this moment, I don't have anything to keep food in as I run around all day)

Geology lab midterm is coming up, which I am terrified for even though I've been over all the stuff a million times and will be going over it all again..tonight, and probably right before my exam too.

Linguistics homework! (it's fun! is that bad? haha)

Bad Wolf.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Battle Wounds

Disclaimer: The subject of this photo may prove to be slightly unsuitable for younger audiences. Just pretend it's Halloween makeup, since it's really not that bad.


Now, I don't know if I mentioned before, but in order to get both of the oars when you are 'sculling' in a rowing shell (rowing with two oars at once, that is), you sort of have to rub the handle of the left oar on the top of your right hand.

no pain no gain, right?

The funny thing was this didn't hurt all the much just kept bleeding....for most of our circuit. My partner's hand started too, and by the end of it we sort of looked like zombies, and we had to scrub blood off the oar handles before we put them away.
It was unfortunately fun to see peoples' reactions to our hands, since it didn't hurt! (the cuts were actually only mm's across)

So yesterday I was in a rowing regatta called 'Head of the Weasel'. It was my first race in a double, and even though we didn't win anything I think it went really well! The water was super-choppy, and we'd never done it before, and it was a 4km it was fun, overall~ We had to be at the club from 7am-5:30pm, and the entire time (I'll re stress that: ENTIRE TIME) we could see our breath, and were cold. Quite cold.

I didn't race until 2pm, so when one of the other girls announced she was going to MEC to get some better tights, I lept on the invitation. I got some heavy duty 'smartwool' socks, as my feet were totally freezing, and as you probably know, when your toes get cold nothing else is comfortable in any way.

So I bought expensive socks!

But, that was the absolute best 23$ ever spent. Ever spent in the history of my spending, ever. My toes were so happy and warm after that, I hardly cared that everything else was still very chilled!

Sorry I don't have more pictures, but I didn't even think to bring my camera!
Today I've got to go to the museum and get more information for my paper, and then teach a friend how to crochet. Sounds fun!

ps: I slept from 7:30pm last night until 7am today....yesterday was extremely tiring! :O

Friday, October 15, 2010

The first exam of University, or the coldest bloody morning ever.

This is what the sky looked like at 7:20am this morning, as I prepared to go to my archaeology midterm exam. As I stepped outside, I was instantly splattered with rain and frigid winds, but there wasn't enough time to go back and get a better coat..and hat...and gloves.

I think I did well on the exam! As I walked outside, being quite pleased with myself, I was met with a sky that looked like this:


Now, you can't see it...but it's snowing. Who in the world designed this place?!


Take that, Weather!


On an unrelated note there, I clearly painted my nails. They look a bit like paint splatters, which is just lovely!

I have rowing tonight, and a race tomorrow. Then on sunday I've got to go back to the museum, and then teach my friend how to crochet. :D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Suit-up Day

(H&M Poncho, Old Navy jeans, Italian suede boots, H&M tanktop, thrifted scarf, legwarmers on my arms..?)

Dekar said it's 'Suit-up Day' but I've been wearing a poncho for a while. It's pretty well the most comfortable-yet-impractical thing in the entire world. Also my suit is back at home, which is most unfortunate!

Today I was in the elevator with a young man who either looked like a model, or an indie-band's lead vocal/guitarist. And he had a not-mountain bike. And I was pleased.

I am also pleased that during my erg test yesterday,I brought my 500m split down, even though it was a longer distance! from 2:07.00 to 2:04.00 :D

I must also report that I thought that knife was odd-looking and a bit overpriced when I bought it, but I really needed one for apples and whatever...and I take it back. It's brilliant! You hardly even have to move it! The apple is like butter in it's fantastic teeth~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Head of the Weasel

( H&M top, thrifted hemp pants, headband)

My brother calls that part of my room 'The hippy bed', which is totally fine with me! It's awesome and there are clearly small rugs gracing my wall now.

And those are all the blisters (on just that hand...) I came home from rowing with on sunday afternoon. They've mostly sort of solidified into some form of callouses now..but I get the feeling they are going to be coming back. And I now know what my friend Ryan meant when he asked if I was getting a callous on the back of my right hand. I don't know so much about callouses..but there are some missing chunks of skin! (head of the weasel is my race on saturday. We're not in the novice category anymore! :O )

I've been studying archaeology for a while today, and a ton yesterday, and then I worked on my museum essay for an hour. It is to have 2000 words...and I already have 1063, and it's not due until November 18th! How lovely is that? I enjoy being on top of things~

Back to studying? Or maybe I need tea...

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Hallway Folk-Band

(bootlegger sweater, GAP skirt, Garage tanktop, repurposed belt)

A Point-Form list of Events

-Yesterday I found a fantastic example of a museum review from the American Archaeological Journal (or some such name), and it is going to be just the biggest help with my paper! Especially because the prof wouldn't give us any examples. darn.

-Today my neighbor's girlfriend walked in while I was relaxing between classes, and left a tin of loose-leaf Rooibos tea on my counter. How very nice of her! I can't wait to try it. I'll have to steal my teapot back from my friends though. Here in the land of universit, we drink a lot of tea! (or mix coffee flavourings into our hot chocolate) (( I need to go buy more hot chocolate..))

-I didn't mean to cut my head off in that photo...

-Digital Note to myself: At New Years we are going to make chocolate cake and eat it for breakfast, and build a huge basement fort and camp-out there for a while singing folk music and playing guitars, whistles, banjos, and mandolins. The involved parties know who they are! :D

-I have two rowing races coming up in a few weeks! One in 5km in an ocean inlet, and the other is an 8km circuit on a lake. What fun!! I'm rowing in a double too, to make it ever better~

-I don't want to go to Art History D:

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bad Wolf

(thrifted handmade sweater, thrifted scarf, H&M tank top, GAP shorts, Garage knit stockings, thrifted belt, Italian suede boots)

I have noticed a few things are lacking from the human race lately. Those things being wristwatches, and pants.

How many times a day do people hunt though their pockes, purses, or packs in search of a cellphone to tell them the time? There is in fact a handly little invention that attached itself to your wrist and tells you the time every moment of every day. I confess that I too, don't wear a wristwatch, but I do have a lovely anolog clock on a clip attached to the outside of my favorite bag. It's waterproof and very outdoor-sy.

Secondly...since when is it ok to wear leggings as pants, all the time? It really looks odd, from my point of view at least, when a girl walks by wearing a normal shirt and..leggings. The shirt isn't even long enough that you could begin to pretend that it's 'a t-shirt dress, really!' The closests I've come to doing that is running around in my rowing spandex...because they are cool, and I have to take a bus to get to the boathouse.

The last photo there is from my Archaeology lab yesterday, where we spend a good 2 hours digging around in the sandbox. It's great~ The best bit was when a girl beside me realized how slow it was going to be and exclaimed 'Who would major in this?!' to which I slowely turned around and grinned. All fun, and dusty!

Bad Wolf because there is a rock on campus right now painted blue, with bad wolf written all over it. I'm going to get a picture later, and then I'll share it! Dr.Who, anyone?