Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back from Moscow!

Hello everyone!
I'm back again for the next....4 days or so before I fly off to Vancouver, and then Munich, Germany, at the end of the week!

Overall I think I had fun on the trip~ Our band played pretty well, and although some of the notes in my solo (song. I had to play most of a song on my own) were shaky, the 2nd trumpet said it probably wasn't too noticeable. I hope. We weren't playing competitively though so there wasn't too much pressure. It was nice!

One not so wonderful thing was that our hotel double booked the suite that the 5 of us girls were supposed to be staying it, and the only other rooms left that night were smoking rooms. I took a step into ours and backed right out again, it was that horrid. We knew that we couldn't sleep in there and actually be alive in the morning, so we slept in one of the guys' rooms on the floor. I think I have bruises from that..but...the floor was way better than not being able to breathe all night long! haha~

(we only got 3 hours of sleep that night...ended up talking all night. fun times!)

Anyways! Enought of my silly stories, have some pictures~


My brother actually picked out this sweater for me. It's not a very good picture, but the sweater is nice and baggy, and very comfy. And it was on sale to boot!


The frightening, round, Church of the Nazarene. What kind of name is that? It reminds me of the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. We all fell asleep here, even though there were some very hot bands playing.


We were very tired people, so after lunch and a short wander around town, we plunked ourselves down on a bench in the sunshine! My brother was pretending to be a hobo while we sat on a bench. (on either side of me, my friends Allison ans Sam)


Banner in the street


Wonderful huckleberry gelato. (at least that is what they called it. Huckleberries to me are small and red, so this was really blueberry.) Not as good as the stuff in Italy of course, but made at the restaurant and just what I needed!


Our bass player wrote that on the whiteboard in the room we warmed up in before our performance on Saturday. I thought I'd add it in at the end here before I mention that CANADA WON GOLD FOR HOCKEY! YAAAAAAAAAAAHRRGFGDHGHE!!!! Heck yes! We stopped driving home today and sat in a restaurant for two hours to eat lunch and watch the game. It was the first (and only) Hockey game I'd ever seen and we were all just so happy to win. bwaha!
And when I got home I found out that we won more gold metals than any country has ever won at an Olympic winter games, and we did it at home too! It's a good time to be Canadian, apparently! :D

Also, I now have 20 followers! Yay! you guys are awesome, thank you so much for talking an interest in this little blog!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A brief history of SOAP.

That's right! Soap, everyone.

We're taking a break from the regular programming because I've been wearing boring things the last few days, and getting ready for my band trip.

notes: - There were 8 comments on the last post! That's the most I've ever had, and I'm ever so pleased! Thank you all! I hope to see you all again ><
-Also, I woke up this morning and it was snowing. Snowing. Ug.


A Brief History of Soap, by Robyn.

(I made a picture to go here..but it's upstairs. I'll show you all later?)

I’ve been in love with soaps for some time now. I don’t really use much soap, but when I go to use some I do enjoy having a grand variety to choose from!


Now, I’ve done a bit of research on the history of soap for you all, and this is what I’ve come up with:

-It is evident that in ancient Babylonian archaeological sites that the people that lived there as early as 2800BC were making and using a kind of soap. They would boil fat and ashes together.
-The Egyptians described their soaps in a medicinal document from 1500BC, in which they mixed animal and plant oils with salts to create a soap like substance. The Egyptian people believed in regular baths to promote spiritual cleanliness.
-Apparently soap got its name from Mount Sopa (according to a Roman legend). Animals would be sacrificed on the mountain, and rain would wash the animal fats mixed with wood ashes downstream where it mixed with clay in the riverbed. Woman soon found out that this mixture made washing easier! (or again, so says the legend). Rome was famous for its bathes.
- By the 2nd century a Greek physician recommended soap for both medicinal and cleaning purposes.
-The medieval ages gave way to a lapse in the use of soap. We all have heard stories in history classes of how terribly the hygiene of these people were. The saying “Once a year, whether it needs it or not” referred to their practice of hair washing. Ugg.
-Eventually soap making became a closely guarded craft with Italy, Spain, and France being the leaders of production.

source: HERE!

Tada! I could go on; I found some pretty good sources out there in that internet place…
But I’ll make this slightly more personal now instead of spouting out facts.
I visited my favorite local organic food/various-other-things store the other day to buy…you guessed it…soap! I have a strong dislike against a lot of commercially made soaps these days with all their chemicals and additives that fall down your drain and end up in lakes, rivers, and eventually the ocean. I get shivers just thinking about the waterways being destroyed by chemicals. Not to mention the fact that these chemicals which can destroy the ecosystems of the oceans are being lathered all over our skin?! That’s horrid.


Which is why I like organic, locally made (or at least in my country), and biodegradable soaps that won’t harm the planet nearly as much, if at all. (a lot of this stems from my sailing trips, where we are only allowed to bring biodegradable soaps…as we wash in waterfalls and with buckets)
However! I did find this wonderful company called ‘The Soap Works’ based out of Ontario! Hurray! After buying a bar of their soap (for $1.95 CAD!) I decided that it was wonderful stuff and went back to see if they had shampoo. Which they did. In a combo bar actually, with conditioner in it as well! I was thrilled and promptly returned to the store and bought 4 more bars of their shampoo, since whenever I seem to like something in vanishes. I stocked up though, so it’s all good.

Soap Works: HERE!

It makes me happy to know that their company is very small (5 people) , and all the bars are safe on the oceans and rivers.


(this is my lush soap tin for their solid shampoos that I wouldn't recomment using for that purpose because their bars are the EXACT same size as the tin and when you put in inside and it's can't ever get it out again. Beside it is my own Soap Works bar. or at least..half of it.)

I do really love anything from Lush as well, though I find their solid shampoos to be a little bit dry. My only concern with their products is the price, as I’m about to be a poor poor university student, though I’d gladly take a chunk of RockStar soap any day. Who doesn’t want to smell like candies?!


I hope you all enjoyed that! It was certainly fun to make up!
This is my last post before Moscow, but I'll try to write something when I get back on sunday. (If youre wondering why I keep bringing this up and haven't gone yet....I'm really stoked >< )

Have a great night!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I shall name it...Arha, the Eaten One.

You'll find out about that in just a moment!

Firstly today, I'd like to congradulate Canada on our 5th Gold Medal win in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Games. We got the medal in Ice-Dance and it is the first time a pair from North America has ever EVER won that event! Heck Yah! Go Canada Go! If it wasn't so darn cold outside again, I'd run around with little flags taped at random all over my body.


In other news, I was planning to wear the outfit from Saturday once again today but when I got up an noticed that the thermometer had dipped down to -1.C AGAIN I decided to wear something a tad..shall we say longer? So it seems to be the season for skirts (to me..suddenly) and I hauled out my favorite skirt of all! I picked it up in Rome at a United Colors of Benetton last march. I have to say I love tht store, and adore every spread I see in magazines by them (and have even cut out and ran away with a few), and was supper excited to find out that there is one about 10 minutes away from my future home! Stoked!

(Benetton skirt, Italian boots, tights?, RioRain top, vintage necklace, Suzy Sheir coat)

And now the explanation for Arha up there.


Tada! I bought a Nerf-Sword! Those things are amazing. You clearly need a sword to survive in my English Lit class you know. My friends and I went on a mission after we finished writting an (easy) exam today to Walmart to find swords. My friend asked the sales rep. in a very serious voice
"Where can we find Nerf Swords? Our English Literature class is very dangerous, and we need to defend ourselves."
It was brilliant! Unfortunatly I didn't have any money on me, so I brought my mother back with me after school and picked one up! Apparently my teacher said we had to name our swords, so I've named mine "Arha, the Eaten One".

Does anyone know what book that is from?! Please say someone knows ><

And today I leave you with two random photos.
The first is not photoshopped, I was playing with the colour accents on my camera and really loved how it turned out.
The second is my beloved kitty cat, King Neptune. He doesn't look too happy with me, but I still love him!


..I lied, I still have more to say.

-Thank you all for the lovely comments you've been leaving me! Each one brightens my day a little more, and I always look forward to reading them! You guys are wonderful!

-Also, I'm getting my hair cut in a week (ohh big suprise! haha), and since I'm getting tired of it being so thick, I'm taking a nod from the fabulous Varpu of 'Sound and Fashion'...who's hair I not-so-secretly covet. Asymetrical is awesome~ :D


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Floral.

I was reading on the lovely blog 'Park & Cube' (link in my favorite blogs list, if you are interested) about the recent Rodarte show, showcasing floral patterns. Winter Floral!

Now, I'm not really that into wearing floral patterns at any time of the year usually, but the thought of wearing mass amounts of flowers in the winter suddenly appealed to me and I went on a search through my not-quite-a-dresser. I then re-discovered my one and only sundress, and even though it is about 4.C today, I wore the darn thing! I have to say, it's pretty fun~ I felt very elegant running around downtown in a few musics stores, playing little Irish Jigs on all the mandolins.

(dress from Ricki's, tights, Italian boots, thrifted scarf, Fossil brand bag, Suzy Shier coat)

(excuse my strange expression in the center photo. I..don't know what I was doing...but I wasn't angry, I swear!)

I think that the scarf if fast becoming one of my favorite accessories. I know, I know, I'm very slow when it comes to trends but it really did take me until just last weekend to actually find a decorative (and warm!) scarf that I really really enjoyed the feel and look of, and one that could serve dual purposes...such as a shawl. That scarf if journeying to Europe with me in less than two weeks! (I do hope everyone stays tuned for that exciting trip! I'll try to post randomly on my friend's ipod, or if we come across a hotel with a computer I'll try very hard to make an update or two. Unfortuntaly you'll all have to wait until I get back for photos from that trip. D: It's not for a little while though!

In other news, I got a cord for my vintage elephant necklace I aquired last weekend. It doesn't look as elegant, but I need to have a cord or a gold chain to keep it from affecting my silly skin. It looks good though!

Also, My English Liturature class just held out medieval banquet yesterday and I have a photo for you!

Squire and Pardoner from 'Canterbury Tales'

PS: I shant be around this coming Friday, Saturday..and most of sunday. I'll probably post next sunday though! Jazz Festival~ yeh.

Have a great Saturday! I'm going skiing tomorrow~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's a Tuesday.

There is only 3 more Jazz band rehearsals before we're off to an international festival in Idaho. Oh my goodness, I hope we'll be ready!
I know that american bands get really really competitive at the festival...but we're just going for fun!

>>> I just got my Weardrobe to work again. I think I couldn't get into it because of some idiocy of my own...but anyways. It's back online again, in case anyoen is interested to know!<<<

Look Ma! I didn't make a Valentine's Day post! Oh aren't you so proud of me? I was far to busy running around like a decapitated chicken-person getting ready to make a little movie for my Lit class, which I do hope you'll all watch (It's at the bottom of this post!!), as I really really do want feed back on it!

I logged onto my blog for the first time in two days to see all the blogs in my list have new posts! I'm pleased, and totally know what I'm doing this evening!

And without further adue...My Favorite Outfit yet this year!!

( thirfted scarf/shirt/necklace, Bluenotes skirt, Tristen tights, ..Italian boots)

I really loved this outfit! I was in the greatest mood all day long, and it made me feel like a gypsy..or a nomadic person or something wonderful like that!
The scarf was positioned like it is in photo 2 up there, all day long and kept me much warmer than I thought! My school is usually freezing cold, so this was a welcome surprise.

(on another note...oh my goodnes, I have 17 followers now! :O That's awesome!)

Um...I didn't really come into the blog-world this evening with anything else in mind than to show you all my favorite outfit of the here is my English project!

Canterbury Tales Adventure.

Please enjoy!
As always, thank you so much for comments and followings and whatnot! :D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thrifting Day!


Who's proud? I'm darn proud of myself! I got 5 things for less than 20$ and was very, very happy.

Photos of my finds: (prepare for quite the photodump)

($4.00 CAD)
(the details are just wonderful! I swear fairies must have made this top~)

(also $4.00 CAD)
(the most awesome little blobby elephant I could ever want! There is a small flaw in the chain, but the clasp is still good! I'll probably need to get a cord for it though, as metal irritates my skin unless it's gold or silves)

($1.00 CAD)
(leather, and made in Canada to boot!)
(I really love how worn this thick brass buckle. I felt rustic buying this vintage belt. I now own...two whole belts and both are vintage! yay!)

($4.50 CAD)
(This is totally coming to Europe with me.. IN TWENTY DAYS!!)

($3.00 CAD)
(This hat is actually for a costume for my English Lit project, but after I'm finished with it there, I'll probably wear it around a bit too! For the costume, I've carfully attached yarn inside, without damaging the hat, to make a wig.)

Tada! Those are all the things I purchased today. My friend and I poked around the entire town, and found two very nice little shops on the main street that were very very well priced. (This suprised us)
I really do need to go to go thrifting more often. I think..this was the only time I've ever actually been. -gasp- That's horrid! However, I know that in the coming years as a university student, it will be happening more often that visiting a normal clothing store where 15$ shirts still make me cringe.

Also, if anyone has any idea on the worth of that felt hat there, I just found out that is comes from a pretty high end company...hmm

What did you do on this fine Saturday?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In which Robyn makes a cast of her feet.

But before we get to that interesting little detail of the day, my outfit!

I felt pretty great about this outfit today, even though I walked all the way to school in my two-inch heels (down a hill...this was a stupid idea. Me duele los pies!). But I did get a lot of comments! I walked back into my Spanish room after talking with a woman from UofC where I'll be going to school next year, and my teacher said, "Robyn! We were just discussing how nice you look today!".
I probably looked stunned for a few moments before saying 'thank you' and sitting down~ (grinning, and proceded to talk about cats to my friend in Spanish, for a good 5 minutes or so)

(sweater from Bootlegger, heels?, Old Navy jeans, RioRain top, pin from Nova Scotia)

I seem to be able to put together some sort of interesting outfit every other day or long as those days don't involve Jazz band mornings. (then I'm far to tired to think, and don't want to have to stand around all morning in nice clothes)
If you are wondering, yesterday I wore black pants, white shoes, and my new green hoodie. :D

As for my feet, I cast them in gypsona today for an art gallery show...project I'm doing. I will be sure to take pictures of that for you all, no worries! But for now, all you get to see is my lovely feet.


Tada! More updates on there way just as soon as possible!

I will also have a movie to post in the later part of next week, from my English Liturature class. I can't wait to film it and show you all! :D

ps: I learned how to knit a cable pattern this evening from my friend Karen at the museum! It's part of a hooded scarf I'm making, which is going to take forever, but look So. Awesome. !

Monday, February 8, 2010

Robyn fashions a belt out older belt.

Feb 8th Outfit.
I'm not going to lie folks, I definatly planned this outfit out the night before, and carefully layed it out on the ladder up to my bed so I wouldn't forget to put it all on in the morning. But! I was so pleased with my belt-triumph that I just had to plan an outfit around it.

(skirt from Bootlegger, tights, Tommy Hilfiger cardigan, GAP top, cloth scrap necklace, Refashioned vintage belt, American Eagle flats)

That skirt was hauled from the depths of my closet last night especially for this outfit too! It was originally a top from Bootlegger, but one of the little spaggetti straps had broken so it was on sale for 99 cents! How great of a deal is that?! So I removed the straps and turned it into a skirt. However it was an awkward length, so last night I shortened it about 5 inches. You can't see it, but the top bit in pink.

That is the only cardigan I own. How sad! When I eventually have money/end up in Europe soon with extra money for 'food' I'll probably buy more. As I said on the post below...I love sweaters.

Also, I love that wall. It's not mine....but I take pictures there all the time! (I just have to make sure my neighbors aren't home...but I'm sure they wouldn't actually care)

As for the title of this post there are reasons. The older belt had no bucklet attached to it anymore, so I had to make something new to hold it on my waist! Enjoy this photo-explanation of my ramblings:


I love the two-toned walls in my house. How awesome were the people that lived here before me, that they put yellow walls with brown/yellow trimmed windows on green carpet, followed by blue walls? I know you can't see the carpet...but..kutos to them!

I hope you've enjoyed this post~ place comment and such! :D
Have a great day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


This post is about sweaters. I love sweaters!
I don't know if you can really tell by my photos on here, but I own a lot of sweaters.

A. Lot. of. Sweaters.


20 actually! I just ran upstairs and counted them all for you~ Maybe more than 20? They get placed in odd spots around my house sometimes and I forget about them. I'll just say 'Upwards of 20' to be sure I'm not missing out on any.

True be told, they are my t-shirts for half of the year! In the winter, if you're inside a building it is usually still a bit chilly and therefore requires the application of a sweater to your persons. You could probably get away with wearing the same shirt for a week straight if you so desired, as long as you changed your sweater every day. Or...every...second day.


And I can always justify obtaining a new one too. Maybe it's actually cold out. Maybe I need one with/without a hood suddently. Maybe I'm going sailing! Or maybe I'm just greedy.

I really, really need to work on that. (I'm sorry Dekar, I'm trying!)

Another good reason is that I'm moving someplace colder soon. Well..someplace with more sporatic weather that justifies sweaters. When I was out there in the summer, it was 20.C, and I was very, very pleased.
Also, I'm planning of going to the UK fairly soon and who doesn't need sweaters there!?

I'll hush up now.

The point of this was that..yes..I bought another sweaters today. It was on saaaaale and such a pretty colour, and there is a drawstring around the collar. How cool is that?

(Adidas sweater, Old navy pants, Italian suede boots, various necklaces from other countries, my hat.)

haha sorry for the strange expression! The lighting was being strange, so this photos was a 5th attempt, and I was hungry. :D

So there we go! My exciting saga of clothing!

In other news, I also got a leather wallet today. I was going to get a Fossil brand wallet to match my bag, but the '20% off Wallets' sign apparently said in tiny print that no one could read that Fossil Wallets weren't on sale. Like anyone was actually going to see writing about a mm tall on the sign! Honestly!
But I did find a wallet eventually, and it's a darn nice looking chocolate brown to boot. (and I actually did need a wallet, my old one was falling apart.)

And finally tonight! Has anyone been in the GAP recently? They have a load od nice cargo-jungle-esque looking clothing right now that I adore! :D


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb. 4th !

Does this date mean anything to you guys?!
It means nothing to me.
I just wanted to ask~ hehe

Actually today I had cinnamon buns in my English Lit class, which was just wonderful! The teacher made them from scratch for the class, and they had carmel dripping over the tops. sooo good right after jazz band.

I'd like to thank everyone/anyone who went and read my new 'Travel to Moher' story. I know the super-hero thing was very long~

And.. An Outfit post?! My goodness yes! I actually remembered to take a picture of my, I think it was. Here you are! Clothing!


(old navy top, GAP long sleeve top, old navy trousers, I made the hat, necklace from Tanzania)

In other clothing/crafting news, I tied my large cowl into a knot today. How does it look?



And tonight I leave you with the Gilligan's Island theme song from the very first season. My dad bought the entire series (....a LOT of episodes there) for Christmas, and we are watching them all! Which is what I'm about to go do~ Ciao!