Thursday, September 30, 2010

What in the world?! Business Casual.

(Suzy Shier blouse, Old Navy dress pants, United Colors of Benetton jacket, Remonte Dorndorf heels)

Last night I attended a dinner with a group of other students at the Chancellor's home. He has such a fancy house it was crazy, and there were catering staff walking around with little trays and such. I'm really not used to such high class events, and was a little taken aback.
But we had a fantastic time!

I did change my outfit about 12 times before eventually decided on what I wore above there, which isn't too exiting..but looked nice enough? What was was more pleased with was my hair. It took me a few attempts to get the twisted little circle on top all smoothed out and staying in place. It ended up holding for the entire evening too! (and when I eventually pulled out the pins...well...the last picture describes that pretty well. I've still got to was the hair spray remains out)

Anyways, I just got back from rowing, and have class in about 45 minutes. Ciao!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Chocolate Milk so hard to find?


Yesterday I went and allowed a person in the hair salon on campus to come near my fantasticly-sculpted hair with scissors. It looks good! A bit shorter in the back than I usually go, but she brought it around the ears nicely...and now my floor doesn't have to hear me complaining about needing a haircut for a good 6 weeks or so.
(by chocolate milk being hard to find...I mean lactose-free. They do make it, and it's not soy or anything! It's just really hard to come by, apparently. Air mail, anyone?)

On sunday my friend from sailing (former bosun) came to visit, and we visited MEC, and went for dinner, and strolled along the river commented on how totally freezing it was all of that time. And we left sweaters in my room...silly sailors. There were these three rocks, small ones, sticking out of the river in a row, about 4 feet off the bank and all about a foot apart. My friend, Steve, decided it would be possible to throw a small stone at the first rock and have it bounce to the other two and into the water.
So we were there for a while.
...I did it twice!
(Steve didn't)

I've been marking down when all my midterms are on the calendar. Maybe I'll start studying at somepoint soon here. Probably this weekend, at least. I've also got to go to a museum as soon as possible, as one of my museum 'midterm' things is a 10 pages review on a museum exhibit of out choice so I've got to go creep around one for a while. And then figure out what footnotes are actually for.

There haven't been many outfits worthy of posting...since it's either freezing, raining, or I'm lazy... :D
But I do have a dinner to go to tonight!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Powershot D10 and other amazing things.


Say hello readers, to my lovely new friend. This is the Canon Powershot D10. He's waterproof, and freezeproof and even a bit shockproof too! I have a feeling that this is going to be the start of a fantastic relationship.

This is just a really quick update before I go to classes, and then have to pack for my first rowing race! We're going to some tiny place in who knows where tonight, in a car of people we hardly know, to stay in packed hotel rooms. :D
Maybe we'll even win a race?
(I'd like to point out that I've rowed eeeeeeveryday this week and I am no longer horridly sore from it! Awesome!)

Yesterday my friend Steve, from sailing, drove me to rowing and back because I could not find a ride aaaaanywhere and he happened to be in town (and be awesome). We're totally going to have adventures on sunday!

Be good!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Racing Stripes


Well, it's truely some sort of mirical in the works here, or else the small bit of university that I'ce completed has driven me insain already; I joined the rowing team.

A sport!

How crazy is that? It's the only boat-related thing to do on campus so I decided that I'd have to have a go at it. (It's actually really fun, I'm enjoying it a lot!)
In those pictures I'm attempting to show off my racing outfit since the team is going to a race that is 5.5 hours away on Friday! We'll leaving in the afternoon/evening, and race on Saturday morning and return in the afternoon/evening of Ssaturday and I can't wait! The best part is that it's almost all beginners so no one actually knows how it's going to work yet. hehe we shall see!

You can't really tell, but I'm totally wearing purple leg-warmers and intend to all the time now, as it keeps the wind off the water from blowing up inside my pants. (not that much could blow up those pants. They're a second skin! so crazy!)

Also I think I've decided on a camera~ I'm going to get to Canon Powershot D10. It's waterproof and awesome.

Have a lovely day children!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear people who read this!

My camera had suddenly and tragiclly gone out of commission. It saddens me greatly to say I don't know if it's going to make it. I might have to purchase a new one very soon, as the thought of being without a camera makes me uncomfortable. (is that allowed? I think so..)
I'm going to take the poor dear to a camera store on Tuesday to see what can be done, but my expert friend said the the motor has most likely died, based on what I told him.

I'll try to take pictures with my webcam until then; sorry in advance about their horrid quality!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And she had just the coziest of rooms.

(winner's top, GAP spring skirt, Bluenotes lace socks, Italian suede boots, teak bangle, sweater from?)

Today I had 4 classes that were over at 2pm. I then decided that I would purchase that sweater from a shop on campus because I'd been staring at it's cape-like wonderfulness all week. It's it just the coolest? The arms are actually long enough too! huzzah!

My classes are going really well so far. I've got a bit of reading to do, but I've got nothing compared to the Engineering and BioSci students in my lovely 5W wing here.

Yesterday my neighbor to my left ran over with a usb stick and put a pile of modern bagpipe music into my computer. It's ever so cool! The Mist covered Mountains is on the list, but with nothing but bagpipes and a violin as backup, which is totally wicked.

Arrg darn internet, I must read more textbooks!

PS: I wasn't wearing this all day, just for my last too classes. The morning was yucky, but I came out of Linguistics and it had cleared off a bit so I skipped home to put on a skirt. Hurrah!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

15 degrees 19 minutes E


(Bootlegger top, handmade thrifted sweater, old navy jeans, handmade necklace)

Yesterday I bought the 'Indie Rock Coloring Book' along with my Geo lab manual. Of course the first of those too was much more exciting, and I have since coloured a page of it while talking on skype.

I spent my morning eating a large breakfast. We figured out that the dining center is expensive in some aspects, but not so much in the potatoes and cantalope departments so that is what I had for breakfast. We also realized that if you have breakfast/lunch and then a lunch/dinner with snacks before the first and after the's cheaper than 3 meals a day. We're just cunning like that, I suppose?

Trip to Value Village today as well! Bought some wicked 'tight and bright' for the Res. Rodeo tomorrow, as well as a little bit of something cool for my dear brother for Christmas. Sorry man, you can't see just yet! Unfortunatly I can't go to all of the 'rodeo' as me and Laura have been convinced by various members of the Rowing Club that said club would be a brilliant thing to do. My idea is that it's the only water-related thing to do around here, and Laura's is that it would be fun and a lot of pretty men are in the club. So we shall see tomorrow!

Another movie night, and I got to meet one of the more ellusive members of our 5W family. Fun times! We keep having movie nights in my room, which is fine with me, since other people bring me snacks and not the other way around. And then leave them. So I have snacks!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Midnight Movie Madness!


(Old Navy sweater, GAP striped top, GAP 1969 jeans, homemade necklace, free sunglasses)

Those pictures miiiiiight have been taken at around 12am Where would that actually fall?

Me and a couple of people on my floor went to the 'Drive-in' movie on campus last night, except it was moved inside due to it raining all day. And it wasn't actually a drive in anyways, we were just going to sit on the lawn on blankets (and drink tea?) but it was fun! I went with..Celine and her friend, Laura, Nicole, and Brandon. (different Brandon). It was really fun! They showed 'Get him to the Greek' which I'd neither seen or heard of before, but it was very funny.
And as an added bonus they had a song from the band 'Towers of London' which made me think of the Buzzcocks, for very clear reasons. hehe

On the way back from the movie all the doors we had previously gone through to get over to the student center/hall were locked, and we ended up in a lot of dead ends. Needless to say it took us ages to actually get back to our lovely Cascade, but we made it!

Tomorrow I don't think I'm doing anything at all...hah. Maybe I'll join a random group on a day trip? Museum? Apparently they are free....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tucked away in Albertaland!


(H&M Poncho, GAP '1959' true straight jeans, Suzy shier lace tanktop)

Well here I am, all moved into my dormroom.
Isn't it just fantastic? I'm really loving how big it is, even though I know i'll probably never ever ever have a dormroom as fantastic as this's really nice!

I just had lunch with a bunch of others in my wing (free pizza? yes!), and tonight they are supplying us with a BBQ dinner someplace that I will have to find later..when I actually decide to leave my room.

My following post's pictures won't be this grainy, not to worry! A button was pushed on my camera and..I'm too lazy to retake the pictures. but I fixed the camera!

Have a great day! I've got to find a map~

Robyn is now an official Archaeology Student :D

Friday, September 3, 2010

Short posts as we move closer and closer~


Move-in Day is getting closer and closer!
Today we went to campus and wandered around to find all of my classes. Despite my less-than-fantastic directional skills I actually managed to find all the buildings without any trouble! I've also visited the...outside of my dorm building. It was locked. The building is very clean and bright-looking though! I can not wait to move in and actually see my room!

It's odd in Alberta, the horizan stretches in every direction with almost nothing to break it up! I've never known any horizan in my life that wasn't there because of the ocean's unending waves. I'll have to get used to it, it's very odd!

Also in the news, I bought a poncho! It's fantastic, and since I'd never been in an H&M before and had no idea how cheap it was in there! Awesome~

I'll take lots of pictures (using my actual camera, not a webcam) of my room on..Monday!