Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'd like to take this first line of the post to wish everyone a wonderful Halloween 2009! And to thank everyone who has been commenting around here, you're all great! I seriously appreciate it! <3

And now onto what I wore today! ( the...not so costume part of what I wore.)

( Bluenotes brown skirt, RioRain Apparel top, Korean Airplane necklace, American Eagle flats )


My friend bought me that necklace on my 16th birthday, and I haven't worn it that often because the metal in the chain bothers my skin. But! I love it! I should put the plane on a chord or something and wear it all the time. It's part of a collection of jewlery designed by members of Korea's hit boy-band Super Junior.

So far Today I:
-woke up with the wonderful feeling of having almost nothing to do today
-watched a show about Ancient Egypt and knitted until 9am
-ate fried cheese-bread for lunch
-burned the inside of a squash with a candle :l.

As for a costume, I've said in an earlier post I'm going to be Edward Scissorhands. I did post pictures and all, but that was a little while ago, so I'll put up another!


:D How's that?

Now, inspired by Miss.Jane of 'Sea of Shoes' I desided that I would find my favorite little plastic animals from when I was 6-12 or whatever the ages were.


That green lizard in the bottom picture would get 'married' to one of my friend's random plastic reptiles every time I went over to her house, and they would go on amazing adventure-honeymoons at least once a week for a year or two.
Such good times!

And Finally! I carved a pumpkin! But not actually, because my first pumpkin rotted before I could carve it, so I stole a squash out of the kitchen that looked like a pumpkin and carved that instead! (it's called an Acorn Squash, if you're interested)


I carved a foot!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the sea + a Haircut!

Doodles from Biology Class!


My Bio teacher drew that shark that looks really scary and 2D in the bottom corner there, and then my friend and I drew the rest (and I painted them at home while I wasn't doing homework). What goes on it my head? Some days even i don't know for sure...


This is another tube-scarf for my friend's birthday present. I thought that even though it looks exactly like the other one, but blue...I'd still take a picture.

( Tristan blue tights, Gap Skirt, Italian Suede boots, Suzy Shier Coat )

That is what I was wearing yesterday! Yay blue tights! Colour is wonderful!

And now, for the most important item of the post... I got a haircut!!


It's getting rounder and rounder as I go along, but today I finally got some straight, blunt bangs, which I adore to peices~ I was actually on the phone when I decided to take a picture..I'm just just making stabs at posing. :D
(and yes Dekar, we do now have matching sunglasses! Strange how that happened, because I didn't buy these ones.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall is falling fast, as snow claws it's way down the hillside.

(This is a long..but fairly interesting post...I think? I hope! )


Yesterday I managed to convince my family that it would be a grandious idea to pile into the car and drive for an hour through the mist and rain on the search for pumpkin! (While listening to Dave Matthews Band and the Talking Heads all the way there)


We went to our favorite fruit stand, which is more of an outdoor market for fresh-grown, fruits and veggies. It's so colourful in the fall! This is the best time of year for such an array of colours, and the weather just makes everything perfect. All those greens, oranges, yellows, and browns. -sigh- It makes this Robyn very pleased!
Actually, the pumpkin crop this year was ravaged by a long summer and then lots of rain, so there wasn't to much selection but we did manage to have a great time! You see, they make these giant piles of hay every year and cover them in pumkins and other squash. The best pumpkins are always at the very tippy-top so my brother and I end up climbing all over them! (guess who wore heels. not fun to climb in...let me just say!)


Some of the hay there.
These next picture my brother took, and I have to say, there is one that makes me feel physically ill to look at. It looks like everything is spinning except for ONE bin of squash! bla. I thought I'd warn you all!

( Gap trousers, boots?, RioRain blouse, Suzy Shier winter coat )

See what I mean? haha~
By the way, my pumpkin is deformed! It's got a flat side, for whatever reason and I shall carve a foot onto it and take a picture of it for you all! Stay Tuned!

...And now for today!

Today I (haha :D )

-Registered for sailing for next summer! (oh my goodness guys, I'm so excited!)
-Re-wrote another math quiz
-wondered what on earth a 'special assembly' could mean for tomorrow
-Started sewing together my book in art class happily
-walked home quickly, because it looks like it's about to rain again!

(Old Navy Diva bootcut jeans, VANS checkered shoes, SALTS Pacific Swift shirt )

Not much of an outfit today, sorry! These clothes were worn in honor of my registering for sailing this morning! High-light of my day! These are the clothes I wear sailing. I usually end up wearing these pants for...oh...-cough- days and days. and days. That's right! I'm a salty-sea sailor!

Click this link here ---> HERE <--- To see the fantastic ship I sail on! She's a Pacific Swift, and I love her to peices! I'm a pirate! Arrr.


And those are my pirate shoes, and socks...haha.
Those shoes used to look a lot worse than that, but they previously spent half an hour underwater being scraped against rocks and scary neon-green slim, so they've gotten a lot cleaner! (If anyone wants to hear all of that story, do say, and I'll type it all out on my next post! )

Whoa. Sorry that was so long! haha~ Have a great day, and as always thanks to everyone who comments! <3

Friday, October 23, 2009

Feeling Bluesy

Not really the feeling so much as the colour. I'm wearing blue, the mug my hot chocolate lives in today is blue, some of my nails are blue (ans some are yellow) and I've tried on (and photographed!) two different blue dresses today!
The sky isn't blue though. Oh well, can't have everything.

Do you ever have those days where you know you should be super busy doing something, but you really don't want too? It's almost like you want to be bored just for the heck of it! Take today for instance. I wish one of my friends would call up and save me from my boring studying, and yet I don't really..because it's sort of nice to sit around alone and read, and drink lovely hot chocolate filled drink once and a while, right?

Yes, yes that's right.

So here we have the first dress I tried today! Both of them were hunted out of my mother's very VERY blue-oriented wardrobe. I don't know when exactly they are from, since my mother hasn't bought dresses for ages, but if I had to guess I'd say..early 1990's, or 1980's.


It has buttons all the way up the front, but they were cleverly hidden by a little flap. All except for the big shiny one at the very top. This dress really is to big for me, and I had to fashen the belt by its very last hole, and it still was very loose. If I was ever going to wear this dress I would get the whole thing taken in an inch or so, I think.

Second Dress:


Sorry for the lack of head, my hair wasn't actually dry yet...and it looked really weird!


Hurray for the puffy sleeves! The neck line of this dress was the kind that is sort of..just a slit? I have no idea of the right words, but it was jsut a slit. There were little buttons on the sides of the neckline, in case you wanted it to fall off your shoulders or something? haha I don't know!

I actually sort of liked this second dress better than the first one I tried on. It's a shame she threw out Hawaiian dress when I wasn't home, or I would have hourded it away somewhere. Now that was a pretty dress! I have a picture of it buried on, actually.

And now for what I Actually wore/am wearing today!

( Old Navy poncho sweater, Gap ruffled skirt, Bluenotes black tanktop )

This skirt I have worn previously in a photo in this blog someplace, but it looks rather different. For today's outfit I turned the skirt inside out! There was a tage on the side but I picked it out with a stitch-ripper and now you can't even tell it's inside out! (There is a tag at the back, on the waist-band..but with this long poncho on, who would see it? haha )
That poncho is actually dark-blue, but the photo doesn't show it well at all.

Going to see Where The Wild Things Are tonight with my family! So excited!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


That's right, it's Ahrt now!

I'm working on this book-making project right now in my 'ahrt' class, which is kind of cool. We get to fill them up with pretty much whatever we want, so here are are few of the pages I've got so far.


I hope you all enjoy those!
Pro-D-Day tomorrow = No school for Robyn! How fantastic is that?!
Unfortunatly, there is a lot of studying to be done...but I have 4 days before I actually have tests to there is lots of fun to be had (and cake to eat) in between!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm beside myself! ohohoho

I just can't help the lame titles! Aaaah well, I'm (not! ) sick. (I don't agree with body says I'm sick, but I choose it ignore it) shhh....

True to this being half a Crafting blog, I made another hat!


Tada! That yarn is just horrible to work with! The end result is wonderful and soft and fluffy, but I really hate using the stuff! This hat was crochetted with a size 10 hook, and notice the pompom! haha~ That's the exact one from my tutoral. My pay for this hat? The remainder of the ball of wool...haha

What I wore!
(Shirt from Moscow International Jazz Festival, Suzy Shir coat, favorite scarf, Italian suede boots, Old Navy dark wash skinny jeans )

Yes! I can stand beside myself! haha. So this outfit fit in with me feeling crappy today. My favorite long-sleeved shirt, my favorite boot, and my favorite scarf...I spend the whole day with a headache.yup. I'm griping! Sorry!


Magic! It's fall everyone! Those are leaves, not rose bits! haha. And if your wondering something, I coloured my lips silver for these pictures with an eyeliner pencil and it was kind of hard to get off!

On a cool note though, I might het to play back-up trumpet with a band at some point in the near future! The band is recording a CD and apparently need some brass in one of the songs or something. I hope it happens, I'd love to be able to post a youtube clip of a song and say 'Hey! That's me! Hear it??!!" Grand fun indeed!

And now for your viewing pleasure, my cat.



P.S. It may or may not look like I only have one pair of tall boots. This is because I do only have one pair of tall boots. Darn.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outfit Oct.20th

I'm sorry that was such a lame title...I'm not feeling too well today!

( Converse burgandy high-tops, bamboo socks, Old Navy trousers, Bluenotes black tanktop, Charms Singapore top, Bootlegger drappy sweater )

Today I:
- Played loudly in Jazz band
- Decided I'm going to be stuck in the freezing cold for my years of university...
- DIDN'T get math homework, but had to re-write a quiz.
- Bio Quiz
- Walked home with a headache, but feeling better that the day was over and I could get home and relax (and put off studying for tomorrow's quix by writing my blog!)

I also have this scary paper dog to share with you all! Look into his eyes as the camera moves, and he's head will follow the camera's movements, I swear!

He lives on the piano in my living-room, and scares the living daylights out of me everytime I walk past and catch his beedy little blue eyes. egh!

I'm thinking up a cool, every-day-a-differnt-clothing-challenge thing for November, while all the guys at my school are growing their facial hair for 'Mo-vember'. I'll make a chart of my ideas and take pictures of each one being performed!
Give me some ideas? Stuff like "Today, you must wear at least 3 necklaces" or "At least 2 items of clothing must be green today" ? :D I'll go the entire month based off of these challenges.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

For the sake of AHRT.

((That is how my art teach likes so say it. 'ah-rt'))

Not sure if anyone actually wants to see this thing, BUT! Here it is anyways.
My wonderful English project from last year.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

DIY Bookholder (from yarn+Coat hangers!)

Yikes! How exciting! ((for fashion minded people who don't mind their books laying in puddles upon the bathroom floor, the clothing is located at the bottom of this post! :D )) Though personally I think it's horrible to want to keep one's books in soggy puddles, but to each his/her own.

Today I bring you a photo DIY because a video would have taken an hour to make, and jsut as long for you all to watch. The idea from this came from my pile of CRAFT: magazines which were sitting around my room. I made a rack for them last summer out of one coat hanger and some yarn. Recently, the pile of archie comics in my bathroom was getting rather out of hand, and I decided to try and use 2 hangers to make a larger rack to keep them from falling onto the floor.

SO! So start with, you'll need:

- 2 Metal Coat hangers
- some colours of yarn
-Strong (STRONG) wire cutters/pliers
-picture hooks/nails


If you want to pick and choose your coat hangers, you can get them with the same colour of wire...but I just grabbed 2 at random.


As you can see, those are some pretty Hefty pliers! They really do need to be strong in order to bend the coat hangers, and give it a sharpe, clean angle on all the corners. The lip folded up at the front of the hanger is about 1/2, maybe 3/4 the height of the back.


It took a lot of wrapping, and stretching of the yarn to keep the two different coat hangers from moving around.

Photobucket funny story here. As I was going to hang it up, I was trying to bend the hook shape at the tope so that it sat closer to the wall, and it snapped off! I had to snap the other side off too, and hang them by the opening just below the twisted part of the neck of the hanger. Still works though! (might even look better without the top part~) You should certainly all use a prettier yarn thatn I did! Bla..salmon did I end up with that?!

Alright! Clothing! Well, my dad father returned from Asia today, and he brought my brother and I some clothing!


My brother got this fantastic Chinese men's shirt, with shiny dragons enbroidered on it. It's a XXXL ! That goes to show how different the sizes are over there...he's not nearly that big in our sizes.


And for me, a Chinese-style top. It's actually cotton, and feels more like a tee-shirt but you can't tell at all in these photos! I'm totally wearing it to school on...Tuesday. haha. It's a size L, and I think the brand on the tag says 'Charms'.

And another thing! I went to a Vintage store in town today called 'Vintage & Vogue' to scout out possible prom dresses, but I forgot my camera! How dare I. I did find a lovely 1950's tea green dress, with a full skirt of tulle, and a lace aplique bodice. So pretty!

Have a good Weekend! (sorry for this huge post! )
Also, If anyone makes one, again, I'd love to see!
And everyone's comments have been just fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to comment ^^

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Shopping Post!

I'm excited for this Winter break, where I will be going to visit my friend whom I've not seen for over a year now, and we are going thrifting in an apparently awesome store called 'The Patch' ! Now that will be an amazing shopping post!

This one however, was just at Winners.


Firstly this is my brother, not me. He's been wanting a 'coat' (not a jacket, and real 'coat' ) for some time now...since I got my new one, at least, and we finally went out today and got him this lovely thing! He kindly agreed to model his new coat for me in return for wearing a hat (you can sort of see its shadow). We both really liked the detailing on the shoulders this coat had. Those little things that fold back? ..what are those called?


And there is my new shirt! I think a Medium would have fit way better, but I jsut couldn't find one, and frankly I was hungry. I do really love the buttons all the way down the sleeves which you could actually unbutton and have strange dangling sleeves if you wanted...but I won't. (maybe)


It's made from Modal, which is apparently some for of odd tree fibre from the Beech-tree. The fabric feels pretty heavy for how thin it is! Regardless of all that, 13$ can't be passed up! It's a pretty cool.

I guess one could say I'm on that mission for the 'perfect white shirt' and I can already tell it's going to take a long....long time!

Alright..That's all I can think of for today~ No math tonight! yay!
Maybe I'll think of something cool to make tomorrow! (actually..I have an idea for that)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why is the World ill?

It really does seem like everyone is getting sick right now! At my school there is a normal flu, H1N1 Influenza A, and a pretty intense cold going around. I think I'm getting the cold...which is better than the other too, since I really CAN NOT afford to miss school. Though the growning headache almost persuaded me not to go to Jazz this morning...
But! I did wear my cool new coat today!

( Suzy Shier Winter coat, Old Navy Dark Wash Jeans, Walmart yellow Tights, Benetton logo tee, Sunglasses found in a river)


My own proof that I was in Rome recently...the clothing kind!
I pretty much would live in that coat if I could..


playing around with the 'foliage' setting on my camera...I really would have better descriptions for these, but I'm dead tired. Sorry everyone!

But Here, have a small review of my new favorite nail polish!
NYX brand has become my new favorite because it hardly chips at all, costs less than 7$, and comes in a million different colours including my all favorite shave of blue!


There is the two colours I have right now, though one's not actually's a present for my friend, but I had to try it on just one nail. Only 2 coats gives you that rich colour, and I'm very pleased with it over-all!
Go try some peoples! haha~ good night!
Math test tomorrow..uhhg.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All I see is BLACK and WHITE

So I decided to enter the contest, which is based on Coco Chanel. The point was to create a look based off her black and white style. is my inturpetation of that task! It involved the table, and the very hot light fixture.

( Bluenotes Black tanktop, Tristan blouse, Old Navy black skirt, striped tights; unknown, boots; forgotten, Costume gloves and bowlar hat )

The prize is 2 tickets to see "Coco Avant Chanel", which I really do want to see!

Monday, October 12, 2009

DIY Pom Pom!

I just realized, from talking to my friends and various people at school, how little people out there know how to make pompoms! I, not wanting to do any more math homework at the moment, decided to make a video tutorial for everyone~ I'm currently wearing my pompom on my head like a fluffy...fluffy thing.
I hope you all enjoy it! (If anyone makes one, I'd love to see!)

Yay! :D My turtle-mascot made a 4 second apperence at the beginning...did you see him? The Song at the beginning is Super Junior's 'Twins' I think..? I've totally forgotten the name! D:

Alright! Ways to wear the puffy little pompom!


If you put it on your head, you can't even feel it, the thing is so light! I mean, I can tell I'm wearing a bobbypin, but not pompom too~ I kind of want one as a ring now! (I just sort of balanced it there in the picture...but it would make a cool ring!)

( Bluenotes Black tanktop, Dynamite grey 3/4 sleeve sweater, Handmade skirt, DIY PomPom, American Eagle red flats )

And there is my excited outfit today, that no one gets to see because I'm stuck home doing homework all day long! least i won't (?!) fail math. That skirt was made in Nepal, and I got it from one of those FreeTrade stores. It's red, but has green and black in it as well if you look very very closely at the weaving. I love the giant triangles it forms! (front and back!) Annoyingly though, it has a tie in the front that usually make silly bumps in my shirts, but since that sweater is very loose you can't really tell. I'm pleased!
Have a happy Thanksgiving Everyone!