Saturday, January 30, 2010

The nobbly hand reaches into the mirror.

A lazy day, and yellow-lit photos.
Guess who was feeling slighty artsy today?




The middle one is photoshopped..(not, actually I'm just magical)

I spend a good deal of today covered in hairs. Alpaca hairs!
I have a bag of Alpaca hair in my room, and this past summer I finally got some carders to card it with, so I sat around today carefully carding and rolling the hair in rolags to prepare it for spinning. It's talking a while, but I'll photograph it when I'm a bit farther into the bag...and maybe have improved my style a little bit better too!
My friend's comment today was 'Who still does that?!'
haha. Me, apparently, along with mountains of other people who don't happen to live in such a commerciallied society as we do.

Making things has become a lost art, you know? People seem amazed when I have something knitted or crochetted that I brought into being..not to mention shoes that I've come up with. (or at least, re-furbished) darned socks...ect.
It makes me sad to think we're so reliant on others to create our basic needs for us. (this is where DIYers make someone like me very happy)
Being even slighty able to create things you need/want is a power; a power against giant corperations, and a power to keep a few coins for rainy days.

Which is why when I just thought "Oh, I should get a hot-air balloon necklace' , my other thought was 'There is sculpy on the counter...'

Also, my family played a card game called Backpacker today, and this was the score sheet for my brother and I.


Happy Saturday evening/Sunday morning for others/whenever you are reading this!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who/What does Robyn remind you of?

I know, I know...I get more haircuts than most people you can mention off the top of your head.

But that is because the stuff is annoying!
And iff you notice how much of a bedraggled mess it was becoming...not really...but this is much better.



My friends think I look like

a) Peter pan. (I get this a lot, actually)
b) a mushroom/bowl combo thing?
c) a korean boy-band singer.

Take your pick people! What does my interesting hair remind you of?
Actually I would really like to know what/who I remind people of~ Please tell me?

Also, I made another hat today.
It looks a lot (alright, almost exactly) like the one I made for my friend Dekar for Christmas, because while I was making his I really wanted to keep it. Although his was wwaaaaay to big, so I made one for my head+small-amount-of-hair-ness~


I love it~ It's 100% wool.

-Factory made, undyed Fisherman's lion-brand wool.
-natural hand made dyed, from local sheep, and spun by me wool
-machine spun, hand dyed wool

It's awesome.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


That's right folks.

I made a video for you all.
When I eventually crusify the notes, I will film that for you all too!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day at the museum! (at the mall..but secretly the museum.?)

Photos from Saturday!
See? pictures were eventually taken, even though I've been promising them to you all for weeks now....-cough- Sorry about that!

Here we go! Everthing on the canvas, I'd spend the last..oh..3 weeks painting. THREE WEEKS!!
Now that I think about it, they really aren't complicated pictures. huh.




Ancient Greek

Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Mayan

Ancient Chinese

Cave Paintings? Ugg!

And that was my day!
Excuse me for another 24 hours until I've studied math until my eye's have begun to bleed, and written my final (which I hope I do alright on D: ).


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy day.

I spent the entire day at the mall with the folks from the museum, talking about ancient writing systems and pretty much showing people where writing has evolved from over the years!
It was really fun, and I did actually take pictures (I did! I swear!!)So I will be getting those up for all of you to see as soon as possible, since they are on my parent's camera.

And I got a new shirt today too!
I know I've sworn off buying much, since I have to save for school and a camping trip in the future, but my mom bought this, so it's not
After staring at a single piece of clothing on and off for 6 hours, it's hard not to go buy it. :D

(Old Navy Jeans, Suzy Shir top)


Shh..I've been studying like crazy for the past..week. ugh.
I actually woke up yesterday thinking about Biology terms. I remember stopping in my dreams and trying to remember long words for the test, then continuing whatever I was doing in dreamland! I'm going crazy, but it't all right! haha
Only a few more days of this and then I have 5 days to be a lazy potato.

Now you might have noticed that I'm often not wearing shoes in my pictures.
This is because I have conflicting emotions about shoes.
On one hand, I adore shoes and really would love to have more off all kinds in my room. My feet deserve to be decorated in the most interesting ways too, right?
On the other hand, I don't believe that we should be wearing shoes at all. It's not natural for our feet to be couped up in these odd tubes all day long. They are ment to walk softly on grass, and be able to breathe and bend with the soil. Shoes are for warmth in the winter, but we have to wear them all year long to keep them safe from the hard concrete that we too created.
I guess you could say that my natural self wins more often than not, and I kick off my shoes. I do love shoes! I just....don't like to wear them for long periods of time~

And now! If you have spare time after reading that, you should go watch 'A Very Potter Musical' on youtube. It is actually so much better than the movies, in my oppinion at least, and bloody funny to boot!
Malfoy is my favorite, and through out the entire play he talks about this school called 'Pigfarts' on Mars.
"Ha! Dumbledore is an old coot. He's nothing like Rumbleroar. He's a lion...who can talk." -Malfoy

In honor of Malfoy and his crazy school, I painted a picture:


note the two moons! ...and The rocketship!

haha~ but really, the musical is brilliant~

I'll hush up now and go study like a good little over-tired person who will probably end up taknig a nap! :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rare days of sunlight followed by endless nights.

These winter weathers do confuse a body so.
Here is my outfit from yesterday, when we did have a rare day of sunlight. Usually here, there is just fog and a giant bank of clouds aaaaallllll winter long.
I'm sporting my new bag, and the finished cowl. (that day I went home and became a hermit, studying biology for FOUR. HOURS. ARG! )


(old navy jeans, VANS slipon shoes, drappy sweater from Bootlegger, GAP top, DIY cowl, Fossil bag)

Today I left school at 1pm (I had lunch, then no class after lunch), and went to the museum to work on various .... museum things for them, for 4 hours. the largest tragity of the day was when I finished a banner of very neat Ancient Greek characters, picked it up to be moved, and all the still watery undry paint dribbled down the front. I had to make a totally new one. D:
Waste of a mass amount of canvas!
(good thing, so some reason...they have mountains of canvas there.)

Anyways, here is my Egyptian costume!


(all the beadwork..and sewing was done by me. :D )

Tada! Isn't it cool looking? I hope I don't freeze, but it would still almsot be worth it, the costume makes me so happy!
..I know it looks like a rectangle to all you great-sewing-folks out there..but it's a feat to this girl right here! haha

and to round things off on this evening where I can't type more than 3 words in a row without messing up, because I'm be doing nothing but study all day long and my brain it totally fried and this is a terrible run on sentense by anyways! -gasp-
Some of my biology notes:


And since Biology is all I have in my brain right now...I feel the need to tell you all that my Vital Lung Capacity is 4.5L :D I'm a litre over the average for a female! must be all my trumpet playing~


Saturday, January 16, 2010

'Twas a good day, my dears.

A very good day indeed!
With exams looming dreadfully in just over a week, I actually managed to get through the first chapter of my, today. I wrote out condensed notes with lots of diagrams and taped them to my closet doors. They will soon be joined by 7 other like sets, and then maybe I'll take a picture.

(I appologize for not having taken pictures at the museum where I volunteer yesterday...I was very busy. because painting and drinking tea mean I'm busy right? right.)

But I have had a good Saturday, despite the studying!
The first thing I did today, after eating, was make Egyptian-esque jewlery for a Literacy day even I'm helping out with (with the museum folks). I'll also be making a dress soon too, so I'll keep you all posted on that adventure!


I thought the irregularity of the gold beads helped it look even more ancient.

I also started work on an upper-arm band that will have a set of hieroglyphics etched into it's surface reading
"Isis delivers me from Evil"
because I thought it looked cool~


Ah crafting~ I just found out this morning that along with being the much-warshipped mother goddess, Isis was also the goddess of crafts. That news brightened my very sunny day a little bit more. (such that I had to go find some sunglasses)

Nest, I went out into the world to get materials for my dress, and on the way home I stopped at the Bay with my mother to get me a new bag/purse that will be good to haul around Europe with me..
in 48 DAYS!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!! :D


I wanted that one because it was:

A. on sale! the saleswoman didn't think it was still there, because whenever that brand goes on sale they never last more than a day, but loe and behold there it was waiting for me!

B. leather! Nice and sturdy for running around. And would you look at those zippers?! those things are not going to break.

C. like a satchel. I will forever be pretending to be an explorer in the back of my mind when I carry it. ok...the front of my mind..and out loud..

D. possible to use it on Steampunk Day. That's right...I buy things because them remind me of a sub-culture I'm a little love-affair with. tehe!

And lastly today, as in..15 minutes ago or so, I finished my lovely Polar Morn cowl I was making! I love it, and want to inhale it's wool-smelling goodness.
I think I'll wear it as a hood, since from the front you can't tell there is a hole going through it! :D


There we are! I wish you all could see the lovely colours in person, they are so light and fine, the camera can't really capture it well.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm being so lazy about posting!

I'm sorry everyone!

I've been neglecting my poor blog lately~

(and there is a reason...I have finals in..a week and a half..aaaaaarrrrggkgkghtersgfhdf)

But yes~ so so so sorry ><

So my school had it's Senior Winter Formal this past tuesday evening, and I got to wear my dress, with it's skiny belt (which I refured to as my armor all evening)
A lot of people said I looked really sophisticated, but I don't know how elegant roasting to death because you wanted to wear Victorian-looking sleeves it~ haha
Tried out the lipstick again too!



I mostly just liked my hair, I think!

note: I soon discovered that that dress is difficult for thesort of jumping around like crazed monkeys dancing that the kids seem to do these's bounces around a lot.


tomorrow I will take pictures of the project I'm working on at the museum, I swear!
(I can't promise I'll actually get them posted until a few days later..but they will come around eventually~ hehe)

And with that, I leave you with yet another painting I've just finished a few hours ago.

"Lost buttons"



Sunday, January 10, 2010


Guys, guess what?!

I turn 18 60 days!
That's actually a really crazy thought, now that I have actually stopped to consider it. I'll be a legal adult from there on out. Not that I'm am going to really act any different than I normally do, beside perhaps strutting around happily in Venice on my actual birthday, and taking a few pictures (ok...loads of pictures) to share with you all when I come home! Oh this in all so exciting!
I'll finally be able to...well not drink, but I don't drink anyways so that would make no different. Drive? no..that was 16, and I still only have my L (by the way, Brandon? if you see this, I forgot to ask you if you got your N. ):D )
Vote? Yes! I can vote~ if there is something to vote for, at the very least, then i shall take my puffy hair to the polling station and become a voting Canadian! hurrah!

But enough of that (I'm slightly more sane today, can you tell?)
(last post I was so tired >< )



(handmade skirt, GAP top, stone necklace, my mother's snow boots, belt from Ricki's)

My mother keeps telling me that I should take off my sailing turk's heads for the prom, to which I continually say that "no, see that wouldn't work because if I took them off....they are broken. I'd have to cut them! "
They therefor stay on my wrist forever (hopefully), making strange tan lines, and disrupting classy outfits for all time! (and I'm good with that)
I say this because, in my head at least, it was sort of an explanation of why I never mention them as jewlery. They are a part of my person now.

But enough of that!

Meet my wall-goblin! He sits by the floor, scaring anyone who dares to look upon him!


He came about because my friend was drawing a swamp-monster that looked pretty, so I had to attempt and ugly/scary one for myself.

And now for something long.
I'm trying my hand at using the photo-stitch function in my camera, using more Biology class doodles as the subject once again!


I think it might be kind of working? Sort of?
haha anyways!

I think I need a shirt that says " I need a haircut. " on it, so I wouldn't have to actually say it all the time, just wear te shirt (and get beat up by my friends for it, I'm sure ^^ )

Good Night bloggers!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What would you think if I sang out a tune?

very loudly, and messed up your lunch?
How would you feel if I turned on a fan?
Not happy now, I have a hunch.

ohh you'll get by without help from my rhymes,
ohh it's really not helping your mind,
ohh you'll get by without help from my rhymes, from my rhyyyyyymeeesssss~ dum dum duuuum

I think I just lost my readers by doing that. hehe


Today, I thought about going to sleep on my floor instead of finsihed some math homework. I ended up half falling asleep on my bed until dinner, and then doing my math homework.

(and yes, yes I have been bumming around in those same clothes for a while...just at home though! Don't be too worried)

I like that picture, because it's taken from my bed. The side of my bed, actually.

(I definatly have a bookcase and a chair tucked under my bed too...and a's awesome. It's a fort!)


That is my yarn stash, topped off with a paper Guy Fawkes mask that you might remember from my Nov.05 th post. I have a small mountain of yarn there! And there are always chunks to be found floating all around my room, my house..and usually my person as well. :D

Do you see the newspaper clipping on the wall behind the box? That is me, and a boy I babysit sometimes, riding around a river on unicycles...a year or two ago. pretty cool` haha

And! Actually, I did get something cool the other day.


An awesome belt to go with that blue dress a few posts down there, for the Winter Formal. I think I'm just going with my friends, but it should be pretty fun! There is food at least, so even if I don't enjoy the dancing in 2 inch heels..I get fed. (and anyone who knows me knows that that is quite important indeed)
The belt will give a much-needed shiny accent to the outfit though, since it was awash with darker colours. I am pleased!

And lastly today, after I collapse from having skiied, studied, and run around like a maniac in 4 foot snow, diving head first into piles of it....have a drawing from biology class:


Tada! The spinal cord! (I need to study it some more D: )
Yes...yes I do watercolour some of my diagrams in my notes~ I'm just that awesome/procrastinating doing math homework.

Do you know how some people can analyze a person's writing and tell various characteristics about them? I really wonder what my normal scratchy writing, which some people seem to really like but most can't really read, says about me? Probably that I'm fairly odd...eccentric? is that the polite way of saying it?


I'll hush up now! Fairwell for now!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6.

I have no thoughts for titles of posts at the moment, unfortunatly.
I also can't type worth anything right now! So shhh if you see something spelled horribly.

I got my grad clothing today!


Isn't that cool? haha probably not, but They are super confy to run around my house in! And the sweatpants have the elastics around the bottom, which I normally hate but when I was ordering them, I though "Hey! these would be great for sailing! I wouldn't even half to roll them up, just pull them up and there they would stay! awesome~" so I bought them. The long sleeved shirts were me and my friend's idea. We were pleased that everyone went along with it so we could have awesome red shirts.

Yes, that is a little paper me in the corner :D

And finally back to a crafting thought of this blog for once, I'm making a cowl scarf with that lovely yarn I bought while in Victoria!



It's coming along~ That yarn is such a pleasure to work with too~ Marabrigo Yarns makes it, and I'm totally in love~

Also, I joined the giant online yarnworks website ( ) and my name is Orobby, if anyone wants to add me on there! :D

Also Also, My friend might be coming for a visit in a month, and we're going to go skiing and see Wolfman hopefully, and I'm ever so excited for it all!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan 3.

Ah how I do love all these boxing week sales. They allow a poor person like me to waltz into a more expensive shop (such a Tristan) and actually buy things for once! I got this lovely little blue dress that I think I could wear to Winter formal if I actually decide to go for..35$, I think? yay!
It makes me very happy, this dress. The botton reminds me of a balloon, and the sleeves look Victorian! (in my historical-obsessed mind, at least)

Pictures! Ignore my cluttered room!




Tada! I love it, even though it is very heavy. More so to hold though, not to wear.
(I had no idea my legs looked that long...hmm.)

Also, kittens, I made a discovery while I was shopping yesterday! I went into Bootlegger's and as I was walking by this large mirror in the center of the store, I stopped and stared at the reflection thinking 'now, I'm sure my legs are not actually that thin..hmm'
I think walked up to the mirror, and called over my father. We then realized that the mirror had a curve to it, making it appear as though you are actually thinner than you are!
"Objects in mirror are wider than they appear?" I think so.
Very devious store-owners...very very devious.

Also, also to Sasha: I want to come 'home' again soon! I don't know when I can though, which is very terrible.

I think I need to stop wanting know? We live in a society that seems to thrive off of ownership of things, be those things clothing, property, cars, gadgets, ect, and I don't think it's healthy for our own selves, or our pocketbooks. I have to admit that I am just like most of our society...when I see something pretty that I think I 'need', I have to either buy it or run away screaming to supress the urge. And I really dislike that! I know I don't need to own all the things I do to be happy, and I resolve to try a darn lot harder to stop 'wanting' things. Like that dress, though I had been meaning to get one for the Winter formal. I shall try not to carry money! I think these thoughts have always been floating around at the back of my mind, but they have recently been brought forward by a book called 'The Dispossessed'. I must read it a few more times~ haha

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The last photos of 2009

I was far to lazy to actually post these on the last day of 2009, but here they are, 2 days, and one blue moon later!
(I didn't get to see the blue house was surrounded in clouds! darn)

( Torker unicycle w/ Kris Holm Seat..hehe, thrifted t-shirt dress, ribbon, handmade felt hat, VANS slip on shoes, Old Navy jeans, DIY tube-scarf)

I bought the t-shirt dress in Victoria! I'll get better pictures of it later, but it is so comfy! You can really tell that it wasn't made in the last 5 years or so, as the material actually..isn't thin. :o what a novelty! I don't know if I had already spilled that lovely little fact or not, but my favorite mode of transportation is the unicycle! I own three of the lovelies, and my dad and brother both have one. I think I've happily influenced a few people around me (family included) to unicycle over the years. I can think of 5 people outside of my family who unicycle because they thought it looked cool that I do~ hehe. And one that unicycled before I met him, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever that we met! ahh randomly meeting amazing people is great ^^


That skid mark in the snow behind me is proof that once snow clogs up your only tire, turning is very hard without being pitched off in some direction!


Playing Apples to Apples on New Years eve (if you've never played this game, it's great for large groups!)
We always say that the green cards you win describe apparently I'm naive, lovable, refined, primative, and clueless! haha and I know some people that would probably agree with all or most of those! :D

Heading to another city today for a movie and some shopping~ If I get anything cool, I'll let you all know.