Thursday, July 29, 2010

Incense and Granola

(old navy shorts, Garage top, thrifted headband, thrifted belt)

That ring now has a lot of meaning to me, and as I sit here in my room which smells gently of incense burned yesterday and a bag of blueberry granola sitting beside me, I'll tell you all a little story.

On my recent (better than) epic (yo) sailing adventure, the bosun's mate revealed that he could make really intricate Turk's head knots. (if you remember my bracelets, that is a simple turk's head). I then was doing embroidery on my brother's pants and said bosun's mate walked in.

him: "Oh cool! could you embroider a boat on my pants?"
me: "What sort of boat?"
him: "A...sailing...boat?"
me: "Like the Swift? perhaps.."
him: -pitiful look-
me: "Make me a really awesome marlin ring!"

And now I have said ring, and it's the coolest looking knot ever! I wasn't feeling well, and was laying on deck one day and it was being fitted to me finger which was a very nice distraction to the whole 'I feel ill' bit.

On another note, I feel like a bonified hippy now, what with the incense and granola in my room. It's wicked.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The post-adventure-photo-dump-post

Tada! I'm back in town/within range of a computer for 2 weeks here, and thought that the morning after my first day back might be appropriate for piling a...pile of my trip photos up for you all to enjoy! (hopefully enjoy?)

Here we go!

(pre-sailing adventures at my friend Amber's house!)

(sitting at Amber's with our friend Haley. such a lovely day!)

(fantastic little restaurant we visited in Duncan, called 'Just Jake's' This was an amazing chicken sandwich that I couldn't really fit in my mouth.)

(and now let yourself be carried out to sea, with the start of the sailing photos!)


Hope you liked those~

Aside from having a fantastic time over-all, and feeling happier than I think I could ever at home (no offence to everyone at home whom I love, but the sea is where I need to be), I think I've grown a lot as a person.
I've definatly pushed myself out of my comfort zone quite a lot on this trip, and coem to realize that maybe the things I was afraid of aren't really as bad as they seemed. I've been able to open up to people more than I have in the past, and really get past any social standings to just have fun.
The people I was with were all fantastic, and I think we all grew together as a family in a few short days. It's a wonderful feeling to know that people aren't going to judge you on your appearence, but solely on the contents of your charater. I know we are all taught to act this way by our advising elders and such, but it rarely comes into proper practice. However when you're out at sea, on a floating pile of wood, smushed into close quarters with 30 people you've never met before something happens. Something happens and you don't care where they've come from, and what they dress like, how they style their hair, or whether or not that care particularly about bathing regularly, and everyone becomes friends. Totally something amazing, and I hope I can carry that throughout my life.

Love you all!


Monday, July 26, 2010


My dears I'm back!

Back to the world of technology and toilets that have a flush.

Is it strange to say that really isn't where I'd like to be, ever? haha. I'll properly explain myself later, don't you worry. this is just a quick note to say I've not been lost at sea or anything silly like that!

Expect pictures later!

(oh goodness, I'm leaving for university in 4 weeks. :O )


Thursday, July 8, 2010


I saw a girl today, at the hotel where I work.
She had amazing A-semetrical hair, that was far more intense than mine! It was super short (like mine) on one side, but then down past her shoulder on the other side. It looked super-cool!


I secretly wanted her hair..
Today it was also 33.C, which is horrid and awful and everything else under the sun. Literally, under the sun. That is, if it managed not to get totally baked out there. egh.. not going back outside today, that's for certain!

I'm sure everyone gets into that mood when you think that you can't wear anything intersting because it's sooooo bloody hot outside, and/or you have to go to work every single day and can't wear nice/awesome/interesting outfits because of it.

(cYc top from Winners, Old navy jeans, beaded necklace from Tanzania)

At points like that, I wrap myself in whatever fantastic clothes I want, go downstairs at my house and sit in the air-conditioned basement dreaming of a day when I'll actually be able to walk outside without cooking myself, and do things like this:


My embroidered lamp! It shall be hung by a table as displayed there, and have tiny LED lights in the edge of the lamp shade so it will actually function as a 2D Lamp.

I've been working all darn week long everyone, and actually have a bit of money to my name now! I just bought that shirt today, actually.

And unless something amazing happens of friday, this will be my last post for two weeks. (though I might update without pictures while on my trip) I'll be off to hand out with friends in Victoria, then go on my tall-ship sailing trip for the 10 days following! I can't wait!!

Wishing you all the best, Robyn.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A bedraggled mess?

I felt I needed to share a photo of what I look like when I'm...even less put together than I usually am. Say after, perhaps, a jump into the lake fully clothed?


My shirt reads: 'One Wheel is Better', because is!

I also wanted say that I did an awesome deed for my friend yesterday. She was having some awful woman-pains at work and I went home and brewed her some rasberry tea from scratch because it's supposed to help with things like that. And then I drove it to her house, a good 15+ minutes away. She was very very suprised! No one brews homemade tea for people on a whim anymore, I suppose. Anyways, she drank the entire 1L I'd made.

And it made me think to ask all of you: Have you done/recieved a random act of Kindness recently?

Also!! I just noticed I was tagged over on Casual Ambiguity to talk about what my life will be like in 10 years, or something of the sort.
Here we go!
In 10 years I hope to be...finished my Master's Degree in Marine Archaeology. Maybe I'll get some awesome job in the UK someplace, since I intend to get my degree over there. U of Edinburgh or UCL, perhaps? If possible, I think I'd like to work for Blue Water Recoveries with Mr.David Mearns...but that is mostly because I feel the NEED to go on the mission to find and recover Shackleton's Endurance. I'd the 28 by then. Hmmm I wouldn't mind having a house by then, or at least..something of my own. a tent? That's all I've got so far. haha

Have a great night everyone!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Being the travels of one orange headed girl, with too many scarves and no concept of time OR money


(GAP linen blazer, Suzy Sheir purple tee, Old Navy jeans, shoes & necklace from Paris)

That blazer either adds an air of sophistication to my look, or makes it seem like I'm about to go on an adventure around the world, but need to look slightly respectable in order to no get arrested by foreign police forces...or something of the like.

In other news...I'm officially finished with everything relating to high school, regarding myself! (my brother is still in there though~) It's fantastic!

Prom was amazing, and Dry-grad was amazing! I have a million small injuries regarding both, but they are totally worth it. It was so darn fun!


Me with three of my brilliant friends there, doing a 'sexy' photo. haha we tried!

I've been working a lot this week, and all of next week, and then I'm off to Victoria for two weeks~ oh my favorite place in the world, I can't wait.