Sunday, May 30, 2010

Don't you love it when you forgot everything?

Less obligations if you've forgotten it all. Haha.
It's like when you walk into a room and whatever you meant to do has just lept from your mind. Do it later, don't freak out about remembering~

Here is my outfit from yesterday, which I didn't think to take pictures of until after I posted..the previous day's outfit...

(Felted Hat-TenThousand villages, DIY sweater-braid scarf, Bootlegger t-shirt, GAP trousers, United Colors of Benetton spring-line jacket, Italian/Paris shoes, Handmade wooden jewelery-Nelson)

Has anyone else noticed my overload of blue things lately? I'm fairly sure that most of the new clothing I've acquired lately has been blue. Darn.
(Not that I don't like blue!)
I just suddenly have to much of it, know what I mean? I think my next mission in the clothing world will be to get some more greens going. Green brings out my hair colour better than any other colour, I've found, and I do rather enjoy dressing in earthy tones. Greens, greys, water. haha.

And speaking of water! Who wants to see my family's boat?


She's wonderful! I'm going to paint the name on her bow soon, both port and starboard side. She'll be called Morning Star after the small boat belonging to Jacky Faber in the fantastic Bloody Jack series.
If you haven't read that series before, I INSIST you go out right now and find it. GO! Go! go!

And as I'm about to leave to go kayaking and have a cook-out on the beach, I'll leave you with this: Another mysterious photo!


Now what could that be?! :D
Have a wonderful day, my birds!

jumping into the blog-wagon!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Look over yonder! Knitting!

Guys! Bloggers! Everyone!

Oh my goodness me I have something exciting to shaaaaaare!

You may or may not know that I have been knitting something amazing. It's a hood-scarf, or for more awesome medieval terms...a Tippet.
Check it out guys!


How about that then? I've been working on that thing since before Christmas I believe, and it was just such a relef to getting it off the needles and on top of my head! It's got two rows of cabling over the entire thing (my first cabling ever)
It makes the fantastic cowl, if the tuck the ends of the scarf part into the rest of it. Hurrah!
I got the pattern off of Ravelry, if you wanted to fo find it.

And here is my outfit from...Thursday!

(Bluenotes skirt, Italian boots, Bluenots tanktop, Necklace from Paris, Silk scarf from Paris, repurposed striped top, suzy Shier button shirt)

I have to say, I felt a little bit like a gypsy in that outfit...which is totally alright with me! If you've not noticed by now, I really like clothing which has flow to them, so this really fit with my mentality about that!

I've been painting a door recently, so when that's finished I'd like to put up some pictures from that as well, but for'll have to be content with knitting and outfits. :D (and I'll have another sneak-peak of the 'secret' project later too! It's coming along..not to worry)

Farmer's Market today! Ciao!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Motorist.

Welcome to the early 1900's, where cars are just beginning to rise in popularity, and a driver was referred to as a 'motorist'.

Well, Today I come to you with the exciting news that I too, am now a motorist! (I'd rather be a balloonist, but what can you do?)


I have my N!
It's great.
I even drove myself to the museum today, and back, which was kind of cool. :D
Oh dear, I just noticed I'll have to explain the N thing to people here...
Well in BC, the province of Canada which I reside in at this moment in time, we have a thing called a graduated-license program.
This involves a lot of tests.
To get your 'L' or 'Learners' license you have to study a book, and on your 16th birthday (or 6 months later..-cough-), you can take a written test to get it.
To get your 'N' or 'Novice' license you have to have had your L for a year. Then you have to take a driving test.
You have to keep your N for two years, then take ANOTHER driving test to get your full license.
....or you can move to Alberta and switch the entire license over, and have a full license in about an hour, apparently. heh

(RW&Co. top, silk scarf from Paris, Old Navy jeans, Italian shoes from Paris)

The best part about getting my N was that I had to get a new Driver's License photo taken...and the lady let me keep my giant scarf-bow on! I can not wait to see the picture. :D
I sort of felt like Minnie-Mouse today, and had to fight the urge to take the bow off. I kept thinking it looked ridiculous..or at least it felt that way. But that's ok! because I didn't take it off until I had to eat things. Well-good.

And finally:


'Question-mark Exclaim' brings you the stuffed fin of a whale. More on that later!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have you found a Tiger?

Unfortunatlly, unless you are part of the trumpet section in my jazz won't get that joke.
But I'll explain it! It pretty well involved a plastic tiger that my second trumpet player Ian stuck into one of the alto player's pockets. She didn't notice until the very end of the day, a bit after Ian and I kept asking her 'have you found a tiger?!'

It was pretty great.

But now what you came here outfit!
(though if people read this for my strange musings and stories too, hurrah!)

(Effort's naturally top, thrifted sweater, Bluenotes capris, TOMS Vegan slip-ons)

In the second picture there I'm holding a white thing with black things on it. It's a mouth! It's the lovely little felt mouth that will be going onto a stuffie for an amazing project that I can't quite tell you all about yet (but I want to!). You'll just have to wait until I have things rolling smoothly..and actually have more than an embroidered mouth to take a photo of!

The point of this outfit was to run around in my TOMS. I'll be raving about those things for months after this, I'm sure, but I thought I'd get most of it out in blogger-land right now so you won't have to deal with it (too much) for a while at least.
Ahhh so great though! So comfy, and soft, and quiet...and this is a shoe you are supposed to wear barefoot! Genius!

My only other news today is that...tomorrow I have my N-level test, for my driver's licence. ewww but I'll be sure to tell you if I manage to pass on my first try or not.


Lastly, I leave you with mint-water.
chocolate mint water? (I have some sitting in my room.'s not open.)
oh dear.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Little lambs eat ivy.

Hola Everyone, I've returned from Seattle!
It was a brilliant, whirlwind adventure that took me under the sea, hiking around a structure, exploring gardens of clothing I can't afford (and some I can), and back again!

I'll tell little stories as I put up these 7 lovely pictures I selected from the 300 or so I actually took on the trip. There might be a video (there WILL be a video) at some point as well. Probably tomorrow.



A view out of our hotel window. Can you see the famous Seattle Space Needle? I didn't go up it on this trip, but I have once!
About 7 hours after I took this picture, at about 5am, we were woken up by the screaming of the fire alarm. I grabbed my bag and hurried out of the building with my family and everyone else. (we were on the 7th floor. yaaah...) Who knew it was getting light out at 5am!? Anyways, we sat around on the street for a while in our pj's until management finally came around to tell us that it was safe to go back inside. False-alarm.
Who would pull a fire-alarm at 5am? geez.
Kind of funny though, thinking back to it :D

this large metal pig is the symbol of the Pike Place Market. not really sure why...

Lionfish! I think!
The Seattle aquarium is pretty awesome, even though they didn't have any cuttlefish for me. D: They did have two giant Pacific Octopus though! And little guides telling you what sorts of sea-food you can eat without destroying the eco-systems of the oceans.

Then we went shopping, and I clearly got some TOMS shoes! Yah!!
These are...Humanitarian-Vegan shoes for the Environmentalist. :D made from hemp and recycled plastic bottles, and containing now animal materials (ie, leather). They're wicked. And ment to be worn without socks!

Seattle Boeing Museum of Flight
Who wants to go become a balloonist with me? Brandon? Sasha?

If I don't have this blown up giganticlly and pasted to my wall by the end of the month, I'll be very shocked with myself.


and finally, a photo that caught my attention for a good 5 minutes or so. Amelia Earhart and Mary Pickford leaving an aeroplane together. The contrast on their beauty is amazing~ I really love that photo. Might have to get it printed as well.

As for other things that happened on the trip ( I hope you liked those photos, by the way!)...

-found my own copy of 'The Dispossessed' which I recommend to all of you 100 times over!
-ate way to many chips ( both british and ours)
-argued that yes, Scotland does need their own flag
-almost finished my scarf.

So tell me, how was your long weekend?
Did you even have one..or was this all just a Canadian thing?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Return from the Mountain Tops

Hola all, I'm back from Whistler!

The trip was amazing, and we brought music to many children on our travels, and I got 5.5 hours of sleep (not the greatest idea on my part, but in my defence I didn't pass out at any point where I shouldn't have)
But before I show you pictures of the best part of the trip, here was my outfit today!


(Ricki's sundress, Tristan stockings, Italian boots, thrifted sweater, straw hat)

This was the first day I wore a sundress without being cold! How crazy is that? I'm usually not known for dressing too well for the weather..

Alright, the coolest part of the trip was this thing called the Tree-Trek Eco-tour. It consisted of a walk through the canopy of the Temperate Rain forest on a series of suspended walkways and platforms. we had a guide with us to make sure we didn't die, and to tell us about what we were seeing (we finished a lot of her fact-sentences for her though), but mostly we just wanted to look around and take pictures.
So here are four pictures from the trip!

(columbian ground squirrel, at one of our stops)

(sorry it's blurry, my friend was shaking the platform)

(tree tops far below my feet)


Coolest thing ever? Maybe so! Though the tour guide kept getting angry at myself, my brother Brendan, and friend Ian because we were lagging way behind everyone trying to walk looking up at the trees, and taking pictures of spiders. Oh! and we also walked past the luge track used in the 2010 Winter Olympics. That was kind of cool too.

I regret to inform you all that this is to be my only post this week as it is the May long weekend..this weekend, and I will be traveling to Seattle for some more adventures! No worries though, because I'll take a zillion photos and post a delicate fraction of them on Monday evening.

Ciao, take care!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Items? exciting~

My dear friend sam just returned from a whirlwind adventure in Paris, and brought me a present for taking care of her animals! I was so excited. She said she found these on a street near Notre Dam (hm spelling?) which looked as if it could have been straight of out Harry Potter! That's wicked, I certainly never saw that little street.

( bellina top, Old Navy jeans, silk scarf from Paris, necklace from Paris.



Also new, last night I went to see Ironman 2. It was brilliant! (I thought so, at least)
Even though it had more fighting scenes, I think that over all it was less 'violent'.
I mean, there was less bleeding, people being shot and killed, 'gore'..not that there was much gore in the first one...but there was even less in this one. It was more cartoon violence, really, metal people being thrown around and robots exploding.
Pretty epic, really.
The last 20 minutes of the movie or so, I was gripping my leg so hard my fingers hurt and I can seriously swear that that I didn't blink more than about 4 times. Yay!
If you go to see it, make sure you stay until after the credits.

I rate that movie...4/5! yay Ironman!

I also got a computer mouse today, but the softwear that came with it doesn't seem to want to run with Windows 7, and without it I can't lower the mouse speed. It's so hard to control!

Sorry I haven't been updating properly this week everyone! Working hard over here, with two major tests this week, and I'm going to Whistler on Monday for the band trip! Expect pictures of my adventures.

Ciao! I have to go look for sumemr sandles. (I don't have any! D: )

Thursday, May 13, 2010

..LAPTOP??!! oh goodness me!

I'll very sorry I haven't posted anything since sunday everyone! I've had a pretty busy week, and on top of laptop arrived on tuesday!!


It's just darling! It's a Dell Studio 15.6' with a blue cover that looks like someone painted it with a paint roller and it's awesome!!


My response to finding the webcam.

I regret that I don't have more pictures yet. I have my camera softwear on the laptop (which is named the Terra Nova, after Scott's ship, which is latin for Newfoundland), but my Adobe is still not uploaded.

soon though!

take care!

EDIT: (at 10:30pm? Why am I not asleep?)
I lied, my computer is amazing, and Adobe took me about 3 minutes to put back on here. Let me also point out that my Adobe is from..2002, I think. There are probably about 12 new ones by now!


Tada! It's blue!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

The day my house at least, we cook dinner for once, while my mom reads happily on the couch. (and looks in the door every 10 minutes or so until we shoo her away)

You know, that sort of day!

Hope you enjoyed that! It's sort of silly, and I can't help but notice that I said 'Oh Dear!' about 3 times over the course of the movie.

The promised photos:

'Creole Catfish/Halibut'

'Caribbean Sweet-Potatoes'

Both dishes were filled with hot spices, which I love (I picked them both..hah...)

I have to point out, I am a crap cook, and the fact that I made the sweet-potato dish with no help (including making the spice mixture before hand!) is a HUUUUGE feat! It really is! And it was good, too.
.. I burned milk's bad. haha.


And lastly tonight, an in focuse photo of my hamster, Brutus! Getting a photo of him that isn't blurry is also quite the feat.


Brutums says Nighty Night to all, and well wishes to the people who need them the most.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just feast your eyes.


I just had to let that be taken in. It's a little lumpy to 'drink in' persay, but you can certainly take it all in. Especially with chips!

It's salsa! I made it last night. It wasn't quite as spicy as I'd wanted, but still...very good. My family helped me eat it, and there was none left when we were finished. (or chips, for that matter)

Secondly, Today I looked like a gypsy or something!

(Suzy Shier blouse & t-shirt, Blue notes skirt, DIY belt, fairtrade silk scarf & hat, assorted wooden jewelery, Fossil bag )

Or maybe an awesome explorer?
Who knows! :D

That's all for this evening...I've got some first year university scheduals to figure out. Ack!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I do 6 impossible things before breakfast!

That would be grand.
Though today I made salsa from scratch, and I can still smell the parley.

Outfit of the day?:

The weather today was being kind of silly, freezing when I got up, boiling as I walked off to feed my friend's pets at lunch, on account of her being in Paris and all. Paris! D: Wait..I was just there..



(RW&CO. top, Old Navy Jeans + sweater, Italian boots, scarf from Paris, handmade -but not by me- necklace, my brother's cat Olive.)

I didn't wear the scarf on my head for more than an hour..but it was the hour that I happened to take pictures in as well~ haha

As for interesting and exciting things to share with you all today...I don't really have much more than:

a) I was knitting with my friend Karen in a restaurant yesterday evening, and there was a hockey game, and it was loud, and I was displeased.
b) said knitting project is almost finished and I can't wait to show you all!
c) MY LAPTOP WAS SHIPPED TODAY!!! AHHHHHGRHFGHFHRT I'm excited to have my own computer!

Then there is this:

My brother made it for a school project, not on the computer, and it's awesome! He said I could share it with the blogging-kingdome if I liked. And I did.


That will be all,
Good Night everyone! Don't let the bedbugs bite!
(because I lived where that phrase comes from, and it is NOT to be taken lightly.)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

John Fluevog

oh dear Johnny, whatever shall I do?


So that shop opening I was telling you about the other day? Well, I won the shoes!

They are by John Fluevog, size 7, leather with synthetic sole, being sold for $259.00 Canadian.

....I have size 10 feet.

> Does anyone want to buy them?! I'll sell them for.. probably best price over 180/190 or so.<

Here are the beatu


I love those shoes! lovelovelove them~ I love the leather detailing, how the colour fades...the teapot/cup on the bottom, the shape of the heels..everytying.
(except the fact that they don't fit me)

So give me a shout if you have a proposed price or...I don't know..something wicked awesome (of similar value) that you'd maybe want to trade? I really want those Half-tinted sunglasses by Chanel, as you all know...haha

..those are the most expensive shoes I've ever owned!