Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So I basically figured out something here.

Hot glue guns are wonderful time savers if you're building a detailed model of the hotel. But I can't count how many times I glued my fingers to the walls today!


(thrifted top, Bluenotes skirt, scarf from Paris, boots from Florence, Tristan tights, handmade necklace )

This outfit was brought to you by the weather, once again. You all know I can't resist this shirt! I have to wear least twice a week at some point or another. When it falls apart, I'll be quite sad~
Aaaanyways, when I looked out my window this morning I saw brown grass with hints of green, tree trunks, and touches of blue sky from behind the pale cloud coverings. Not that you can see my necklace from there, but it's a green beaded flower which one of my school's Japanese exchange students from a few years back made for my 16th birthday. It's really lovely! I'll have to take a picture of it sometime.

I found out yesterday as well that my friend is taking me to a place called Nelson in a few weeks (?) time for the weekend. Apparently I would fit in there with my earthy dressing ways. I can't wait!

Alas my friends! March is almost at an end. shucks~ I tend to really like march. (not because it's my birthday month or anything of course...-cough cough-)

other events in my day:

-bough a tea that I actually enjoy! It's called Dilmah and it's grown, harvested, and packaged by the native people in Sri Lanka, so they actually get most of the profits for the product! How brilliant is that?
Of course I need to dump some sugar in it...but that's just me.

-found a company called 'Pacific Yurts'. I am going to live in a yurt someday everyone! They are very eco-friendly, cozy, and not even as expensive as a car! I could get a 30-foot wide, totally insulated yurt for under 15,000$. Imagine the amazing land you could buy for that to plunk your yurt on? I'm stoked everyone, totally stoked.

Here! I'll leave you with a picture of one:



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour!

My town's power consumption dropped by 1% from 8:30-9:30pm last night.
It is kind of sad that that was the best we could do...but I live 'out in the sticks' as its been said where a lot of people just aren't concerned about the planet. It's really a shame.

I turned off my lights though! For one than the one hour even, and my family and I lit candles and played cards by their light for ages~ Did anyone else participate?


(we melted all the candles into nothingness)

Now then! Did anyone watch Project Runway last night? Their challenge was inspired by the elements, and I thought it was brilliant!
This morning when I woke up I noticed it was sort of grey and windy outside.

Therefor: today's outfit was brought to you by the element of Air, with a grey-sky colour theme. (unfortunatly it was sunny out when I took the pictures...and earlier I had been wearing my blue shoes too)

(thifted top, bootlegger sweater, DIY cowl, Old navy jeans)

The lightness of that sweater is so playful I can't help but wearing it all the time!
I really do loving being able to dress with my surroundings. That weather can inspire me enough to seep into my outfits is really something special.

Alright! Tonight, I'm sleeping outside in a tent in the wind...and what could possibly become a storm of some sort. But that's fine with me, because I haven't slept in a tent in over a year and that is a very sad thought indeed! So here are some photos of my brilliant (in use and colour) tent. It's the TARN2 from MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) ((which is Canadian, awesome, and the love of my camping life)).
It's a two-person tent! The air matressess woult overlap at the one end, but it's very wide at the top. Two large sleeping bags wide~


The last picture there is only the bottom half of the tent. It's inside :D

Lastly this weekend, I purchased some more soap from 'The Soap Company'. I'm looking for a good soap to wash my face with so I purchased three different kinds and will be using each for a week on a trial basis and documenting the results.
I'll have that for you all in three weeks!

Have a brilliant evening!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Because you want your head to look like a black hill.

Points if you can guess who said that quote, and what was he performing in at the time!

The most interesting thing today, I feel, was going to help out at the museum for a few hours with a children's event. I was also staring at this lovely detailed model of a hotel I've got to build...or finish building. (I wasn't the one who stared it).

Alright, outfit!

(GAP skirt, Old Navy sweater + tank top, vintage belt, silk scarf from 10,000 Villages)

Even though I looked ready for spring, it really wasn't that warm out at all.
But what did I actually do today that needed many layers?

-drove around and bought kettle-corn (so darn good!)
-bought shoes
-worked on Spanish homework
-went to the museum

Nope! I was inside all day, except for walking around between the things I was entering/leaving.

And the shoes that I bought are delicious! They are the EXACT shade of purple found in the flowers on my prom dress, so they have become my prom shoes.
shucks, I wanted to live in them for a while!


They're by a company by Portia. Apparently I have a low arch and a very low instep, which means there is no bump on the top of my foot compared to some people. These shoes fit my feet perfectly, down to the strap-placement! (says the shoe expert at the awesome store I went to)
I really like the dark stripe that you..can't really see in the pictures, but it's around the top of the heel. It looks like wood, but it isn't. Adds a cool detail to break up all the purple though.

Tada! I'm so pleased to have found shoes that colour!

<3 Have a brilliant day everyone!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the fibre arts

I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger this week everyone!
I've been busy with school, the museum, knitting...and making yarn again!

I'm getting better too.

I have jazz band at 7:20am tomorrow morning once again. It's a junior band, but their trumpet section needs a little help so I've been recruited to attempt with that. ( me, who is aweful at teacher people anything unless it's through a tutorial)

Regardless, I'm tired!

And although I wore something that I deemed 'fairly interesting' today, it involved the same shirt as the last outfit so I decided against posting it again so close to the former~

Anyways, this post is filled with nothing but photos of the yarn I've been making lately. I swear I'll get some outfits going on the weekend or..tomorrow perhaps?


I'm proud of this pile of yarn (above), which I need to re-roll into a better ball now. I carded it all myself, and then spun it on a drop spindle (in a restaurant~ tehe!) It's alpaca hair, from a local farm.


That is vintage wool right there! It belonged to my art teacher's..wife's...grandmother or something crazy like that, and he gave me a huge box of wool! It's from Canadian..sheep? It smelled very odd when I got it wet with leads me to wonder of the animal it came from. Anyways, all I did was spin this stuff as it was carded already.

I did a previous post about some blue yarn I was spinning which can be found
----> HERE!

And just for interest's sake, I also re-discovered the small tutorial I worked up on darning you can get more use out of socks and such!

----> Over Here!

Alright! Thanks for dropping in, you're all wonderful!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is the similarity between a raven and a writing desk?

Today I drove an hour with my family to see 'Alice in Wonderland' in 3D. Despite all the negative reviews I'd been getting about the film, I thought it was actually very very well done, and creative! The actress who played Alice did a great job with the role, and Johnny Depp was as brilliant as ever with his tri-personalities Mad-Hatter. In the end I decided that the Cheshire Cat is still my favorite character, and the March Hare needs to come be my best friend.
According to internet say...wikipedia, apparently Cheshire is a place, and the phrase 'grinning like a Cheshire cat' comes from the area, but the exact origins of the phrase are unknown. There was a cheese made in the area in the shape of a cat, however, and it was cut from tail to head so that the last thing you saw of it was a grinning face. How interesting!

Anyways, I have outfits to show you all from the last two days.

Firstly, here is yesterday's outfit:

(Earth Creations hemp top, scarf from Paris, skirt from Nepal, vintage belt,)

I spent yesterday reading, sitting around outside in the sun with my mandolin, removing the broken zipper from a hemp-fibre shoulder bag, and archiving blue prints from the 50's at the museum where I volunteer!

note about hemp: It's not a drug. It is related to a drug, but they are very different plants. Hemp fibre rope used to be huge in the states, until a smear-campaign ran by the DuPont and other large companies (in order to market their synthetic rope) destroyed it's reputation. grrr... Today if I mention hemp to someone they give me a strange look, to which I sigh and begin explaining how things work.

Today! I wore this:

(Effort's naturally bamboo top, United colors of Benetton skirt)

Bamboo is a less controversial fabric, and very soft, but I don't think it would be very forgiving to someone who had something about their bodies which they didn't like too much. The fabric tends to cling to your skin more than other fabrics do.
It's so nice and drape-able though! The deep purple of this top is brilliant~

I'll leave you with this blurry photo of a castle in Italy that I would like to explore, purchase somehow...and live in.


That's all for today, but I'd like to once again thank my readers! I hope I don't suddenly become boring to you all, for it is so nice to read all your feedback!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guess Who!?


'Tis Robyn! Back from her glorious adventures across the world and back again.

I hope you all didn't forget about me! haha
I'm sure I look a little bit tired in these photos, as we just got into town this morning at...6:15am or so, and I haven't got to sleep. I slept on the plane, and in the bus, but that's probably about 7 hours of sleep in the last two days. I'm a bit bushed! But that's alright.

Take this jetlag. blogging will keep me awake!

So in that photo I'm wearing a hat that I bought in Germany, a scarf and beret from Paris (and book), and a jacket from Verona, Italy. I certainly feel like a world traveller today!

( United Colors of Benetton jacket, BlueNotes skirt, German hat, Swiss rock candy, Italian shoes from Paris.., Wool beret)

Excuse my lack of a head..I was making a very strange face that the internet would be better off with out, to be sure.

Aren't those shoes darling though?! I love them. I'm so glad my feet have stopped growing, so I don't have to be worried about growing out of them. I picked them up at a shop in Paris about 4 days ago, and started to break them in over that last two days of travelling. (which feels like one to me)


And the blue coat was my 18th birthday present to myself while we were in Verona for the day. The weather was glorious and I had pizza and Fanta Limone in the park for lunch. It was a pretty fabulous 18th birthday, if I do say so myself! (and that evening we arrived in Switzerland. Now that I'm home, my family and I are celebrating my birthday tonight~ It should be nice, and gives me a reason to eat even more cake that I have been.

I was in Paris for a few days as well, and while secretly hoping I'd see the powers behind 'The Satorialist', I didn't actually pack anything that would get me photographed. Ah well!

My doll is making an appearance on the blog now, underneath the famous inverted pyramid at the Louvre, followed by an interesting church who's name I have forgotten!


Ahhh my ramblings are getting a bit more scattered than usually. Maybe I need a nap?

But before I leave you, I must tell you of the amazing scholarship that I recieved just moments before leaving for Europe!

I got a call from the University that I'll be attending in september telling me that I was being awarded a 'Chancelor's Award'. While I was trying to remember if that was a large ammount of money or not, the woman on the other end proceded to tell me it was worth ... -drumroll-... forty thousand dollards. :o


I made a gurgling noise on the phone when she told me the sum. As soon as I thanked her a million times and hung up the phone, I burst into tears of joy. It's so crazy! It was the perfect going-away present too~ haha

So when I got home today there was a package of various university things they had sent to me including a shoulder bag and t-shirt. (that shirt fits me perfectly and I want to know how exactly they knew what size to send...hmm...ninjas?)


Jump for Joy?! I think so!

I need some food~
Ciao, darlings!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two outfits and an article review?!

But before we get to those, I've got to say : HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!!
Man, hopefully you see this! I'd like to wish you the very best of birthdays, as I'm sure it already has been so far..since I'm writing this in the evening!

Alright! I'd like to warn you all that this is going to be quite the fantastic photo dump tonight! I think I have about 11 images to share with you all before I have to get back to studying Spanish.

First up we have my super-bloody-amazing haircut! I really love it~ It was inspired by the Sound and Fashion's owner Varpu. I think I was being rather difficult when I had it done, but it needed to be just so, and it is..and I love it!


You'll see the other side in the outfit photos! (sorry for the strange face I'm making)

Then, as I was reading The Sartorialist yesterday, I came across a post showing how to tie a scarf in the most amazing way possible! I'm never just going to wrap it around my neck..ever again.


So great! I advise you all to hunt down the post and try it! They have an instructional video~

Will the excitement never end? NO! Because I have an outfit to show you all now!!
Well...actually I'm lieing, for it is really my band outfit...but I did wear it all day long, so I guess it almost counts? I looks sharp though!..ha..ha..

(Ricki's blouse, tie from Japan, Suzy Shier dress pants, The European Walking shoe...)

oh ho there was both sides of my hair! I think it is so cool that it has different sides...such a concept.

Now then, lets calm ourselves down. While I was in the states the other day, in a grocery store, something caught my eye. It was the American Vogue magazine.

"Why," I muttered out loud, "I've never seen one before! I wonder how much it costs.." I was hesitant to check, as it was so big and thick. I was sure the price was going to tip over 10$ and be out of my tiny budget for the trip. I prepared myself for the news.
"5$ US." My brother replied after looking, "You'd better get one!"

And that is how I got my very first Vogue magazine, and spent hours on the way to Moscow gasping over the wonderful editorial spreads. These are my favorite pages from my favorite editorial of them all:





I think the second photo is particularly stunning. Her hair especially, but I really love the mountains of layers! They reminded me of the people of Nepal or Mongolia, and even a little bit of myself sometimes. I have resolved to bring more prints into my life now because of it too.
It was that spread that then inspired today's outfit!

(thrifted scarf, old navy skinny jeans, Bootlegger sweater, thrifted top, assorted necklaces, VANS slip-on shoes)

It was fun to flounce around it, and a girl in the block where I usually paint told me I looked as if I had just stepped out of a fantasy film! How neat is that?

Well! I hope after wading though the loooong post, you enjoyed yourself in the end!
I regret to say that this will be by last post for about two weeks, unless I manage to find a computer somewhere on my travels, but I wouldn't count on that.
So stay safe everyone! And don't forget about me! I'll be back!

Have a great Spring Break!

love, Robyn