Thursday, April 29, 2010

How on earth did May sneak up on me?!

I looked at the date today and noticed that Saturday is May first! How in the world did that happen? ..I guess when you're the type of person that never checks the date unless something is going on (and sometimes not even then), things like this tend to occur an awful lot...regardless!

May means that summer is getting closer, and with summer comes +35.C weather and up. I really dislike the heat!

First on the's outfit.
(I forgot to take pictures until 11pm, I'm sorry! )

(Old navy jeans, thrifted sweater, DIY belt, Bellina tank top, necklaces from New Zealand and Italy)

I really like the cut off that top. It's a triangle! How more amazing can a shirt get? My brother said it's a triangle to draw attention to my face. (art stuff..right?)

Now..this is sort of a silly picture below, my friend Brandon suggested a while ago that I wear animal print, a suit jacket, and a sombrero. (it's s sun-hat..but shh) we go:

(I hope you're happy Brandon!)

--> and as you can see by both of those photos, I have a LOT of stuff in my room, and on my walls. a lot. :D

...and now, the actual point of this post, because if the clothing isn't exciting enough I have some history to blather to all of you about! Sit back, and get ready for what I have decided is the

I'm not even kidding. I almost cried (really!) when I found this out~ Here's the story.

I was on my spare block this morning, sitting around in the computer lab playing on facebook, reading blogs, and wondering why youtube wouldn't load so I could listen to some Hey Ocean while I read over my Spanish sketch for later that day. I decided to look up more information on Sir. Ernest Shackleton, who has become my personal hero, and one of my favorite people of all time. (I have a mug with him on it in my room..)This is what I do with my time. Anyways! I was reading things about him and decided to learn something about his ship the HMS. Endurance. I found out that she's a barquentine which was build in Norway and launched in 1912. On Shackleton's famous Antarctic expedition, she was trapped in the ice, crushed, and sunk. ): While reading about the ship, I noticed a small passage that read something like "Expedition lead by David Mearns to find HMS Endurance expected in the near future."


I gave a small scream of joy, and went to the man's website.

Sure enough, on the list of upcoming missions for ships he's going to attempt, the HMS Endurance was right at the top! I quickly searched down his e-mail and started planning out an amazing letter to write to him, as I dearly DEARLY want to join the mission. Somehow, someway...

Lets take a checklist of things that are darn important to me:

-family and friends
-the ocean
-the Antarctic + Shackleton

Begin able to go on that mission would check off some many things on the list of things I care about, I would be jumping about with glee for the entire trip!


have a good day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fashion Salute:


Here's to sunglasses. An item made of plastic about 90% of the time, something that probably costs about 4 or 8 dollars to have manufactured, but costs us 20$ and up (waaaaay up) to purchase.

Somebody knew what they there doing when they started this!

These days people lavish hundreds (or more) dollars on a simple pair of sunglasses..but why? I suppose it's because they are stylish, cutting edge, or functional. I personally buy sunglasses in interesting colours, and styles that aren't curved around my face as my eyelashes are too long and I have trouble blinking otherwise!

(top to bottom: Wayfarer knockoffs, Dragon Kingpin, Calvin Klein)

At this point I could say "Look world, I fell victim to the world of name-brand sunglasses!" and hold up my lovely Calvin Klein sunglasses I got on the weekend...but ...I didn't buy them. They were given to me, by a friend who found them on the bottom of the river that runs near my town. They had some Dragon Kingpins too. I got those too. Dior and D&G too. It's a fun river!

Not that I wear sunglasses that much...but I actually would do a lot for these:

from Flashy

I'm sure you've all seen these by now. I dearly want them! They just looks so crazy. Maybe I can find some knockoffs. If anyone knows of a place to buy them for some strange-low place, it would be well good!

That's all for this evening, thank you all! Does anyone have a cool outfit idea for me, based on the clothing I've shoven in this blog? thanks!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday/Sunday treats~


Saturday was the day I became a candy-maker. Confectionery? What is the word for someone who makes candy? (and for that matter, what is the word for a candy-shop in 17th century England? I really need to know!)

I made taffy.

Salt-water Taffy, to be exact. With mint flavouring, and a bit of green colour. It's reaaaaally good everyone! Really good indeed.


Doesn't that look like something a fairy might eat?!


Next up, special Lit-Class Orange-Cinnamon taffy!


I decided to make shoes out of rope today, after seeing the rope-edged soles on a pair of TOMS shoes one day. I know that historically, people have been making rope shoes for centuries so it's not a new idea, but it was actually hard to find a good set of instructions. So I made most of this up, and it is just the prototype, but it turned out pretty well!

What do you all think?


The final pair will have a leather inner sole, and canvas uppers.

Well wishes to everyone, including my newest follower bringing me up to 24! I see you out there! :D

Have a great evening!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Outfit: Western Week-Day

This week at my school was Western Week, but today was the only dress up day. It was really fun, and a total overdose of plaid for the entire school. I'm glad we don't all wear plaid everyday, and reaaaally glad we don't wear cowboy boots all the time. So painful.

My outfit!



(borrowed plaid shirt, grandpa's string tie, grandma's cowboy boots, dad's Australian outback hat, Old Navy jeans, bandanna)

And that light thing that looks like a medal on the wall beside me? I don't know what that is...but it was on the wall then I took the picture. Not sure what it was reflecting off of, but I thought it was a great anomaly to show you all!

It was pretty great, though everyone I spoke to thought I looked more like an explorer than a cowboy. But hey! Explorer is better :)

On another note, I got some canvas today, and as soon as I track down some good, natural rope, I'm making rope and canvas shoes! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mandolin for all~

Today I

dressed in my pants from Nelson,
read Watchmen,
played my Mandolin,
ate of my favorite meals,
avoided work,
worried about my debate,
wondered if this post looks like a poem,
took pictures
(and videos)

and put them up here.

It's not flawless, but that's alright.


(Thrifted hemp pants, Bootlegger top, scarf from Paris, wooden jewelery)

And here is the video I promised I'd make from my camping adventure last..last weekend! I hope you all like it, I think it looks lind of cool~

I'm sorry I don't have a lot to day today...I have a debate in English class tomorrow, and it's stressful.
Also, I'm sleepy..and want to watch some Misfits.
I'll go do that!

Have a lovely evening, all!

Monday, April 19, 2010

April19th. Warm enough for Shorts!

This is my first day of the year wearing shorts everyone!
Momentous occasion?

Sort of. I don't really like short. (I don't really like knees.)

..It's sort of a love/hate relationship. I used to really dislike my kness, as they are pointy and boney, but I've mostly come to terms with that lately, upon coming to the realization that all of me is pointy and boney. haha.

Anyways, today's outfits features shorts that used to be pants, that I hemmed with thread that felt like dental floss, a nice purple top, and a thrifted cardigan that I am really excited to have!

(Thrifted brown cardigan, Suzy Shier top, Old Navy re purposed jean-shorts, Chucks, various wooden jewelery)

Yah! I really love that sweater.

I'm also very excited to show you all my wooden jewelery.
I got both of these in Nelson, and they were handmade by local artists, and the ring actually fits my fingers! And since they are wooden I can wear them (reactions to most metals, don't you know~ )!


I love them! My friends say I dress like a hippie...haha. Maybe sometimes. At least, it looks like I'm going into Art school.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Nelson Adventure. Welcome to Granola-ville!

At least, that is what my friend's mom was calling it. Granola-ville. There are a lot of hippie-ish people living there though. (a lot means...oh..1/7 or so people we passed had dreadlocks.)
The family we stayed with for the night decided that I should be living in Nelson, based on the way I was dressed, and their son kept saying "Are you sure you're not from here?"

It was pretty funny.

And I actually do have a good deal of photos to show you, being the camera-happy person that I am! So here we go. (there are actually some outfits photos in there secretly too, but mostly it is adventure pictures.)

(Hemp&co. Bamboo top, United colos of Benetton skirt, Italian shoes, scarf/wrap, vintage hat, vintage fur collar, Fossil bag)

On the way over we stopped in a tiny little town, which had an amazing little antique shop. It was filled to the brim with hats, old photographs, scary dolls, and one very large record player for 40$ that my friend ended up buying, and we had to fit into the car on the way home. In that picture I'm wearing an awesome hat I found in the store, and a fur collar that I did end up buying because it was only 1$.

Now, there were a lot of photographs in this store, and they were all by donation, so me and my friends each got one.

(he looks like a vampire!)

(hard to read, but it says 'Handsom is as Handsome does; but it saves a lot of trouble to be born good looking.' haha)

(dated 1872, this is the one I bought.)

The pictures were all in such good condition, how could we not buy some?

Then, the next morning we went for a walk to a look-out point over the town. The weather was lovely, and it was really something to see!


(BlueNotes skirt, Benetton jacket, thrifted top, DIY circle-scarf, Italian boots, Bootlegger drappy sweater, Fossil bag)

I also had the chance to hear Nelson's fantastic youth choir. They hardly sung anything in English, and it was just amazing! I think there were about 40 students all together, and they stood around the audence so it was as if we were right in the center of the music. Really nice, and if you eve get the chance to hear them you should certainly go!

After that we spent the day poking around in thrift shops, where I bought things I'll photograph for you all later, I swear!
I did see this really cool lamp too, but a 700$ price tag is waaay to much for little old me.


It looks so organic though, I really love it.

After a load of shopping we were supposed to have a picnic and I was going to play my mandolin for everyone in the park but as soon as we got down to the started gusting and raining and we couldn't.
But I hauled one of my friends out into the semi-storm to run around by the water with me! There was a little island that I doffed my shoes and socks and jumped over to, and while I was wading back....I found a sink hole...hehe.

turned out the buoy was chained there...


Isn't it pretty there! Even though my mind has a hard time figuring out why anyone would live more than an hour from the ocean, Nelson is a very very pretty place that if I had to move there...well, I wouldn't be to unhappy about it at all.

Sorry this post is so long, but I hope you all enjoy it.
I leave you now with a statement:

Typing with a wooden ring on your middle finger is difficult.

and a question:

What did you do this weekend?

(this post has been brought to you by; Robyn not wanting to go do homework!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Benetton inspired Outfit.

Let's face it everyone, I like the United Colors of Benetton.
I love them?
adore them.
Me encanta Benetton, and I was excited to learn that a few minutes walk from my future university campus, in a mall I was in last summer, is a Benetton outlet! Little did I know we actually had them over here!

I don't think it will be as awesome as the one my and my friends visited in Munich a month ago (it was 5 stories tall, you know), but I'm still excited!

Today's outfit was inspired by my faaaaavorite ad photo that they have ever done. It's from the Spring 2008 campaign, and I saw it online, then in an ELLE Canada once at a tire store and promptly tore it out when the attendant wasn't looking...

It lives on my wall now, and I stare longingly at the pastel colours all the time.




(Suzy Shier top, DIY braid-scarf, DIY flower-like pins, Old Navy pants, American Eagle flats, Bluenotes tank)

Isn't it just a lovely image? Not me...the Benetton one, of course. hah!
For some reason it has always stuck in my mind, ever since I first saw it, and today was my first attempt to channel it.

I need some lighter colours, I think.

Hair cut on Thursday evening! Although I do sort of enjoy whatever whispy thing it's trying to do right now. Can you tell? It reminds me of the twenties.

By the way, I was wondering: What sorts of things would you all like to see on this blog? Do tell!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to the ....forest?

Not like there is a jungle in the desert anyways.
And it is practiacally a desert here. hah?

I'm not too fond of deserts.
Desserts yes, but deserts are waaay too dry.

So regardless of my climate preferences I went camping this weekend! It was very fun, even though my friend who was orriginally going to come with me had to back out, I still had loads of fun up in the...freezing cold forest!

Here is a small photography portfolio of the weekend for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy!








I was definatly not trying to be fashionable, or trendy at all. The main concern was not freezing. Notice that ice? I was wearing a long sleeved shirt, two sweaters, and a wind breaker. (and a hat and gloves at some points)
There was a sleeping bag and 4 heavy blankets in my tent too! I didn't freeze at night, no sir.

The blue knitting on the post there I showed in a previous post. I put that up there last year, and was very excited to see it was still there! It's looking a little bit more weathered than it was originally though~

The two photos that look like strange little stick homes were part of a challenge for all the scouts (my brother is in scouts, hence the camp...I just went along?) to build survival shelters. We were broken into groups and pretty much attacked the undergrowth for about an hour in an attempt to build the best shelter.
My group didn't quite finish (ours had that white bucket outside, see?). We were in the midst of getting a branch to cover the roof when time was up, so it isn't too water-proof. But we did get huge points for making the largest shelter! We fit out group of 6, and more inside!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Posts this sort of outfit post I'm hoping, a video from the camp I'm making at this very moment..and then I'm going to Nelson next friday! It's such an artsy town I'll be sure to get some cool pictures!

Blogs are the new reality tv.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8th~ A wonderful..toe-filled day!

I am O so proud of everyone!

So many people turned out in barefeet (and if not, at least socks) today it really warmed my heart! Me and two other girls in my grade went around from class to class this morning collecting money for the Soul4Soles fund. I'm not yet sure how much money we raised but a lot of people did donate and it was wonderful!

I went the entire day without shoes of course, including walking around outside a bit, and in the museum where I volunteer. I even got a few of the others working today to kick of their shoes~

The most heartwarming part of the day was when another student walked into my English class in barefeet, and a couple of girls chided him on it, saying that '[he] might get diseases or something!'
He immediately shot back, 'That's the point man! Kids in other countries have to deal with that stuff every day, so what is one day for us?'

I couldn't stop smiling over that.

I hope you all had a heartful, shoeless day.
Without further adu, here is my photo montage/outfit posting of the day!

My brother and I stand shoeless at 7am.

Shoeless students in Spanish class.

My friend Kelsey and I showing off our still-clean-feet!

My brother and I had a little photoshoot after school, it seems


And that has been my day, really.

Those, and this model:


It's coming along pretty well, actually! Me and two other girls at the museum are working on it a few times a week and it's looking good! (better than a few days ago, my goodness!)

Alrighty, I hope you all have a marvelous end-of-week!

Stay Tuned: This Sunday, I'll bring you a small Camping Adventure ! Maybe with a video? hmmm!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Day without Shoes Reminder!

Hey folks,

Just popping on before homework to remind all of you out there to not wear any shoes tomorrow! Help raise awarness for the Shoeless, and have a pretty fun time while you're at it.

I'll have some lovely shoeless pictures for you tomorrow!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, my chocolate monsters~

I'll eat you all within a week, I swear!

Alrighty, this is Chocolate day everyone! My brother has already eaten about 20 of those little Lindt chocolate eggs...before lunch, that is. :o I've eaten a few of those, a kinder egg, and a mountain of jelly beans by now! I don't think I'll be eating much dinner. Any my solid dark easter bunny has 25% of your daily iron in 30g of chocolate. Dark Chocolate is good for you? I rest my case.

Outfit? I had my brother's help with some photographs today.


Photos by Brendan

Well then! I've never posted pictures of myself unicycling anywhere before. What sort of worries me is it looks like I'm missing an arm in the second photo there. hm. I fell over though, trying not to crash into my brother, and was also trying to catch the seat as I hopped down.


(thrifted dress, ancient Old Navy jeans, DIY ..scarf?, VANS slip-ons)

It is really, really uncomfortable and diffictult to lay unsidedown on stairs for more than 3 seconds, while waiting for the camera timer to go off! go ahead and try it?

My family and I went for a lovely walk along the waterfront..of a lake, after a snack-lunch today, which ended with me trying to leap across a small water-way and landing in the water. hehe. My brother had already done the same thing too, I just thought I'd give it a shot too?

That's about all I've done today actually. My friend wanted me to go to a concert tonight, but I am going for dinner at a family friend's house. I did really want to go though, but I didn't know it was tonight until yesterday! shuck!
And I'm really pleaed with everyone's responses to the TOMS One Day without Shoes post. Thanks guys! Do tell your friends/co-workers/loved ones to get involved too!

Now..Some pictures to liven things up a touch!


first picture: Chocolate! <3
second: all the soap I have in my bathroom. -cough-
third: My 'One Day without Shoes' shirt I made for myself the other day. It does actually say it in English on the back.

Oh!! I woke up to find that the lovely Jen of 'unedited' gave me a lovely award! Aww!


Thanks so much Jen!

Have a great Easter everyone!