Friday, December 31, 2010

The last of Twenty-Ten

(Tommy Hilfiger wool cardigan, Gap 1969 jeans, Gap top, shoes?, handmade bracelet)

Not with a fizzle, but with a bang does the year leave us behind! And so begins another, as the circle continues to turn and we welcome it duly. A fresh start for things gone by, and new doors opening all around us.
Oh, but it is exciting!!

Two-thousand and ten was a very, very, very eventful year! Lets make a list of all the interesting things I've done this year, shall we?

-Travelled to Whistler and Idaho for Band trips.
-visited Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France on a whirlwind tour of Europe over spring break.
-Turned 18 while in Europe, and spent the afternoon eat pizza in a park in Verona, Italy, before heading on to Switzerland in the evening.
-Graduated from high school!!
-worked at the Henna Hut in the summer, and had a lovely time.
-Visited friends on the Island.
-Went sailing on the Pacific Swift with my brother.
-Went camping on the Oregon and Washinton Coasts, camping with my family.
-Moved to Calgary, and started university!
-joined the UofC Rowing team, and attended 4 different regattas
-Got my ears peirced (whoa, who saw that one coming?!)
-Figured out how to watch movies with people who live far away, and had a fantastic time relaxing before my last final!
-Survived my first semester of university, and had an awesome time in Archaeology~
-made it to the airport on my own, and flew back home for Christmas.

Guess who had a fantastic time?!
I did!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this year just the most fantastic thing ever! I really hope to see more of my friend who live away from me in the new year, and I totally know that will happen. Travel will happen, for sure!
Brandon, we need to watch 'Benny and Joon' before this year is over!


Happy New Years, World!

Monday, December 27, 2010

We turn and run into the sun.

(F21 dress, vest, and tights, handmade necklace, MEC fleece socks, Italian suede boots)

I'm going to a dinner party at my friend Sam's place this evening, and this is what I have chosen to wear! It was mostly picked up on an adventure off campus in the midst of Exams, to keep us all from going insane, and I think it looks rather nice! Goes with my gypsy-like ways.

I really need to stop buying clothes...but geez my hair looks cool in the second picture!

We went on the first skiing adventure of the year, and it went quite well! Rowing has definatly gotten me into better shape, and it wasn't nearly as hard as I remember skiing being. (ha)

Oh how I love all this not-studying. <3

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My brother is playing Borderlands.


Photocredit to my dad for that last one! It's super cool~

I hope everyone's Christmas holidays have been going fantastically! (or whatever it is you celebrate, if not Christmas!)

I'm just hanging out at home with the family, reading the latest intalment of Bloody Jack, eating way to much chocolate, and talking to people beloved and far away. Ah skype. My brother is sitting in front of me on the family computer, playing some game called 'Borderlands' and I haven't been paying any attemtion so all I notice is the heavy gun fire and things exploding...but whatever makes him happy, I guess! He got an expansion pack for Christmas, you see.

May I also point out that the salsa in the centre photo there is by far the greatest salsa I've ever had! I usually never actually eat the lumps in salsa, and have gone as far as to blend it up into a paste with a hand-blender before..but this salsa was so so so so so fantastic the little lumps didn't even matter. yummy~
(Brandon, I look forward to trying that mysterious tomato-butter at some point here! I cannot even picture what that might look like...oh dear~ )

I'll put up pictures of my mandolin soon...I got it yesterday for Christmas and it is the single most fantastic instrument I've ever seen/played. So happy!!

Have a picture I found from this summer;


Friday, December 24, 2010

HOME....and Christmas!


Just chilling with the family! and pets!
I'll write a proper post with no webcam posts at some point over the holidays here, but not now.

Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010






Free Time? What is this?!
I..I don't know what to do! The panic of exams has ended suddenly and didn't leave anything in it's place!

Brandon, we need to watch more movies!

I have survived my first semester of university without dieing or anything horrible, and now I get to go back home for a fantastic holiday with NO STUDYING. BAH!

(the song is 'Animals' by Vince Vaccaro, by the way)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I want to kiss you in the middle of the forest; wrote you a song and I taught it to the animals


I still love that song...

Final final at 1200 tomorrow! Hurraaaaaaaah.
Geology will die.

My hair is getting long in the one spot it is allowed, and I love it. It's all wavy and fluffy and awesome and fun to play with. and braid.

Also, the lunar eclipse last night was reeaaaally epic! I managed to convince most of my floor to come out and watch it with me, and they were all pretty impressed too!

Friday, December 17, 2010



Oh hey blog-world. My computer hates me again.
Surprised? I wasn't either.

It has a virus or something, so get ready for some (even more so than usual) eratic posting patterns!

I'm shocked and awed that it even was willing to let me blog today! Yesterday I couldn't get any of the programs to over, other than the internet. I wonder what the change of heart was... oh no...
It's probably plotting something much, much worse! hide!

I have the rest of this evening, and all of tomorrow in which to do NOTHING AT ALL related to school. Or nothing at all related to anything, if I want. I might just lay in my bed allllll day long and eat sunchips and watch startrek.
That's a lie, I have things to do. Just not study-related things.
(this is then followed by three solid days of mad learn-geology times. Oh dear)

Also, I have been living in that sweater! Weeeell night quite living persay, but wearing a large majority of the time!
I dislike that I can't formulte my thoughts into very long sentences at the brain is either broken or taking a nap at the moment. It's been a week of solid killing-myself, and tomorrow will be just the best!

My foot's totally asleep, and there is curry in the fridge.

One More Exam!!!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010



That is what my weekend consisted of. (also..rice, and chocolate, christmas music, and gingerale)

I had my Archaeology 201 final this morning at 8am! There were 60 multiple choice questions and a bonus. I feel like I knew it? It always throws me off though, when there are good answers, not so good answers, and then ambiguous ones stating simply 'none of the above' or 'all of the above'. Ugg.

Here's hoping I did alright! (There were questions on both Carneiro and Braidwood, which I rocked, thank you)

With that exam out of the way...I have two more to look forward to on Wed, one on friday, and one on neeeeext wed. But! I'm not doing to badly yet! I mean I haven't died or anything, or lost toooo much sleep over anything yet. yet.

Sorry I don't have anything more substancial to talk about here!
I'm looking forward to Christmas break, and seeing my family and a ton of awesome friends! It's going to be great~ I've never been away from all of this for this long, of course, so I think that is going to make the break that much more special.

Also, my ears are doing well.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Study Archaeology!


Oh my goodness, Archaeological Theory takes so long to go over! There are a zillion little lists and people to remember. I just had to remember three different people with the first name 'Robert'. ... who..I shall now tell you about!


Robert Braidwood, in the 1940's, came up with the Hilly Flank Theory stating that the domestication of plants/animals was a natural step for a previously hunter-gatherer society which was settling.

Robert Carneiro, in 1970, came up with the Coercion Hypothesis which explained the entrance of a centeralized authority as a result of populations becoming to packed together and wars breaking out. The militaries needed guidance, and so the evolution of centralized authority came about to lead the warriors.

Robert Adams came up with the Multiple Cause Model god only knows when, as another means of explaining the development of centeralized authority. He stated that with a need for agricultural surplus came people who would 'administer' said surplus. They also needed to advance their irigation systems which people ended up controlling as well. This all lead to a centralized power of wealthy individuals.


at least I went to the grocery store today and actually have apples and oatmeal and crackers (and soup and ginger ale) again! Hurrah!
Now I could actually hole up in here for a few days (and I do intend to..)

eeeexaaaaaammmmssss D:

Daisypath Christmas tickers

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lost in the storm.


(Tommy hilfiger cardigan, Suzy Shier blouse, H&M tanktop, GAP jeans, Forever 21 headband)

The sunrise yesterday morning was brilliant! I didn't edit that photo at all, the colours were actually that brilliant. I wish the entire view out of my window was like that....just brilliant colour forever. It really reminds me of a book I remember reading years ago, about a little boy trying to capture the colours of a sunset in paint. It was lovely~

I look less like a slob today. It was snowing really hard when I woke up this morning and trudged to my last Archaeology 201 class at 7:30am, but I was just so pleased to have finished my Geology lab final yesterday that I thought maybe...putting an ounce of thought into getting dressed was in order.
(actually I was thinking I might wear a dress today, but the weather said nay to that one)

I spent a good deal of the afternoon teaching Brandon how to sew a bit, via skype. Yay! I hope his project is going well, and I do expect pictures at some point (I know you'll read this at some point too! ha!)

One final down, 5 more to go.

Oh god.

Monday, December 6, 2010



This is a result of studying all day long, yesterday.
And having classes all day today!
And having to print a 26 page paper...not double-sided. grr..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zoolights, fantastic nights


In the first photo, I'm under the biggest giraffe, Haley is under the small one, and neighbor Brandon is looking up in the middle.
In the second photo, it goes Katelyn, me, neighbor Brandon, Haley, and Scott.

(I feel the need to specify which Brandon of the....two I know.)

Those photos are from my building's adventure to the 'famous' Calgary Zoolights! People in the pictures are awesome people I live with, in my wing of the building. None of the animals were out unfortunately, but after an hour of train hopping and wandering through snow, we were pretty content to get some hot chocolate and run around the christmas-oriented zoo with children under our feet, singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas' off key, and very loudly. Fantastic times for everyone~

I also went downtown yesterday on an adventure with my friend Tom, to buy Toms. (I think this is really, really funny..but no one else seems to agree). I got some wicked Toms boots! I'll take pictures of them soon, but I have so say; Brendan! They make the brown ones in Womens! How fantastic is that?
We'd been looking at them for ages, and the website never said you could actually get the brown ones for woman, so I was naturally stoked to find them in this place, which was called Gravity Pope, and was very fancy and expensive.

Mom, I saw the incarnation of the leather boots I have been searching for in there too. They were 350$. I cried inside a little and went to buy my Toms. It was a sad split second or two. Darn shoes!

What else happened? Well, I'm currently writing this in my break from studying. I've been working on my archaeology paper since 1200 today, and this is defiantly a well needed rest! It's pretty much finished now however, and I just need to get someone to edit it, and finish the references and we'll be set!

Also Brandon? These signs are the most hilarious thing ever!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

of phones, sunrise, and mummies.



the phone.
This morning I got up bring and early (and my earring stuck to the blanket...ouch) and went to do a bit of rowing/erging at the gym with my friend Laura. We were chilly from walking across our icy field of death, and went to warm up on the ergs for a while. Laura set her lovely new Iphone on the body of the erg, with a timer set up on it so we'd know how long we'd been rowing.
This worked well for a couple of minutes, until the crossbar slipped from Laura's hands.
This happens sometimes on ergs, but not quite like this!
The bar slips from her hands, and went ripping forward into the machine with a resounding CRASH.
Neither of us quite realized what had happened for a moment or two, but we just trying to figure out why it was such a loud noise. Then I noticed there was suddenly a crack on the small display screen of the erg, running right through the middle.
Oh my goodness how did that happen?! The screen is really far away from the bar!
Then we looked down at the phone...and Laura was devastated to find that the crossbar had smashed the speaker in the top, and almost shattered the entire screen. By some miracle, it still works, but there were glass bits all over the place!

This seems to be what happened: The bar slipped, and one end as it turned connected with the phone which sent the crossbar upwards a bit, allowed the other end to connect with the display screen of the erg before slamming all the way backwards.

The sunrise.
I photographed it at different stages this morning and put it together for you all to enjoy; the red prairie sun rising over downtown Calgary. I hadn't seen a good sunrise for a few days here! The snow-clouds are pretty low, and usually over it up.

the mummies.
My archaeology prof. lent me a book yesterday, on a program we watched in class but didn't get to finish. I really wanted to see how the excavation turned out so he is letting me borrow it! hurrah! I just have to have it finished in two weeks or so...hmmm...
The book is called 'Frozen in Time, Unlocking the secrets of the Franklin Expedition' and it's about the mission, and the excavation of three sailors from Frankin's ship HMS Erebus and the other, HMS Terror. (ships which, I must add, were on Sir. James Clark Ross's year journy from 1839-43 to the Antarctic!!)
The bodies had been so perfectly preserved in the ice for 138 years that they Still. Had. Eyes.


How fantastic is that?!

I won't post pictures, but if you're interested search 'John Torrington' in images.

PS. that snake-like picture is my attempt to photo-stich my room didn't work well, but I thought I'd share~

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This is the Day.


This is my taking a break from writing my report, which at the moment is a brilliant 3704 words long, with a page count of 15. (this included tables and drawings, mind you..and is double spaced)

Today I got up and went to breakfast at 10 with two friends on my floor. We had our new and improved breakfast of champions, which consists of smoothies, lattes, and hashbrowns as of this morning. It's all very shiny and exciting! That took an hour, and I then returned to sit in my room for hours working on my paper..and distract myself with this blog.

I'd like to point out a few things in the pictures!
-I have a huge, yellow bathroom! And I am in fact, looking at that panel in the roof. What is it?
-On my desk there is a lamp, and on the lamp there is a pile of strange looking little circles. They are made of tape, and are the child of my fiddling with everything. Just thought I would clarify this.

And now back to writing my report? I suppose so!

And on monday...I must get more references from table sky. Happy Christina? I said it!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turn up the music, lets paint our faces



I could only find that video of 'Animals''s not the best quality, but it's totally a brilliant song!

Also...yes, I have gotten my ears pierced! Doesn't it look kind of awesome? I'm pretty stoked by it, and they haven't gotten infected or done anything strange yet which is just the best thing of all.

Not to much else going on though...
it was -30 two days ago, and now it's -2. Go figure.

I'm just gearing up for a ton of working-on-my-paper this weekend! I'm going to get it mostly done by this time next week. That's the plan.

Brandon sent me something mysterious in the mail, and I'm super stoked to see it! Whatever it is~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter is for mochas, movies, and music.

(Smartset pea-coat, a friend's scarf, handmade toque, garage tights, assorted socks, Fossil bag, boots?, Old navy jeans, Old navy sweater, handmade wool vest)

And we're back! After a week of fighting with the ...lovely...staff of Dell Computers, I fiiiiiiinally got my computer fixed! I know they were just doing their job, and trying to follow a certainy order of procediers, but when I already know what's wrong (and this is me we're talking illiterate) I would have hoped they could have figured out the problem.
It was so the fan's fault.
So I had the fan and the memory replaced, and everything is operational and fantastic! It hasn't shut off of anything silly since it was fixed, as the people I spoke to on skype yesterday for ages with will already know! Skype was even co-operating pretty well, which was a bit of a shock to everyone.

Anyways..what have I been up to? Trying not to freeze to death would be part of it, to be sure! It snowed last week, as you can see there.
Let me rephrase that. -ahem-
It started to snow last week. Has it actually stopped for more than two hours? No! What is the temperature outside right now, you ask?
Why it's -22.C .
Mmmm, I'm not all together pleased with that turn of events, but I am so very pleased I have my peacoat. Sailors were clearly the best of people, and knew exactly what they were doing when they used peacoats at sea. Nothing can get through those things! (it's wool)

That's pretty much all my news as of late, I think.
I've got to scan some drawins into my archaeology paper now, and wash my hair? And go buy mittens? (why don't I have mittens?!)
Have a lovely day!